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#490 - Nomadic Designer Profits from Writing About Life in a Bag


When a designer quits his job at Apple to travel the world, he realizes that his nomadic lifestyle hacks are a hot topic—and a profitable one, too. 

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Support for this. Podcast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top portal for ethnic diversity are thirty, three percent more likely to have industry leading profitability, and those in the top portal for gender diversity are twenty one percent more likely to perform. This data was the catalyst behind launch with she s a five hundred million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women. Black Lahti, necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS. Dot com, slash launch with she s, hey, what's operates critical about this is sawdust school. Welcome back. We are approaching the end of the week kind of story for you today. The designer who follows the sometimes well trodden path, perhaps cliche path. Some might say of leading as corporate job to travel and work remotely
You ve been realises that his nomadic lifestyle, hacks or a hot topic, a profitable one, is well now here it's hustle school. Our mission is not to tell everyone to go and quit their job and travel around the world work remotely in a lot of ways. I started this project almost as a counterpoint to that message. He's. Not everyone wants to do that, even though I travel a lot and work remotely. I think the greatest thing about location, independent work is the ability to do it, whether you actually choose to do it or not, is up to you. That's why my mission is to help people have more security and options so that they can do what's important to them and for a lot of people that means staying in their job by also creating a project on the side to make money to industry look a bit less about the nomadic part of what he's doing in a bit more about how is actually making money setting that's important and what he's doing to make money as something that anyone could do anywhere so well
Interested in travel and remote work or not, I think you can still learn something from this episode and for those who are interested. I also share three resources. At the end of the episode three recommended places, you can go to learn more about this topic, so let's say thank you to today sponsor and then I'll bring you today story support for this part session. Comes from progressive saving money on your car insurance is easy with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred ninety six dollars for customers, who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy, with progressive included.
Discounts just for starting a quota, mine or owning multiple vehicles, get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen discounts very and are not available in all states and situations in some ways. Tom Wheeling story is a familiar one, yet a prestigious job at apple, which might be every designers dream job releases, a dream job for many of them. They couldn't suppress the urge deep within to see inexperienced more Tom did want to stay, cooped up in an office given the highly rewarding one you see he wanted to travel. He wanted to see the world, so we left apple and took a remote job, is creative director and designer for the infatuation quickly growing rest, review platform. This new position allowed him an opportunity to embrace his dream of travelling. Whilst at bringing in a steady income
like many up and coming Nomad Tom spent months putting out his perfect travel set up, he needed a lightweight yet comfortable backpack, you needed to carefully selected clothing, so they would have to check a bag on flights and he needed to discover what was essential to history, lifestyle and what was it it was a long process that, by the time Tom moved out of his New York City apartment and left for a one way flight out of JFK. He was confident in his ear selection. After a couple months of nomadic work. Experience in July When a sixteen Tom wrote an article on medium entitled everything you need to travel the world in one backpack. He added a few affiliate links for Amazon, dot com and the blog, but it was really more interested in sharing Research is done in the hopes it would help other aspiring nomads and their purchasing decisions before We know it is article. I've been read hundreds of times within just a few days time check his Amazon affiliate account expecting about five dollars and income, and mainly from his supportive mom, but instead he had twenty five dollars. After a few more weeks, he'd made over a hundred dollars for one post without doing anything else from it, and even though it was,
two hundred dollars. He knew he was onto something people wanted to. More about strategies for the nomadic life. In particular. They want an honest reviews about gear and equipment. Tom had been toying with the idea of a new site project and it occurred to him tat. He might have found it. So. In February twenty seventeen Tom uploaded his first video review of a travel beer tremor. He put them yo on a new Youtube Channel called Packer. Shortly after he began working on his website, packer dot com from a coercing space in Bali, Indonesia, he built a site with some help from a friend who was a programmer. His start up costs were extremely minimal, just web hosting a small appeal MIKE Tripod for his. I thought tat. He could record that goes with that channel.
I just came down to putting together content and since he already had all the trouble you're that he would initially review, it was pretty easy to do. The site launched in May and Tom began publishing content each week. What was that content? Well? Some of it was interviews with other nomads why these nomads mentioned how much they were in love with a certain kind of backpack. This was called the everyday backpack made from a company called peak design, and Tom knew he had to try for himself Tom decided to reach out to peek design. After the interview to see if they would be interested in sending him one, he felt a little shape.
And jokes about how long it took him to write the perfect email asking for free gear. At the end of the message, Tom noted that he wouldn't guarantee or review nobody sugar quotas, thoughts. If he did publish anything, it was important to him that his pack hacker editorial, remained independent pay designs, replied and offered to send him a pack. Less than a week later, Tom had an everyday backpack in his hands and then another week later he had published an extensive review, but those first several months readership was low, but it grew steadily within three months. He was bringing in a couple hundred visitors a day. Some of those measures would clicking affiliate link and if they made a purchase, Tommy get paid, he says is fairly quick rise in traffic came about because he was making content that hit the mark for readers around the world. He looked for more companies to build relationships with and more character of you, but that's when you ran to challenge
Lotta, backpacks and other items are on. The road was tough and his reviews are always better when you can physically touch him play with the products rather than just reading about them. This logistical problem lead time establishing a home base in Detroit Michigan, where it much easier to work with brands, shoot videos. Incorrect, could content true to form he still plans to travel three to four months. A year. These days, pack hacker gets over five thousand visitors. A day has ever twenty detailed backpack reviews and gets about ten gear if you request from brands per month, so now they're coming to him and said of him going to them the p this packed up quite a bit, especially considering that the site is just one year old and those affiliate links are now bringing in over twelve dollars per month in profit. After expenses, Tom is now trying to figure out what comes next. He's got more trouble coming up, of course, and more work on the site and if he can go from twelve at an hour's, a mind to four thousand dollars a month. The topic of our most recent weekly recap he just might have more than a site hustle on his hands arrive for those who are interested. I promise,
give you three resources. Three things you can go and look out if you'd like to learn more about the process of living and working remotely. These are actually three friends of mine and I wanna give shots to. But, unlike what Tom Dozen today story, there aren't any affiliate links, but these are shown its page for you. Of course. I first recommendation is intentional travellers dot com? This is run by two friends: Jeddah Michel, Chang and their sight. There theme is discovered. Travel beyond the typical vacation engender Michel are truly location. Independently live, for a few months at a time in different parts of the world. They both work on the world domination summit with me, so there in Portland Oregon a few months of the year, but this year in particular, they were in Vietnam. For a few months, they were, in my forget, a bunch of other places, ITALY for a few months, all over the world. They been doing this for a number of years. When you check out their blog, you can
More about its second recommendation. Another friend name, Sean Ogle who's been a friend for I think a decade. Now I wrote about him in the art of non conformity book many many years ago, he's gone on to do a lot of stuff himself. We actually profound him on the show for a totally different project. He's got multiple projects going on, but when it is, a regional projects was called location. Rebel, show, willing, tat up initiatives as well location, rebel, dot com. I think, and then last a Canadian who has been traveling the world for also a decade may be more than that now, nor done goes by the moniker. The professional hobo so will link up her website as well as a book she wrote for unconventional guides called working on the road. Today's episode for ninety, so all those resources are gonna, be outside a school, a dot com slashed for ninety. That's for nine zero! Thank you for listening to day. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better I'll, be back tomorrow with a new weekly recap for you, as well as a preview of simple
things to come, we are always trying to advance here. Make improvements go beyond what we used to do as we learn more and more about the amazing community who are listening to the shop and taking action. So wherever are you? I hope you have a wonderful day. My name is critical about forests out of school.
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