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#527 - Social Media Strategist Bakes Pawfect Dog Treats


A dog lover learns to bake and sell superfood dog treats, earning $3,000/month with just $3,000 in startup costs. 

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Most people he starts Let us not start only one, they might begin with wine, but eventually they're gonna do something else. One side are so can lead to another. Sometimes these projects can be totally different, completely independent and other times. One can support the utter Welcome to satisfy squat, mighty, miss Cristel about and today story which, by the way every day and bring your story every single day, a different story of someone who's, creating an asset for themselves, making more money, but also building their own future. Today story features a social media, strategist, someone who works for start, ups and corporations and on aside side she is a dog lover. This dog lever learns to bake and sell Super food dog, treats earning three thousand dollars a month with just three thousand dollars and start up costs. This is a very new project, just heretics,
months ago and has already seeing that big success by the way, an article by ad weak, published on twenty seventeen claims that millennials had become the largest demographic pet owners Natalie but seventy one percent say they would take a pay kite if it meant there, pops could come with them to the office. Seventy one percent I wonder if seventy one percent of millennials, or maybe even a hundred per cent of millennials, could benefit from having a pay increase in the form. Perhaps a different source of income That is my mission on the show. I hope you learn through these stories perhaps get an idea for yourself or if we already have an idea, get a little bit further along in making that idea a reality. The show is completely free, as we begin a new weekly say, thank you to our sponsor and then we'll jump right out. Dude
sell. Is a soft confessed, crazy dog, lady so much so that she's launched not one but two side, hustles tailored for people just like her over six years test his work as a social media strategy, we start ups as someone with a love of learning and a willingness to hustle environment, suits or well working and start can be a great way to hone your business skills and protest. That's exactly what she's been doing. She's washed her founders closely to see how they test different aspects of their business, deal a setbacks and navigate their way through competition test use those lessons and our social media skills to start her first sight. Hustle. Four years ago she was the owner of a cavalier king, Charles Spaniel, so it began with an instagram page, suitably called cab life. She posted pictures of Cavaliers the dogs, not Lebron James and built up a sizeable following of nearly eighty three
and people the page has spawned doggie meet up all over the world and even has its own brand. It now cells, t shirts and other merchandise, so owners can shot their calf love. While this cab life project was a success, it wasn't big enough to become a full time. Gig, so test kept her job, but every dog has its day and test, day was fast approaching. That day finally came in January of this year with a new idea, the idea was out of her own frustrations with all the low quality dog food available. Many those dog foods have terrible ingredients. That makes you wonder if they're the reason for the expression sick as a dog test was after something better something more than she could provide for her four legged France.
You decide to take the problem to her kitchen. The plan was to beg her own yummy and healthy dog, treats for her pet cavalier. The only problem was in her words. She was a terrible baker. After hunting for a treatment she could beg herself. She found not tat day. She devise what would become walk. I do want to do, which is fun to say. Is a super food pact bake? It yourself line of dog, treats it fun to set out what to do what you do if there was no option to beg your own true. Than TAT was going to create one dimensional called water. Do she decided to start where it mattered most to her target demographic with healthy ingredients tested identified that target market as millennials? He knew
more concerned with what they eat than any generation that came before them, and this mild obsession stretches to their pets as well. Some of them treat their pets as if they were their own children. In fact, recent studies show that forty four percent millennial see their pets is exactly that. Their starter children, or perhaps there only children test, began to explore important questions. What is most healthy for a dog to eat, what's best for their well being, and do they prefer Taco Bell or KFC tests then took her list of ingredients to a local pastry shop to fine tune some recipes. She believes this was the most important part of the process because he was able to delegate it too expert. She know if she relied on our own skills in this department. The resulting recipes would be pathetic. The shop was also able to give her valuable insights on creating packaging and show her efficient ways to create mixtures enlarge batches with recipes firmly and hand. It was time for market
search. She invited thirty dog, loving friends and family, to try the product. The east completed a survey and baked up a batch of her newly created recipes. This focus group gave her direct, honest feedback and also pointed out some things she'd overlooked, but that feedback and hand she took to more weeks did about the product. She offered a priest discounter that focus group which allowed her to recoup the cost of ingredients even before inefficient watch that pre launch gave her confidence the reverse side hustle. She had the perfect audience ready to market. To I audience was her cap life social media following an posting to that followed, ideal for barking up interest, so much interest, in fact that sales of Wada do have been between two thousand and three thousand dollars a month since its very recent launch. Many of our lesters would be howling at the moon in happiness with those kinds of numbers. After only a few months, and we start up costs of less than three thousand dollars she's already well profitable. The next step is to take things to the streets and get local soon shall hold retail trials at several local pet supply stores and that office
Why did you will also be seen at farmers markets in her hometown of Austin Texas TEST believe that starting local before branching out is the best way to build a business. She plans to drive to those farmers market fell into the barking lot and raise the rough However, that local focus might not last for long she's, recently been approached by shark tank and maybe featured on the programmes Not feature in our new exposure unsatisfied school, who knows where the business to go ass resell is not. Chasing retail around she's working doggedly to build a new future My friends, I hope
enjoy. This story is too reminder as we're taking off a new weak Europe. My hope, as I share these stories with you every day, since they will be somewhat motivational entertaining and able to listen and say out, it's interesting without person dead and you might not connect with each person, of course, but over time at least once a week. My hope is you're gonna, hear somebody and say they have a scale that was similar to mine or they applied a thought process that I can learn from and adapt to my own way I really really believe there's something out there that everybody can do. Miss is a question. I get a lot on interviews, so I can everybody have a side hustle, and I always say why don't think everyone to do each kind of projects, like the whole point is to understand your skills. Understand your interest figure out how to leverage those characteristics in the rye. But yes had a fundamental level like. I do believe everyone's an expert at something everyone is able to get a job. Everyone is able to have some sort of career, so you can create enough. Now.
For a company or an organization that they are willing to pay. You then, surely you can create that kind of value yourself in some way, so I said, I hope you find stories to be motivational now, but I also hope that they help you kind of build your tool set a clear set of resources. Your world view your approach to solving problems. If you ve got a problem, you need to solve, like you need to get out of debt, or you want to save for something specific will. How are you gonna do that? I believe, in fact, is not just to believe. We demonstrate, day after day that there are all kinds of ways to make money, some of which are really find an interesting and meaningful. So those are the values of cider school just went to throw them out there. As we begin a new weak, don't forget, inspiration is guide, but inspiration combined action is so much better and if he would like to check out what to do for more time, what do just try saying it without a smile at bay?
do it if you'd like to learn about them, come check out the show shadows outside us all school dotcom, slash five to seven at Ispra episode, five hundred and twenty seven. We are rolling along strong I'll, be back again tomorrow and, I hope will join me for it. My name is go about for science.
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