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#52: Facebook Photo Leads to Today Show Appearance


An elementary school teacher is on a mission to introduce a non-toxic face paint for school rallies and sporting events. After mixing up her recipe and creating a Shopify store, her product makes an appearance on the Today show.

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Maybe their welcome back. You are listening to satisfy school. I'm your host critical about of you enjoyed yesterday story about this, email is that grows to almost two hundred thousand people makes then a million dollars at a feeling that would be, crowd favourite and so far it seems a lot of people like it, but today stories also great that's quite different. It's about an elementary school teacher who starts aside. Hustle makes it honour today show and it all began. The facebook photo. I often talk about how paying attention to frustrations is a good way to get hustle ideas, while this story relates directly to a frustration of the school teacher, not about it right after this Adrian Osterman started or us all, because she was, I know she didn't have enough
it's a free time. In fact, she was greatly overworked. She had a full time. Job is an elementary school teacher who is also a single mom and a whole host of other personal demands. It's not like. She was sitting around and said hey what should I do with this extra fifteen dollars a week? No, as I said, she was annoyed and also The facebook photo a friend posted or to children in their team shirts. Each year on the New York Giants at a game one afternoon, the middle school age? Had a mud mask on her face and a catch and read my kids have their game face on Adrian thought. Would it be good if she could trader scan skin in the giants colors now her own daughter happened to be visiting this weekend, whose a university of Connecticut Graduate and devoted fan. Adrian ask if she or any of her friends ever painted their faces at the Yukon Football Games they often attended while tell getting with their friends. Her response was quick and to the point no mom. It would make our face break out
Adrian start asking her friends directly about their experiences. With the face paints available on the market. One told her she one spot I black, from a party store. Left little pimples along the side of her face. Another said she tried and it would run in the rain and smear easily. One girl had a green arm three days after then, because the paint you used stained her skin so Abby, ultimately was not lack of interest or enthusiasm that kept these fans from fully engaging in a sporting experience. They simply didn't have good history with the products that were available to them, so Adrian started searching the market for a product that would solve this problem and she couldn't find one. But you did fine, however, was article after article about how talks traditional face paints are over the next couple of months. She made her mission to develop a product that went beyond not just being bad for you, but you're, one that could actually benefit. You As part of this mission, she run up a list of requirements. First, every ingredient had to have a benefit to the skin had to function and the elements:
to stay on and stay where you put it had to be water resistant and contain a sunscreen be, and organic common team inspired colors to wash off easily and not stayin clothes She can't believe there wasn't something like this out there. She felt that consumers should have a healthier option over the next several months. She worked hard, keeping her started costs low, here's the free law clinic at her state University to help with trademark and patent searches. She used her American Express rewards points to buy raw materials for experimenting, and so on she did all this research on our own time. She has her nice and weekends for the physical experiment with making the actual formula. It wasn't easy and it wasn't always fine, but she was determined. Adrian has always. And creative after much trial and error. Lots of mixing up ingredient and our kitchen and bathroom with unwavering determination, she was happy with the recipe of those must halves from her list were met to now had a product, and she decided to call it
fan mask to sell it online. She used shop of eye to create a simple, yet attractive website, not being tech. Savvy was a big structure for her, but again she figured it out and order slowly began. She price, fan mascot, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, with several different color options that she also joined a service called Haro, which stands for help a reporter out I'll make it up in the show notes, and this resource connects journalist with saw it's a free resource, I've used it before myself, it can definitely be helpful and for Adrian it was extremely helpful because, through the service she about a query from the today show producer looking for summertime sports products and the show ended up featuring fan mask in a very short segment. Now, when I say very short, her product was actually featured on a show for just two seconds. However, there are a lot of people watching the today show, so that brief exposure and that short segment wasn after immediately bring your customers and enquiries to recite less than ten minutes later, and this continued throughout the day. The next day onto the following week,
They gave her the motivation to keep working on our project to continue investing in it and to see where she could take it next in speaking of next. Her future goal is to produce a kickstarter campaign to raise money for greater exposure and should also love to find a strategic partner who has the resource to get fan mask out to the world a bit faster. So what can we learn from Adrian story? First of all, I think this product presents a bit of em getting challenge and the challenge is most people in the market for buying face banks. They don't realize that its toxic, it's not like it's. Hey. This is bad for you on a bottle, so you first have to educate your market, which is kind of a high level task. At first glance, at deafening, doesn't sound like the easiest kind of project to start or the most potentially profitable project but nevertheless I love the missionary element to fan, mask and Adrian has a great origin story being able to say she's, but the teacher and a mom gives her instant credibility, and so I am not surprised that outlets like that.
I shall find it a natural fit to feature. In fact, it's almost easier to get a project like this feature in that kind of major mainstream media, then it is to get something like Scots email newsletter that we heard about yesterday and obviously, if you compare the two daddy This letter is reaching a lot more people much more profitable, So it's better in that way, but manufacturing this kind of alternative face, paint and be a more interesting and attractive story for producers. At places like the today show we're looking to feature in new products for their audience so pros and cons to everything course, now Adrian also mentioned it use shop. If I they are a partner, the show, if you gotta, shoplift, dotcom, slash side hustle, you can get a twenty one day trial and check it out for yourself Adrian's experience with shop. If I was that and she felt overwhelmed with text of it- was very easy to get started, and she much more of a challenge figuring out how to actually make the product than she did getting an online. Getting your payment system set up. All the set that she was intimidated by in the first place ended up being a lot simpler than she expected Adrian
an initial success and created or on product, while responding to a frustration. If you listen to these stories begin applying into your own hustle pay attention. To frustrations and annoyances that you say in your daily life, you will see results to remember. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined action is so much better for today's episode. Our online sorrowful school dotcom, slash. Fifty two also link up Haro and shovel, anything else that we talked about from outside, say hi to me or ask a question for the show I'm critical about this is that of the school and I'll see you tomorrow,
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