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#554 - Weekly Recap: Don’t Become Efficient at Doing the Wrong Things


In our twenty-sixth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! 

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Oh hey, they're greetings! What's up welcome dishonest will score. My name is critical about if you but of a holiday this week. I hope you enjoyed it hope you spent some time relaxing and perhaps also working, not just working for someone else, but doing something for yourself. That is what scientists and school is about. Where another and, of course you have many international listeners from lots of different countries. So if you didn't have a holiday this week, well hope you get a chance to relax. I have to get a chance to do something for yourself: over here in my road, we finish the eighth annual world domination summit earlier this week last weekend was the most intense period, and in Monday we had one follow up workshop as well as lots of stuff for our team to do lots of clean up lots of dismantling lots of putting thing
in order, then, on Tuesday night we had our annual victory dinner or we come together to celebrate and also do a bit of debriefing over what went well in what we could do better next time, if you didn't have a chance to be part of it. Yes, but you'd like to see some photos makes you have more than a thousand photos that you can access on my flickr, which is Flickr dot com slashed critical about. I will also make them up an assurance page if you like to take a peak. Today's recap: I want to read a list or email with a bit of a success story and also answer a question. It came in through voicemail on a hustle hotline, but first one of the things I shared dvd S in between introducing speakers last weekend was about finding your purpose. I want to use that phrase finding your purpose like I don't want you to to an office has not. We will actually very
practical because we live in this age in which productivity and efficiency are highly regarded values, and where do you look like every blog post? Every magazine, article is all about how to hack your life hack, your time to become more productive or more efficient, and here is the problem with that. Unless and until you have a clear sense of purpose until you know what you're supposed to be doing, it doesn't make sense to devote your focus to becoming a uber efficient, sometimes in life you need to slow down. Sometimes you need to stop doing things. You need to do more isn't a one size fits all programme, so for lots. People I think there is a value in going to the coffee shop. There's value and take walk in the middle of the day there value in reading at the bookstore CAFE or in the library Yes, by the way I know you're busy. That's why it's a challenge. If it wasn't, I wouldn't have to say things like haters valuing doing these things. That might not seem like there are super productive, but are actually to be very good for you in the long term to the point it is dangerous to become efficient at something that doesn't matter right,
is the risk of productivity, for its own sake? Is that you become highly efficient at doing the wrong things and I think it's much better be able to say you know what I'm on the right path. I haven't got I figured out. Other people might have better Lifehack, the me, but I know I'm doing the right thing and everything else will follow from there. Now before I go on. What does this mean in terms of sawdust stuff like when I say dont be efficient for efficiency sake, make sure you doing the right thing first, but when I reflect I'm pretty much every project ever done over the past twenty years, twenty years of entrepreneurial projects. There are so many things that I'm not good at. I am not
good at all, at many the tasks it on my marketers are supposed to know about, and I'm not making excuses for myself. I'm not saying I shouldn't improved, like, of course I should improve, but I guess the question is what, if I dont am, I still gonna be ok and as an example for a while, I had this business caught unconventional guides, where I saw different ebooks and other information products, and I had a very manual process for that business like there are so many inefficiencies in it. Lots of things went wrong. I never really built a proper funnel where you're continually trying to sell people on a higher level products lots times. You have to manually, send people links to things instead of being automated, like you, don't you published should, but still within the course of one year it became a six figure business and it was six figure than multiple six figure for several years. So I guess when I look back it's like what do I wish I'd done, some things differently. Of course, at the same time, it worked pretty well
despite my ineptitude. Okay, so just a continual encouragement and reminder to you that the best thing you can do is to experiment and try different things and over time, you'll find your way. You really well you're gonna discover what you're good at what you're not cut out, and I think more than anything, you should focus on those things that you are good at, don't be distracted, don't pay attention to the shiny objects, don't feel guilty if you can't do anything because you probably can't see suggest not feel guilty and, as I say from time to time, remember that there's something out there for you to okay. So it's not just everybody else's store that you here every day. There really is a story waiting for you that encouragement is helpful to someone out there all right in the mailbox this week or in the mail bag or go there's no boxer baggage, my inbox, but in the proverbial mailbox I got a note from Ali. I think I'll east from Turkey could be wrong about that.
Any case Ali Rice and to say hey Chris, I'm currently ridding you're, but kind of our start up. I've been looking for a business opportunity for a long time. After finishing my masters in chemistry, in starting my phd, I was then more unsatisfied. While reading your book, I got an idea providing a tutoring or coaching service to young students who are running their bachelor masters thesis my wife share the idea a couple of times on our Instagram account, and I got my first job today that first job one hundred and fifty euros, my first customer to give me a pretty good discount, but it's okay. A hundred fifty euros won't make us rich, but it's good enough to buy herself some nice sneaker. If we wanted to have for a while and those sneakers going to be paid for, spare money. My aim is to make a thousand euros a month as aside and come and listen to this part. We want Many that money or to reasonable things, but rather pay, and by can we find really cool but cant afford right now I already have my top and I made a word press website, so I literally had an investment of zero euros. Hey Ali thanks, so much will know. Congratulations uttered the two euros for your first gig is great. I hope you'll make my
more now, so that whole statement about how you won't saving you the money or do reasonable things. We want to buy things, you think you're cool, but cant afford right. Now, I'm a big deal, well that people should do what they want with our side, also money. So if it's good for you to save it, that's great, if it's better, if you to buy something you can't currently afford, but the cycle income makes that possible. I think that is empowering too and once again my goal is for everybody out there every list, or at least who wants to to be able to do this for themselves, Next, when I hear from Melanie who called into the hustle hotline and by the way, if you have a question you liked it, call Annalee little Voicemail. That number is eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty four eight hundred and forty four nine thousand four hundred and eighty seven eight hundred and fifty three. You can also go to the website and then click the about page. When you scroll down as low option assistant a question, you can actually use your computer to make a quick little voice memo. It's super easy and only takes a moment. Today's collar. I trust this Melanie, I'm from Houston, Texas and am actually just quit my day job, to be a stay at home, so region,
you didn't episode that really struck me were you there was a guy. He knew he wouldn't be a millionaire and he knew he had to do different businesses in order to do so. I dont certainly want to be a millionaire VIC. I know what a life I why my healthy work, life balance and income that can support. You know private education, my son and vacations, and mortgage and my first here that I want really want to go for, as aside he saw it would be to publish, children storybook and so I've seen that on Amazon that they do storybook publishing by I'm just wondering if you know any of the internet sorry, any kind of things once again a research for publishing a book, I thank you and I enjoy listening everybody now you thank you so much for the car and congratulations on all those big changes in your life. I love the word reinvention
That is a word emptying resonates very much with me, so I wish you the best in your reinvention journey and as for publishing a children's book, I've got three quick comments for you, first and foremost make sure you really want to write a book if your primary goal is to make extra income You better way to do that. I just mentioned that because it is possible to make money writing books, and I tell you about a couple of examples in the moment it can just be a long process and then again there might be some easier things you can do if your primary motivation is to make money, but assuming you want to write a book because you believe in reading Books- and you would also like to get paid for them here- are a couple of episodes. You should check out if you haven't heard them in this out of school archives episode, two hundred and seventy six and five hundred and thirty eight to seventy six was about a university lecturer who creates a two thousand dollars a month hustle by introducing kids to new cultures. He does not through a series of children's books and five hundred and thirty eight is a children's book author, who turns the page to new income, and you can always access any episode of Tyson School by number, just like going to start a stihl school dot com, the number. So that would be to
sex and five, three eight. Last but not least, I want to send you a free copy of the unconventional guy to publishing. This is an unconditional guide. I just mentioned that business a few minutes ago, my literary agent, David few Gate, wrote his guide many years ago and most the info is still highly relevant. It doesn't apply specifically to children's books, because that's not what he does this, not what I do But in a pretty short period of time you learn a lot about the publishing industry in general that guidest for sale. Link it up in the show nights for anybody, who's interested the unconventional guide to publishing but, like I said, not a feminist, and you are complementary copy of that. Good luck! reinvention, avi, cheering you on, and I am sure many of our listeners well to coming up on a pie, I say we ve got a number of great features, including something about beekeeping. We feed should begin being very early on in the beginning of the show- and I we got somebody else- he's doing it again in a different way- got a project called a piggy bank. We ve got it. Arts and crafts project has something to do with manufacturing and something to do with reselling, and that's all
next week as the week is winding down on getting ready to travel a bit so I'll, be in New York City than in Doha, Qatar and then probably somewhere. I don't know where yet so, hopefully I'll figure that out before I get to, sometimes I know you're advance. Romania be- and sometimes I play my trips on about two days notice- I'm not very good at the middle ground, as I may have discussed before since the weakest. Coming to a conclusion, I want to say thank you. First of all to the people who make the show happened, but then also to you, the listener protection team features senior producer. Ac about, as it features Sarah Bear at it features Whitney critic, it features judging and, of course it features Michael Let me deal about at least helpful, but most fluffy, member of a team. I very much appreciate you as well. That is you the listener. I often think of commitment the commitment I make to make the show and a commitment that many of our listers make to listen everyday. My goal is every day to bring you a different story. Two minutes
Maybe it's not gonna be entertaining but also inspiring possible, informative and perhaps even helpful in your own quest to create that new source of income, perhaps something I ve been thinking about for a while, but have not turned into reality. Until now,. This is a free listener. Supported show unity, something awesome for us. You could leave us a quick, little writing or review and apple pie, gas or every listen to find broadcasts, and you can also spread. Word by telling your friends posting about tattersall school you can use, the hashtag status will score that complicated. Just one word, for you can just take people's feelings and start subscribing into its free. Nobody can complain, look forward to hearing about your success and I hope you'll join me to Morrow and each day next week with more stories and actionable ideas. Think of it as a short daily investment and yourself episodes going on at six hour I M eastern time everyday. Once again, this is critical about poor side, us all school.
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