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#523 - Danish Pastry Partnership Bakes Up Series of Events


Two midwestern food market vendors collaborate on pastries, trade shows, a membership community, and more. 

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What's up hello, welcome, dishonest or school? This is critical about now. Today, story features a mid western p, tree by way of Scandinavia, known as able skipper have you ever heard of ablest gave her before I have been practicing my pronunciation of it all morning. This story also features to friends who become side US partners, and it features no less than four different adoration of this site. I saw this is interesting ones. I talk about how Restart one projects, and then that gives you an idea for something else. You do that one for a while, then it could have been worse into something well, in this case, it's kind of like that, but he's a really different phases of a common vision. These two friends are both vendors at a local farmers. Market they've got a job, that's just something to do on the side, but they end up parking on something that leads to something else and then to something else, and then even just something further.
Ok, so I just gonna goes to show once you go down the road of cider slang, you dont know we're gonna end up and you could end up building something even more significant and meaningful than you first imagined this story of a danish pastry partnership that makes up a series of events is coming right up, so stay tuned support for this podcast comes from October. What's your mother's maiden name, what's the name of first pet. We have another question: why are security solution still asking the same verification questions its twenty twenty? It's time you business, which is to a security solution that not only is bill for this decade, but can guide you into the next one with an identity, centric approach to Security ACT Naples organizations to choose any technology integrated rapidly and deliver a security solutions that provides a seamless experience without making it harder for your employees. Often pushes you security forward, but it pushes your business it is well so we Ask you one last question: what's your favorite security solution?
learn more about how you can improve your security PA share with the leader and identity, german security at Oxford, DOT, com, slash the answer: that's ok, tee a dot com, slash the answer way back in two thousand seven Chad Gelbard Business, analysed at a Minneapolis agency by day for selling able skipper there. It is again at a local farmers. Market enables gave her a crushing. It is a danish pastry which is like a small pancake law with filling in the middle of his food stall neighbour is knowing last owner of Lucy S. Kitchen garden was selling jam. The perfect thing to fill the ablest gave her with a natural partnership formed. So we offer to let Chad use her jams and pastries in return. He would
mainly direct customers to her foodstuffs. I collaborating they. Both benefited Chad was able to save money on a feeling for his pastries and they both got more exposure for their products. It wasn't able skipper, win, win, ok, I'm done say, network. Let's just go on with the story. They decide to team ought to learn more about growing their food businesses. They attended national training and met with food, industry, leaders and other areas. At some point, they decided to start aside us altogether. They spent around a thousand dollars to incorporate and create a brand identity for this company. It was called Midwest pantry. Other aim in starting the West Pantry was to help level the playing field for small time players trying to take their food business to the next level. They noticed that, even though the MID West is known as the bread Basket of America, all the big wholesale food trade shows were located on the coasts. These are the places that food producers go to meet with wholesale buyers and try to get their products in grocery stores and other markets. Not only what people have to fly to the coast to attend
They would have to pay upwards of ten thousand dollars to get a both in order to try to sell their products for many people who are just starting out that wasn't unreachable price tag chat, and so we wanted to bring together local food producers with wholesale buyers without charging them a year's work. Pastries, a local kitchen in food supply store, was holding an annual tent sale at their store location chat, and so I thought this could be an interesting place to gauge interest in a trade show type of event. So, ahead of the tent shout Midwest Pantry paid for an extra day for the tents and set up booths for food producers. They only charge enough to cover the costs and brought in wholesale buyers are protesting things out of that ten shout they'd insect
it's in both at a food and wine shop there was held at the state fairground. This grew from one both to four to eight and before they knew it, they had a whole wing of the event. These experiments were somewhat successful, but the next step was to create their own trade. Show Mae West Pantry found a cool warehouse base. It an old brewery and set up a semi annual shall one in March and one in August they kept the cost of the boot two seven hundred dollars, so it's more food producers could afford it any invited local wholesale buyers. The first shows where success one have continued to grow in silence. Started, but while putting on the trade shows, there was another issue that came up, and this leads to adoration number two or number three beside herself. Depending on how you count. It Chad noticed that, while it was great to get food producers and wholesale buyers in the same place, one of smaller food producers didn't have the necessary tools to effectively speak with the buyers It's legit Midwest pantry, collaborating with another organisation to create an educational series to teach people more about growing their business, especially in the food industry, along with education.
SIRI now held at the University of Minnesota. Midwest pantry holds monthly, meetup and happy hours for its members. Their latest venture, which is now number four number five, is creating a food innovation district. Now, what does that mean? Or the idea of the food innovation district is to finally have a physical space to bring their food military in the Midwest together the spaces and eight acre area in North EAST Minneapolis, with a variety of buildings that will include production, kitchens, coercing spaces and offices, restaurants and even a venue for events, perhaps some of their own events they partner with the building or to lease on space to their members in their currently in phase one which has six production kitchens ice. They do allow different things talk about how they make money like the activities of the business itself. The revenue model for MID West Pantry has transformed multiple times since chat, and so he started up at first they try to create a membership model, but because they didn't have a name recognition that they do now it didn't really take off.
They didn't transition to monetizing at the event level, but because they want to make sure food producers had access to the events, they also wanted to keep costs down. Therefore, they ve, since transition back to the membership model and its membership model, offers both individual and corporate tears at the annual individual level, which is sixty five hours a year. Members get free entry to the meat ups and access to that educational series, along with other discounts, there's also a premiere level which cost forty dollars a month. Then there are five tiers of corporate memberships, ranging in price from five hundred dollars to ten thousand there's a year. They have anywhere from a hundred two hundred fifty individual members, depending on the time of the year and over a dozen corporate members, since starting up Midwest pantry has worked with over five hundred business.
Many of them, one man or one woman shops there. Next steps are to continue to grow at the food district into re. Trade shows they're looking for ways to innovate and make the process of putting producers in touch with wholesale buyers even more time and cost effective. Now that they have their own space, they can test out differently and see what sticks and by the way, with all these things going on just to clarify this is still a side has sought for above Chad, and so he gives us the opportunity to help other small and micro businesses and to have a voice in shaping the food industry. You might say they're keeping the bread in the bread basket of Amerika,
You know I was working on this story. It reminded me of the time that I was in Minneapolis. This is many many years ago and I did an event in a most unusual than you and I have done book advanced all across the country, all fifty states, every province of Canada and many other countries around the world. A lot of these events have been completely bootstrapped completely improvised
especially when I was getting started. I didn't have been used for different places, and so I relied on my readers to suggest in our various spots, so especially my first or when I went off if he states, I did have Anson Yoga studios in pizza, parlors in bars and coffee shops in a heavy metal concert Hall in San Francisco, which was pretty cool, although it sounds more exciting when it was because he was really dark like it was hard to get them to turn the lights on, but I always hated my strangest gag, or at least the thing that is the most memorable in some ways is when I went to many applicants- and I did the book of aunt in a grocery store like in the middle of a grocery store and believe it or not. This actually made some sense because it was a neighbor had revitalization effort. This particular grocery store wasn't a huge corporate chain. They had lots of like look. Vendors, invalid food stores in it sounds very similar to some of the people that Chad and zero work with. So I understood the concept, but at the same time it was basically a grocery store and, like I was in the middle of it, and everybody was like trying to shop, and we have like a hundred people there that were there to hear me, which was cool. But then we also
I got a couple hundred other people that were shopping in a grocery store in pushing their cards around think they call them buggies in some places, maybe perhaps Minnesota so just put a little surreal. It was one of those moments in my life when I looked out- and I was like- I can't believe this is happening. You know like I never imagined first, while that I'd be writing books in travelling to speak
all across the country and elsewhere, but I really never imagine that it would be in a grocery store and people are taken up bananas next to the stage from trying to answer questions. It was a night that I will never forget all say that some more to the point of this story, congrats to challenge Ellie, I really respect how they have taken his vision, inches and just been willing to follow it and see where it leads and see these problems that pop up and look for solutions while maintaining other jobs, so good for them up, live in exile, I'm in Minneapolis beckoned me up with them and not be my event at a grocery store, but something else- and I also hope that you enjoy this episode. Don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. This is episode five hundred and twenty three the show. So our notes are it's out of school dot com, slash five to three come and check it out to me, and let me know what you're up to as well. You are the reason I make this show every day and we ve got another episode coming up tomorrow about that.
Until then I'm signing off. My name is preschool about four sided. Sport
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