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#536 - Movie Industry Friends Rewrite the Credits, Earn $20,000/Month


Those long credit sequences at the ends of movies can include a LOT of names—and they also take a lot of time for producers to coordinate. When two industry friends team up to simplify the process, they crawl their way to a highly profitable side hustle. 

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Hey there what's up welcome this is school. I am critical about question for you as we kick things off today. Actually, few questions in a row. Where is the loudest peace in the world. Do you know just one country Odette to another country, and how does that country then pay that debt off? What makes it ship last question. We all want her all the time. How do I deal with my go cousin. Who is getting close to my father to make my father love him more than me, while the details there's two of these random questions and more can be found on the website. Cora at its core dot com. Q, you O r a it, is like red it, a fascinating placed it I went to see all kinds of different stuff. You can kind of good on a rabbit trail. We actually learn something along the way. It's interesting and dishonest lescaut workshops. They sometimes mention that core can be good for finding customers are clients as well. So it's not just super random questions. When you make an account, you can answer questions of your own as well as asked them and in some cases,
Can be unnatural to offer Lee generation I mentioned, read. It can be used in a similar way, but its a bit less friendly, a bit less welcoming to. Someone who has something to promote it is still possible. We have to be a lot softer with it with for as long as you're providing a helpful answer. It's not at all unusual or unwelcome to post something lightly promotional. At the end of your answer, for example, if you have written the definitive epoch to how to deal with psychopathic cousins that would be a great question where you could go and post your answer, and then you include a little link at the bottom and say well to learn more go here now. Actually,. Day story that an Italian just a moment has nothing to do a core at least not specifically reminded of it, because the people featured in the store today they saw the problem that most must have never heard of it doesnt kind of random. But then, when you think about it, you play. So I can see how that could be an issue such as typically, the problem they focus on is about the end credits that come up at the end of movies. You know, there's hundreds of lines of text that credit
different people. How are those organised and collect it, while these guys have found a way to make it much easier from of producers, and this has turned into a highly profitable side business for them so, let's torn from them, or at least a lot to think about, as you consider how you might apply this kind of thinking to your industry, your business or to some feel that you have knowledge it stay tuned for all the details. No one likes to feel stack, box them or held back, especially by a cloud, it's a problem, but the the unclouded different. It's the most up, and secure public cloud for business. It can then all your apps and data anywhere across all your clouds, so it can help take on anything from rebuking flights. The fly to restocking shelves on demand without getting in your way. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart
work visit, IBM dot com slashed flexible, to learn more when it comes to business models. Software is one of the most profitable huge companies like me her make billions by selling software to customers worldwide, but what about creating a software? As aside hustle, we ve had a couple stories about this- for on a shower at least you may have those stories to exist somewhere in the archives you wanna go back today. Is about in crawl software product with a unique approach built by John Arabic, also known as plenty, in his co founder Alan Increase what's known as SAS software as a service, unlike conventional, where that might be installed on your computer, like Microsoft, windows or excel, or whatever you use SAS products run in the cloud and customers pay
the two user access them in a crossfire, a very specific purpose. It creates, in credit sequences for movies, you see at the end of the film, where every person that had a hand in making the thumb gets their credit and they are often a lot people have to get their names at it, but the old school process for this is surprisingly complicated. All those names had to be compiled and sent to it, POG refer men sent to a videographer who could compile and edit the whole sequence then needs to be rendered for film. In crop completely automates. That process using software, an aspiring and professional makers, the world over are paying for the privilege of using it. So how did you come to be? Well, it all started like so many of our stories with a couple of drinks. John Plenty, Arabic and his co founder Alan both worked in the film industry. They had both brainstorming as in the past, but never committed anything, and then what a party of those drinks they committed to building a project together, sobbing approach, They'd long New existed the time consuming and painstaking task of creating those in credits
binding on each through a thousand dollars at the project to get started. This would entail than to get a server, and the technology required to run something like this, as well as cover any small expenses that my crop up. I had a coating background. It was able to whip up a very basic version of in crawl. Now, when I say basic, I mean really basic. They had a program script that would run on their laptop and customer could email them a spreadsheet that they didn't feed into the script. That's crap with automatically generate the credits and they send them back in fifteen minutes. You know what this manual process. It was a big improvement because the process used to take up to twenty four hours using the old methods four hours to fifteen minutes, not surprisingly the customers locked it. The fact that it was a crude version and not automated didn't matter much in the beginning, there are able to charge five hundred dollars a pot for each in credit sequence generated. And even with the Super basic and in their words, junkie proof of concept software they serve their first hundred customers using this system for fifty thousand dollars in income. There are smart about what they did with this money, be
as the money started, coming any reinvested it into further development of the product. The attitude, There's like automated processing, no more my in that spreadsheet, introducing a user dashboard and improving the overall user experience. These improvements helped a lot, but one of the biggest hurdles with a product like this is finding customers. In the long term, the initial sales came from plenteous contacts in the film it. Three, so that helped they were able to generate additional sales, get some recommendations, but once it exhausted that immediate network things got harder, it aside to try a bunch of different marketing channels, some of which worked in some of which didn't persistence with key. They discovered Facebook adds didn't work well for them, whereas customer demos and networking groups did after they found these marketing channels and serve more more customers. Things began to grow organically. Over the course of a few years. They began making significant money from the project all while continuing with their day jobs. They didn't celebrate too much when they made their first sale, but they did have a great dinner out together to celebrate when they hit the milestone of five hundred thousand dollars in
Rosales, that's correct! Half a million dollars in just a few years, not just to be clear. A lot of that money has been reinvested back into the business. It is funded, customer support staff, extra development on a product, as well as their large storage and sober costs, because each in across sequence is two hundred and fifty gigabytes. That's a lot of storage space And twenty eighteen in crawl is generating around twenty thousand dollars a month after expenses Gets John and on really close to being able to quit Thursday jobs there plainest, doubled, new over the next year, were holding on the jobs and if everything goes well, then look at making it a full time commitment. I then, hopefully it will pay them both a good salary, so it is possible to build a software based business as a site. I saw not simple: we can take time to build in the process methodical and not always certain from an idea. Conceived over a few drinks to escape
running on one laptop that now generate in credits for films like Moonlight Snowden, Lady Bird and the big sick in cross days of crawling have dramatically sped up. In fact, there are up and running so one of the things I try to highlight day after day on the show is that there are all sorts of ways to make money. This is a great action. Or of an industry, need that if you work in the industry committee, stand what a Haslets bend to prepare these credits. That's when you responsibility, you understand how much time it takes you these guys just to regular guys, have found a way to create a service. This now used by major producers, major directors for these huge productions, these huge movies, as well as lots of amateur anti producers, so good for them in a question for you not necessarily
Can you would find inquirer, but what is something in your industry that other people might never think I've, but you know, is a hassle or otherwise takes a lot of time and in what could be a possible solution or just a substantial improvement to it? Could there perhaps we aside hustle waiting for you or released for someone now? Last but not least, I want to Quite from John, in our interview with him, he said the early growth was a hundred percent organic, but what we found is tat ass. We progressed growth, got harder, not easier. There is this fallacy that, as you grow, everything starts flowing downhill, but we found the opposite to be true. Once all the low hanging fruit has been picked, the real work of selling began assist a good thing to keep in mind. It's a good counterpoint to the general principle that things do get easier as you go along. I think that is a good general principle, but, as you can see, of course, everything is situational, circumstantial I what you're doing so, I would say, don't be afraid to work hard, but of course, you not afraid to work hard. That's why you listening to this
you want to invest in yourself right. Breast of these guys, of course, we'll wake up the project in the show notes. I don't forget, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better. Those notes, arts, how to spell school dot com, five, three six as episode. Five hundred and thirty six will be back again to Morrow and I hope you'll join me for it. My name is critical about this site. Us was born.
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