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#491 - Weekly Recap: When To Leave a Good Job


In our eighteenth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! 

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Hello, hello. What's up a welcome dishonest will score. I'm your host crystal about, and today is the weekly recap we have arrived wants it. The end of the week or preceding the beginning of the week. Depending on how you look at it, we actually finished weak number eighteen of season to satisfy school, coming up on episode, five hundred, which where's my mind, I keep talking about it, but don't worry about the other, unlike nine episode since today is for anyone in the show the other Ronicky Braun long, of course, by five hundred of the other. So that's coming up. Let's see what I've been up to over the past week, you're, so I've been mostly in organ in California. I am going to Nashville later this week for an event car makers to merchants. I think I mentioned that last week. This isn't my own event, I'm just participating in an event. That's pretty
fight, weakly and we work. So I'm looking forward to that, and I actually having done many events myself, gala emails from people, saying ok when you going back on the road like when you get to resume the satisfy tour when you do another workshop, but I just I haven't done many recently had kind of a very different first part of twenty eighteen than I did for a lot of twenty seventeen. But I do you plan to get back to that in the second half of the year. It is something I very much enjoy show just gonna putting sums sure together and at some point have some announcements, but it's going to happen. In the meantime, I am working on world domination summit, which is a major event that I produced with a team for eight years now that is, import
organ the last weekend in June, we do still have a few tickets available, so you'd like to check that out impossibly join us. Coming, hang out with a lot of awesome people, you can just go to world domination summit, dot, com or think you can actually go to satisfy Skoda. Com slashed deputy asked network redirect you, but aside from knowledge from the same really happy about making a show for you, like I've, really been enjoying the routine of putting together the stories and making these recordings and then looking at the wonderful shuts that my assistant, when he puts together just your hearing from listeners and like the whole process, and just so glad that I began doing this. You know we started. I knew I was gonna, go for a full year threat or in sixty five episodes. I just I love the ambition of that. I love the idea of saying I know breaks no days off and now that were passed, the first quarter of the second year. I I honestly feel just as excited, if not more excited, because now it's not just that I'm kind of pioneering with something it's now that there's a whole community of people that are engaged
and you know in many cases, taking action and what they hear, but if not taking accurately their hearing good stories, maybe they're getting motivated, maybe it's helping them with something in some other way. So entities recap him in a red, a listener. Success story to you. I guess he's all the time, not as one of my favorite things I have mentioned a couple times at about two percent stories on a shown our coming directly from listeners. Shout thank you. If you been part of that, if you help spread the word, even if you dont have a side is the success of your own. Yet, if you ve talked about the shower, helped other people's subscribe, that helps us attend to it kind of broadens our community. It brings depth. It helps me better understand who's out there in what you guys need, so I got that success story come about, but first I want to talk about. This subject is topic of winter a good job. Ok, so Wendy leave a good job or in fact, when do you leave a job that you actually really like a context for this topic like live in thinking about this week is, I was recently when I see in the midst of recording the audio version of my first book so many years ago. I guess it's. Almost ten years, while I'm old, I wrote a book called the art of none
forty and they made an audio book about book, but I was not the one reading it and something. And apparently they only licence the audio book for a certain number of years or something because they came back to me recently my publisher and said: hey: do you want to read the audio of your first book and unlike well sure it's a blast from the past, but that's all it's fun. I've been going through this work that I made almost a decade ago. An early in that book. I tell the story of several years. I spent living and working in West Africa on Board a hospital ship, It was really a throwback to read about that stuff, because you know it's been so long, but it was also such a formative time in my life and I said in the book. I still very much believe that that those years that I spent there and the work that I did it really wise, like the best job in the world like it, was challenging and lots of ways that we are living in post, conflict countries living on board. This hospital ship, as I mentioned so really type quarters-
all kinds of stuff associated with being in countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia right after a war had ended, but it was so get from. I learned so much alone, so much about myself in so much about the world in general, and I described it as the best job in the world like I feel like I had the best job in the world. That's what I said when I was there and then about three years, and I made this big transition. It began thinking about going back to the: U S going to graduate school, possibly beginning a writing. Career was a very nascent idea at the time, but I remember thinking like you: I have the best job in the world. I want to make sure I leave this job while it still the best job in the world. If that makes sense, you know like that. Time to leave. A good job in this is why, coming to here, like the right time to leave a good job is right before you get tired of it, because in our work and I was doing there, I saw some people who had stayed much longer than me. I saw people say no five years ten years, sometimes beyond and in a lot ways that was admirable like you and me, some amazing that you're kind of sacrificing so much to be part of that work for so long. But at the same time I noticed that with some of those people at least they became a little bit cynical
I kind of lost some of that passion they had when they first began doing the work, and I think it's just because it became ordinary. You know as extraordinary as it was like a longer. You do something. That's extraordinary eventually becomes ordinary So, even though there are doing good work, they no longer have passion, it wasn't the most important thing in the world to them, but they didn't know what else to do, and this is what happens to a lot of us in different situations like we're, just gonna ploughing along This is what we do want us will be to you. I don't know, instead of actually like TAT the time to figure it out and ask ourselves like what should we be doing? What's better for us out there, we just gonna, keep going so to be clear. Sorrowful school is now that cutting your job immediately on about like walking away tomorrow. But I really do believe you have to plan for you teacher and in the long run, you'll do your best work when you're excited about doing it, whether that work is it for another company or organization, or something that you end up creating for yourself like a talk about on the show,
whatever it is like in the long run. You have to be excited and motivated about your work. So if you're not gonna, start making plans yet to start building security for yourself and that's why I believe so much and planning for the future so that you can have options to do what you want so that if you get tired of the best job in the world, you start to realize, like maybe there's something else for me it s. Something else that I want to do. You already have a bit of an on ran built, it's so much easier to say. Ok, I may be a minute. Yes, to add to this list of an export that further, those are just some thoughts. A has I've been working on that audio book and it's been a fun process for me. Like I said I don't you should look back. I always liked look forward, but in this case it's been get ok, I promised you a listener. Success story. I got a good one for you today in a lot of these all the time it it's so much fun to reach So I'll show that with you in a moment, but I also realise we have not done a sponsor break. So let me just take a quick applies to say. Thank you to our sponsor. I really appreciate our sponsors. They allow the show to be completely free to you. We try to work with companies that are very much aligned with the branded message. If Sicel school and not be intrusive, not be totally off message, so I am grateful to them. Let's give
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You know what I want is to work for everybody. I want it to be a women for the advertisers, but also for our listeners, attacked mostly bright listeners you're. The reason we make the show, as I say in every weekly recap, so speaking to us there's I got this email from Sean and Sean writing Hey Chris. I've listened to every episode since day, one which, by the way, let's just pause for second, say: that's amazing, werent episode, foreign anyone today, some of our listeners, our completion nests, meaning they have listened everything in the four catalogue and again, like my hat off to you like you're, the reason we do this ok, so back to shines note: hey Chris, had listened to every episode since day, one leather podcasting. I appreciate the insights I currently haven't. And if I did, but I put all my energy and passion into my other business, which I hope will replace my ninety five very soon for now, you can call it aside. Hustle, I create videos for small, sustainable and socially responsible businesses. Basically only do work for companies that I share the same values with which I know can be a horrible business. Model. But to get to the point, you had an episode about a small, organic energy BAR company called mammoth bar. They seem like the ideal company to do workforce I reached up. We had a great first meeting,
created a short animated video for them all about their Brandon bars. We still maintain a great relationship and they would like more videos in future. Just want to show the story with you as a huge thanks. Not only is the show inspiring people to create site vessels, but it's also connecting people from around the world. Thanks again, Sean mammoth bar sets high while awesome. Thank you so much on. I really appreciate your sharing that shot to you and to the guys from mammoth Barbary that was episode to nineteen two friends start a twenty five thousand dollars a month Paley of our business. It has been a long time since an episode, but I do remember being impressed with all those guys I shall not even able to link up with them as well, and I am happy when our listeners can connect with other people have been featured on the show or other listeners themselves at the workshops that I've done before a different events and, of course, inside of civil society, which is our online training programme and community.
Our group of people that are going through a crane different projects are providing accountability to one another, giving advice, sharing, tips, answer, strategies, ideas and so on. So again that is one of the best things about doing this. I really do have the best job in the world and not worry, not quit my job anytime soon. Do you have something to sheriff s? I would love to hear you can send us a quick little email, it podcast, Sicel, school dot com, where you can give us a call on the hustle hotline. That number is eight for four nine hustle, a four four nine hustle or eight for forty nine, four, eight, seventy five three. If you actually want to use your computer, you can do that to you can go to satisfy school, that calm, slash bout, a b o you t- and I think I smelled about right- will, hopefully it will find out and you scroll internet page, there's little link that says, submit your satisfy story ass. If you want to actually be considered to be featured on the show, I believe there's another link that says cynicism message and you can do that and then magically. You can speak into your computer and it will give us that file size the internet these days. It just amazing the next thing. In order to be able to use my
owing to post photos online or to request booed to be delivered to my house and meet like anything, might be possible one day you never know as we get ready to wind down for the week. I was looking ahead at some of the stories we got. Comin up got a fund to get stuff come in as we prepare for episode five hundred by mentioned father is coming soon. It is in fact, and then you can stop hearing. We talk about it because we're gonna go don't be a long time until said one thousand, but I realized Looking back this week was kind of dog weak constitutional school, which was unintentional, but I should say that I should say yes, we intended to be dark. We go along by an episode. Forty five, we talked about the graphic designer who specialised in pet related businesses. Impact of specifically dog businesses,
She is on track to earn eighty four thousand dollars this year, she's a full time designer and also doing design at night. I realized I record this actually promised you an update that more info and how she manages those two things, and I will always be honest with you. I have been negligent in failing to follow up with her on that. So I just made a note: hey actually follow up with this person, so we can get people what we said we would. Assuming I hear back from her. In bringing this update and another episode coming soon, but then also on episode. Forty eight a couple days later, it was the docks and loving do oh, who designs docks. He apparel another design, business this in this case actually making apparel making t shirts and- and I believe, some other I am just while they ve expanded- and this is also, I believe, a six figure project. They actually got to six figures without any advertising at all. Now they are using. Facebook adds because they want to push it even higher, so good.
I had to learn how to pronounce the word dachshund this week, also by the way, that's a word that I've always known but never actually said. I don't own a dachshund. I never actually hung out with a dachshund myself, but now, when I do I'll be able to pronounce the name of his or her breed correctly. Another highlight this week with the story. Forty seven developer, who earn thirty seven thousand dollars from a day trading tool. Now that was a good story, but unfortunately there are no stories this week of dogs doing day trading. I dont a promise it because you know nothings in the works for it, but you never know like sawdust school. We got all kinds of stuff those anybody out there his day training with her dog. Please write it and let me know so. We can talk about it, Again. Anything is possible. Coming. I've got some great stories, including one about two x baseball players who hit home run with baseball bat subscriptions. I see you ve heard of subscription services. These guys have two thousand baseball bat. They purchased input a garage, know Jack, and they are now setting these baseball. That's out all across the country to people who pay a monthly fee, pretty insane business in terms of villages.
Symbolic, but is audacious vision and I believe, earning forty to fifty thousand dollars a month from it. Okay, so audacious vision, it did actually have some real start up costs. So we'll talk about that, but it's been very, very successful so that we're coming up also find one about a metal detect tourist who gets paid for finding lost jury Ok, see member. When you are like ten years old, you went to the beach you like, I will get a metal detector to go and like dig up all the buried treasure. Will this guy's not ten years all he's an adult with kids and he gets a metal detector and he and his kids together go off in search of lost your it actually find some. So it's a funnel. Only story, but of course he makes money too, because you know to be on the show you how to make money. That is the point of Sicel School is all kinds of good things you can do in life in you. Don't have to make money from all of them, but I am trying to focus on helping people become empowered through economic freedom and economic freedom. That's a fancy way of saying making money making money. Apart from your jobs. That again, you have the choice to do. What's important to you. Ass, we started with
so just a couple of quick thank yous as I sign off. As I told you, I make the show for you, I really am just as excited about it as I was when I started, if not more excited now because of the amazing community. That's out there. So thank you for being part of it. Thank you for listening you for leaving reviews, little ratings and reviews and apple pie cast those actually do help us a lot just takes a moment to do it and if you dont, like apple pie. Yes, we like listen summer asked well, you can leave us a rating review there, or you can just tell your friends about the show, and I know we don't have Facebook adds. We don't have a huge marketing campaign. They show has grown to tens of that of daily listeners, millions of dollars each my because of regular people just talking about it. So thank you. If you been part of that, I do you want this resource to be helpful. And useful invaluable to you every day. I also very grateful to our products.
Tat. This is not a one man shall even on that one man voice here. We could not make this happen without Ac Valdez. Our senior producer kind of ever seeing things, but also got Sarah bear working on stories from. I believe Mexico City show notes and host wrangling content management, all kinds of stuff with our writing team that is handled by wooden clinic and, of course, the official show CAT Liddy Liberia kill about working the night shift status must go, is part of the a project it is created by best selling off progression ribbon. I had a chance to catch up with all the other day we had a conversation, and I asked her person advice, and I also ask your like what she's working on she is. Someone has made a big difference in my life and continues to do amazing work. Herself so give it checked out her part Which I know a lot of you already have, but there's somebody out there you haven't heard happier with Gretchen ribbon. You should go out and subscribe and last but not least, I hope that you consider listening to the show, as an investment in yourself need to believe in yourself need to make choices that reflect. That believe, need to empower yourself and educate
some, and hopefully you can do that in a way to actually find entertaining at the same time they stats, my god. So I always say, inspiration is good, but action is better, as I hope they will take action at least when the time is right. Do join me next week. At a time of your convenience, episodes go online at six. Are one a M East time everyday. Once again, my name is critical about, and this is so it s a small piece out for now.
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