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#502 - Part-Time Music Teacher Tunes Up Piano School to $100,000/Year


A music teacher learns to subcontract her piano lessons, radically increasing her annual income. 

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Why are there what's up business? Scientists will score most critical about welcome back ever showed a five hour chew for you here. It's all about a part time, music teacher who tunes up again at school to a hundred thousand dollars a year. Question for you. As we begin today's episode. Are you someone with a hybrid lifestyle, somebody who has a lot of projects, somebody who is not satisfied just doing one thing, but actually likes to have three or four or sometimes even more things will identify without myself and I totally respected. However, here's a tip, sometimes it's helpful to compartment, allies or otherwise purchased on just one of those projects for a period of time, so I dont mean forever not trying to tell you like. Don't do three projects don't do for whenever it is, I just mean for a while. I was thinking about this because in this article
Your submission process, we sometimes get stories from people who have seven different projects, for example, and they, like I'm doing this, I'm doing that I've got a whole world of side vessels and what we usually say to that person is that's ask him to tell us about one of them. Ok, that's because, like we're, we're thinking about our listeners like for the most part- and you know four You out there, especially if you're working day, job and your otherwise busy a potentially new to the world of starting Our souls are otherwise needing support in that process. You usually gonna be more successful when you're not trying seven things at once and also the whole point of the show isn't just to say. Like hey. Look at this awesome person like look at what this awesome person did like that's part of it, but it's more like hey. Look at this awesome person and consider what you could learn from their experience. Is there something from their experience that you can apply for yourself, either tactically, practically or just a different shift in mindset or some kind of example that inspires you to go under. Think for yourself, but that's our entire visions, that's our kind of like had to want to hear about seven projects actually been here about one. I want to hear the details. Cuz, I probably would be helpful to
Georgia of our audience. Okay, so today, story features that part time. Music teacher tunes up her piano school learns to work with sub contractors and goes on to make that significant. They passive income overall revenue is more than a hundred thousand dollars a year and are net profit. Is twenty four thousand dollars a year from this project? As I said, she's got other projects to, but we're in a focused on this one. And last but not least, at the end of episode, I might have some critique or just some comments of this kind of model, of starting seven projects or more just based on my own experience of having a similar thought process at one time I ride so stage and you'll get some different perspectives and, of course, look at all the details of this story after this quick. Thank you to today. Sponsor support for those podcast comes from C d w, HP at C D. W we get an unsecured laptop, can put your companies data at risk, making you a little paranoid, I'm apparently you're paranoid.
She D W can implemented secure mobility solution using the H Billy book within tell a generation processors ensure view privacy to protect your screen from prying eyes. Did you follow me here? I t orchestration by C D, W people who get it find out more seedy, w dot com, slash HP security. What was that
you could say that Emily may feely as a full time side. Hostler her list of side, hustling roles include property manager, slash art model, slashed, kids, cake, bakers, last musician manager, slashed bachelor party coordinator. It is perhaps an understatement to say: she's always like to stay busy, but for her most profitable side. Hustle to date she has her old Highschool boyfriend to thank slats. We're going to focus on here. Emily was sixteen when she started this project feely piano school, which began as a way to fill the gaps in her after school schedule. In a problem that has plagued the road of music teachers worldwide, she noticed that her students weren't consistently showing up
lessons which left her with free time, but no income. Those students were supposed to pay, even if they didn't come, but that annoys happen show Emily modified her high school business plan and began offering in home lessons to our students instead of having them visit her she figure. This would help cut down on Miss classes, because our students would have an excuse to not show up ass. She went off into university. She kept Offering piano lessons and she used what was now a long distance relationship as a happy coincidence to expand her client base into a new city. Other relationship didn't last forever. Emily saw her business, expand and use the momentum, along with some raver of years to branch out into other nearby towns. How is she able to be more than one place at one time while first consider this? In the five years since or university days, Emily has grown her piano school site hustle into a hundred thousand dollars
your business, all without investing in any marketing and all starting various other projects, as well she's been able to reach that figure largely through sub contracting. The lessons to other teachers, which also helps or add new cities to freely piano schools. Repertoire side. Note, I'm not sure that's a proper, precise use of the word repertoire by since it's a musical term we're gonna go with. It are the first teachers at Emily hired we're through mutual friends or people. She already knew that were piano teachers themselves. Luckily, that meant that difficulty with any employees is minimal. Also, these are contractors not employs now that you ve been able to build a name for herself over the past five years. Emily is lucky that instructors now approach her, which makes hiring the best people even easier. How does the money workout, while Emily charges foreigner dollars per eight? We
master for one hour of lessons each week and he pays each sub contractor either half or three quarters that, depending on the level of experience, because every lesson is literally in house, there are any other had cause to consider. Any printed materials like music sheets are covered by the students themselves and are sub contractors pay for their own transportation to just emphasise their aside. From the initial start, up costs of website hosting in purchasing a domain name which cost about a hundred dollars, feely piano school, has had zero expenses. All the money generated through Emily's business, which is around eight thousand dollars a month, goes towards pang or sub contractors, or paying her from Oliver different side, vessel efforts, most of which were not gonna. Talk about in this episode, Emily earns about seven thousand dollars a month: net income with the money from her piano school, making of about two thousand dollars that total. So twenty four thousand dollars a year net income for Emily. She just been some time teaching lessons herself in dealing with the administrative tasks that come with running a five city, piano school and because of that she's played with the.
Extending it to more cities, but that would have cost me more administrative work for her, leaving her less time to focus on other projects. Another challenge experiences that all her friends have nine to five jobs. So I don't always understand that a lot of her work falls outside those hours, sometimes when she's out with friends, she's, distracted and thinking about her work, but has also been able to learn a lot from her journey. A building these projects, her biggest piece of advice. After doing this for five years and starting other things as well, is to be decisive. The success of a business depends on a person's ability to take the plunge and start their project, even if there were They might fail. She says if you have an idea, go ahead and make a facebook page for it right now, then right analysed about it. You can do right away. The Filipino piano school is also proof you don't have to spend a lot of.
On advertising or marketing to make your hustler success. Emily used only free resources like Craigslist postings, Facebook groups, community networks, bulletin board and Instagram to spread the word, and because all these outlets and resources are free, you have the opportunity to be creative at how you post without being worried about wasting money. She also suggest you think backwards about where you would look to find your business and start posting there. Now that her piano school is bringing in mostly passive income thanks to those subcontractors, and what is not thinking about. What's next true, to form her ideas, our ambitious. She now has a year long goal to start a new online business each week for the next fifty two weeks. That's right for the next fifty two weeks. She wants to come up with an idea each week and then make idea happen,
Presumably not every idea will lead to a big success, but perhaps some well and shall do this all while continuing to cash the tax from feeling piano school. Why did the piano player get arrested because he got into trouble about wait out of a piano itself out of jail? It used its keys and I do have an actual common about today story. I want to talk about the problem of scale. Ok, so obviously this is a success like good for Emily Harbour to just kind of look at the big picture. This is the kind of thing that cannot simply be replicated over and over without some changes to its structure, and this is why she's not able to expand to an unlimited number of cities, because even though she's got their subcontractors hired, which is definitely awaited next level, when she's not really able to just keep expand,
and keep expanding because she's doing other staff, but also because it would require a lot of changes to its structure, like the project structure would have to change, and so the way that you saw this kind of problem, if you're like a catch, you want to make a lot of money with the piano school. I dont want teach any lessons I really want to grow. This has a business. The way that you solve that problem is by focusing much more and structure usually from the beginning, but you can sometimes go back and change things later, but this way that was your God. You can then be more like the store I mentioned in the weekly recap. The other day now is a story about a college student neurons, twenty thousand dollars a month from cleaning houses are without actually cleaning anyhow does Amazon so as not to criticise this project in any way mean she's, making more than two thousand dollars a month passively, that's fantastic, so many of our lessons will be thrilled with that
but I think the next next level would be to start with a project like their start with this as a structure, but be a bit more intentional about how you guys, so that it can be even more passive than it is now so this, but that in a good two great category because, like I said Emily, is doing really well, I will also be curious about which of these fifty two online project she starts in sub taking off. That is indeed an ambitious goal. It reminds me of something I would have tried myself a number of years ago, but I never actually did so doesn't do any good to say. I had this idea and I didn't do anything about it. What matters is the ideas you have that you put into action right, because inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. If you like to see the shine through today's episode, worn a bit more about this project for a cup of other things that I mentioned just go to satisfy school dot com slashed five o to thank you so much for listening I'll, be back again to morrow. My name is preschool about four sighed ass. He spoke.
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