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#504 - Strap-Saving Invention Helps Women Get Their Bounce Back


A pair of female inventors are bringing clothes back to life with a simple gadget that saves straps with no need to sew—then using it to send a positive message about women’s health. 

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Support for this pot cast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity are thirty, three percent more likely to have industry leading profitability, and those in the top portal for gender diversity are twenty one percent more likely to perform. This data was the catalyst behind launch, with tee ass, a five hundred million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women. Black Lahti, necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS. Dot com, slash launch with tee ass alongside us all school friends, listeners in community money, Miss Priscilla Gower and were coming to the end of a week when a pretty busy weak with all kinds of exciting staff are to mark out a recap or you look back on our first episodes of five hundred plus, if there's a word for that, but you know after five hundred the episodes that come afterwards whatever. That is what it is pursued. A five o four
something I forgot to mention the other day- episode, five or one that film editor and helps people in this industry is called optimize yourself. It's basically helping people in Hollywood and reminded me that there is another show on number project that I haven't talked about in a while that show is called happier in Hollywood and co host have recently been talking about everything involved in making a pilot, so they ve got lots of fun stories. Its both entertaining an informative. Can I gonna have to do a status the school, but in a different way, different industry different conversation format, but you should check it out. You can subscribe apple, podcast or reverie. Listen to shows I once again, that's called happier in Hollywood, not today on site US law school really talk about a strap saving invention made by women acacia by women for women. This is specifically a make your own adjustable, strap for broad and became tops. The two founders describe it as bringing closed back to life, with a simple gadget that safe straps with no need to sew and then using it to send a positive message about women's health.
Now that sounds good, but when talking about browsing, bikini tops just going to state the obvious here. This is something I don't have a ton of experience in at least not one a mountain about you know what I do in the privacy of my own home is my business. Ok, but for the production of this episode in putting together the story, I relied a lot on the notes from Whitney Whitney is my assistant. Are content manager and then again just to become obvious. She has more experience with browsing. Bikini tops than I do ok, so she did a great job of historic even out some funds in. I had to take someone about because I was like we're Davies's really funny, but I can't say some of these things. I'm sure there are lots of funny things to be said about an accessory for Praus, but as a male host. I do know enough to realise that probably not the best person to put forward those comments, so I'm just gonna tell you the story of how works, because I do think there's something you can learn from it and if you out there would like to ask your own commentary as you go along feel free above to say, Quicksilver, today sponsor and then we'll strap in thousands, ok right, George
Deutsche works as a marketing strategies for telecoms companies, putting together content for the likes of BT, comedy central and the discovery channel. But under the deep shadows of the night, she when's the guise of the most unlikely of alter egos she's, the co founder of the strap, safer and nifty little gadget, that saves women's, tops, rise, bikinis and maybe even more, so, where does our pseudo hero story began? Well, to answer that we need to take a trip back to twenty thirteen. It was the beginning of a a second term in office. It was, of course, the year Miley Cyrus working display the be amazed who can forget those days. I was also the middle of summer.
And our champion was lounging by the poor alongside her best friend in future sidekick Beth Liebermann, there was a time honoured tradition that they ve been doing since college, while their cherished poolside chats often covered a multitude of topics. This conversation, in particular, came strapped with specific thing: non adjustable, swimsuit straps, their bathing suit, straps just weren't, holding their own or holding anything out for that matter, and they were quickly becoming the bane of their existence. The straps on baths, new suit cute, though it eyes were too long in choice had stretched out completely following a few summers, where what's a woman to do with a seemingly fantastic swimsuit. When the straps take a dive south shore, they could happen so machine to remedy their elastic strap woes, but that would just be a temporary, fixed chary in bed. We're looking for a more long term solution. They figure. This was a problem that can be solved by something simple, but after an evening spent with a bottle of wine and their other friend, Google, there were surprised to find that there are literally nothing on the market, so you know how it goes they set out.
Create a solution that solution came in the form of a small gadget that attaches to any bra or clothing strap so that it can be adjusted to the right length. They called it. The strap sabre your multipurpose comfort, providing hero or heroin. I guess. Wherever there was a swimsuit brought or tank top in need of a little left, the straps neighbour would be there. There were. No job or size to smaller too great this, I've never had a mission to save damsels in distress. One strap at a time by the way that was witnessed line could touch there, but this was why not something that happened overnight? Neither Shari nor about that Try their hand at launching a business, so they got a little help. The first step was to lassoing a few and with engineering price to assist in design a few sketches later Shari had something that could be three printed and then they officially had a working prototype. The next challenge was to find a manufacturer, so they could get their strap savers into the hands and honest
Borders are the people who need them, charlatan at an expert in nearby convention centre, with less than fantastic results. No manufacturer wanted to take on the job and not only that they didn't give her many answers, disheartened, but still determined Shari came home and posted about her trials and tribulations on Facebook. As luck would have it, a friend put her in touch with a company in Michigan and they clicked immediately the team, their answer, cherries questions asked for her important feedback and soon after shy received her first batch of strap savers. Meanwhile, back in the strap cave graphic designer bath in working on the straps neighbours. Branding together, Beth ensure use their combined web design experience in conjunction with the developer, to create the first version of their website using Wordpress and all sorry about the start. Up costs came to just shy of ten thousand dollars, thanks to the help of their friends, the cost the prototype wishes two hundred and fifty bucks they spent about. Three thousand dollars hiring a developer to build a website and another six thousand dollars on manufacturing their first order. Sales were also not an overnight success. It took some time
not bringing around eight hundred dollars each month more when the sun's out and less during sweater, whether the business is completely self sufficient, they ve recoup their cost and are currently working toward a higher level of profitability. Are also doing more than just saving straps and sanity of the women who own them. They first came up with the idea for the strap savers soon after Sharia lost your mother to breast cancer. So right, The gate they made the decision to always donate five percent of their revenue to the breast cancer research foundation. There also using the strap savers blog, is a platform to educate people, about the importance of early detection and to share the latest breast cancer research and suggestions
The goal is to make a genuine difference in the world one step at a time. As with any good superhero origin story, there have been some challenges along the way. Their biggest setback was hiring a pr company who simply didn't deliver. This cost him some much needed cash during a critical time. So since then, sharing has learned the importance of setting clear expectations up front, especially when working with an agency and requesting minimum results. That being said, they have bounced back, in particular that got some coverage on life hacker dot com, not to mention this profile inside US school and they see. There's Traffic go up every time. These articles are shared. Looking ahead there hoping to expand our reach, two more customers using the power of Amazon, dot com, the also be optimizing, their webs, and looking at how inbound marketing can help them grow awareness and expand a customer base, and that's not all the rest of their energy will go towards developing a clear plastic version of the strap safer. That's just as effective as their current stainless steel version. No doubt there is more to come from this pair of friends who are now business partners. So
strap ourselves in and prepare to follow along While congrats to Shari and that's a big fan of solving practical problems, somebody episode that we featured our people coming up with some just really simple solutions to things that you would think somebody else's software, for whatever reason they have actually having sought it in this way to this definite fits into that category. My comment is: this project needs to find some more momentum, because with a product like this there selling for fifteen dollars each, I think I forgot to mention that, but I just want to take a peek at their website. Going back to pack for fifteen dollars each and, I think, there's a discount if you purchase more at that kind of price point unity to sell a lot of these items, so they really need to get better reach. Through Amazon dot com, which I think is already in the works as mentioned or workers, some kind of wholesaler distributor. Who can get these until like a lot of different stores,
it's gonna be hard to be profitable at a level much higher than their out now. Just by doing this kind of direct sales, with their doing so I ve got the product knelt down. What they need to focus on is reaching more customers and preferably reaching a lot more customers, because the price point is so low seal, definite, interesting story and always something we can learn from these projects and, of course, respect other donating five percent of the revenue to the breast cancer Research foundation. Ok, I hope you enjoy this when, as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. Today, strapping show notes are satisfied, school dot, com, slashed, five o for a three episode. Five o four got episode. Five five cannot pre tomorrow, it's gonna be a weekly recap, looking back and also looking ahead, hope that you are looking ahead of that you're making progress. I hope you do one thing today to get closer to something that you believe them, so those valley, the identified when you first subscribed to the shop. You want more freedom for your safety. One extra income to you want the ability to make different choices. You just one of these something funding, creative. All those things are great reasons for having a sigh hustle, and I hope that something you here is going to support those goals
its offer me, my name is critical about four psychosis school.
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