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#564 - Gamer Levels Up Life With eBay Side Hustle


This production supervisor always loved buying video games—but it wasn’t until he stumbled upon some of his favorite games on eBay that he thought about selling them.  

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Welcome decided for school, this is critical about. I've got a story for you today that is close to my It's all about a guy who buys and resells classic video games is close to my heart first, because I spent a long period of time as child teenage. And young adult playing video games and then, once I started working for myself, I actually bought and sold video games just like that, I'm gonna tell you about today I was doing that twenty years ago, and you can still do this kind of business. Now, it's simple! It's an easy market enter their lots of people trying to do it, but there are also lots of buyers to start up costs are low and your risks or allow- and this guy story he to always loved buying video games and and plain him, but it wasn't until he stumbled across him of his favorite on Ebay that he thought about selling them so get ready. We're gonna find a princess whatever castle she's in but first a word of thanks to our sponsor support for this podcast comes from octet, what's
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Video games have all in a passion for Rodney Wooden Hagen. Ever since he was a little kid but nothing more than spending an afternoon or sometimes the entire weekend being transported to another universe, and now he's found a way to turn his love of the game into a profitable site hustle
It all started when writing was on the hunt for some classic cocoa maintains he played them years earlier, fishing for a trip down memory lane. After doing some searching, he came across the games in great condition on Ebay. He bought them than play them through to completion as soon as they were delivered. Roddy enjoy the ease of the process. He began to wonder if it was something he could use to earn some gold coins on the site. It already amassed a collection of video games and had some extra money to invest three figure. He test the idea. First, you took the Pokemon games. He bought and upload them to Ebay. He set the price a little higher than what it originally paid for them, took pictures to show the quality of the cartridges and wrote a quick description. He went about his day. Job ass, a protection supervisor much to his surprise, the game sold within a few hours, and he made a few dollars from each sale. Rightly says that was exciting, but he didn't do much to celebrate. He just accepted his next quest. That quest was to grow.
Inventory and make more money from slipping his favorite games. To accomplish the first part he decided to spend two hundred dollars on buying games to resell. He felt this was enough money to get a good return on investment, but if he couldn't replicated success, he wouldn't be too upset to lose it. In the worst case scenario, he just have more games. Ruddy use three marketplaces, two sources games which he still uses to this day: Ebay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. There often used by people looking to sell their stuff quickly, which means that he can pick up a high quality game for a lower price, especially when people aren't fully aware of what they ve got is the equivalent of going to a flea market or garage sale. But it's all online. There always be collectors who know the value of what their selling, but from time to time, your os, find someone who selling a classic for just five dollars even took those games enlisted them on Ebay, just like he did, but the programme on titles. Within the space of a few weeks he saw the entire inventory again easily. Recouping is too
our investment and then making more. On top of that. This was clear proof to that. This was a viable site hustle and he enjoyed the rush of buying and selling. So he decided to keep going He took off his profit from that first run and reinvested it into more. Eventually. He also created a stand alone website through shop. If I call pixel warehouse, this allowed him to refer first time, buyers back to his side and offer them deals, discounts had exclusive, not available on Ebay. This would also allow him to save money on Ebay seller fees. He finds the best way to buy cheap games is to invest in larger lots. If you can buy an entire collection cheaply, you could then sell each of the games at an individual profit. Sometimes there'll be a german those collect
like an original Mario brothers, are donkey con game, which can be worth the price of the entire collection itself to ensure that working condition of his games Ronnie only buys and sells games with the council's. He already owns this means it can test them himself, sometimes doing a lot of testing before selling them onto the customer. He also pay close attention to video game news to help him get the best price for the games. He flips, if there's a new release of a classic coming up or a sequel to a long awaited title Roddy will often hold onto a game until closer to the release state to take advantage of the hype. For example, when the new crash band acute came was released for Playstation Foreign, twenty, seventeen, the price of the original from ninety ninety six shot up to almost the same prices, the brand new game, the hardest part of this site, hustle for Roddy, has been juggling the inventoried since he doesn't use any third party handlers or distributors. All the games are stored in his spare bedroom, while the sales dispatches and delivery addresses are all maintain through a simple south created, Excel spreadsheet
to refine the system further, as the business grows right now, it's simple enough for him to deal with around his day job and allows him to invest more than five hundred two hundred dollars a month, profit back into the business. Looking ahead, Roddy wants to expand what he sells and create a larger inventory of games. He's already started selling councils in bundles through his website. He wants to be able to cover more types of games and accessories. Eventually, he loved to move has been. Entirely away from Ebay and create an online fix or warehouse empire if he does that you'll be playing on exports. As I said, this is a project that I relate to a lot. I don't play video games very much these days, I have to find memories of many games and consuls through the ages, especially the light nineteen, eighteen and nineteen nineties, and let's talk briefly about the pros and cons of this kind of business right. So the pro should be obvious that I mentioned it briefly in the beginning very easy business to start. You can start this now we can start without spending a lot of money. The risk is low.
So not something you have to maintain all the time you can just buy something and enlisted up on Ebay or one of these other marketplaces, and then, when someone buys it than you have to ship it to them, that's pretty much yet so lots of advantages. What are the kinds of the disadvantages or things you should be aware of so first thing is that profits are fairly limited, or at least they can be present like video games. There are some establish prices and you're not acquiring anything that no one else would be able to get like. I said it can still work, because there are a lot of buyers out there, but for most people most of the time, eventual you'll find it. Your income is capped, so I'm just a few to be aware of, but it can certainly be fun entry into the world of sight. Hustling, especially if you choose a category of goods that are particularly interested in just like Ronnie Debt, doesn't have to be video games. It could be something else. All these same lessons apply.
If you decide to give it a try, let me now we ve got listers all over the world who are starting different kinds of projects, and I always love hearing what you're up to you to feel free to write it from the website where tweet me at critical about at stage are asked to you. I L, l e g. A! U has always inspiration is guided by inspiration with action. Is so much better today show note our side of the school dot com, slash five, six four, that is perhaps a five hundred and sixty four I'll, be back with you again tomorrow. Thank you so much for listening. This is crystal about for cyclists, sport.
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