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#57: Microsoft Employee Teaches Hula Hooping


A Microsoft specialist turns a unique hobby into an $800/month side hustle.

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Hello. I welcome back here decided so score. I am critical about, and here we are with a brand new wake up an x will be looking at how a p teacher creates a member website and earn more than ten thousand dollars. I got you started on quarterly retreat, a very unique and- doubts, only physical product and maybe not surprise, or to lots of projects in several different categories. And today will start off by hearing about a Microsoft employee who users, Time turn extra pocket money about ten dollars a month from hullo hoop teaching not about that in just a moment. Today, story comes from Corey Magnesia, a Microsoft field, communication, specialist and a hullo hoop instructor living small town in Connecticut her side us started out, like many often do
that new about our hula hoping skills but ask her to teach them how to do hope, tricks She was always happy to share. She soon realise that, because it was not only five, but also a great work out, Maybe she had a marketable fitness class. She gathered some basic hula hoop tricks, tossing a few Dan steps and our first hoop with Corey Class was born release. There was conceptually alive. She doesn't have any customers, aside from those requests from print, family. She hadn't done much market research, so she decided to start with an experiment. She offered a free class at all local karate studio and it filled up short. After it was announced, half from our group of friends, but the other half from but who just heard about it. They showed up hula, hoped for an hour and left in a pool of sweat. Everyone who attended told her how much they loved it. So she knew she was onto something next. She struck a deal with the studio to use the space for free on an ongoing basis, which me She has almost zero operating costs for the class and she did it.
Start up costs which I'll tell you about in a moment, but a free classroom space definitely goes a long way. You might wonder why the studio gives the space for free well, for them they get an interesting conventional class added to their schedule and they introduce to a whole new clientele that might not have been interested in karate, but then about it when they come to Cory's class. Her classes are also offer. During a time when no other classes rescheduled, so they see it as a net positive for them. At this point, all that was left to do We set up a schedule and tell everyone she knew since you live in a small town in Connecticut, she hasn't had to do much marketing, because she says everyone knows everyone here. People who enjoy my class spread the word for me. She did, however, have a bit of luck. Early. When she won the title America's Fit, MRS, which has an mine pageant, which encourages teens and women to live healthy lifestyles that got her alive
free publicity, including a front page feature on a local newspaper and to live appearances on our local Fox and ABC stations. She took advantage of this free publicity and, like a good hustler, mentioned her classes and website on the So, as you can imagine, all this free publicity resulted in pact classes, while the hullo hoping hustler almost no operating costs created makes a minor investments up front in order to get going, she wanted to become a certified hoop fitness instructor, which is a thing and it cost or three hundred and since not everyone it wants to take her class has their own hoop. She also need to invest in a set of twenty. Waited hula hopes also for about three hours so for under six hundred dollars she was forty, five and ready to ramp up these days? You teach us two classes a week with at least ten people per class at ten dollars per person. It's about eight hundred dollars a month for something she enjoys doing, and it's gladly help people with four free before koreas.
Weeping evangelist, whose eager to share the many benefits of this form of exercise with a wide audience so at some point, she's playing to expand or class schedule to do things like offer classes for seniors and for children and she's also getting hoop yoga sorted, station, which is also a thing, so have a circle back at some point here about that, for what does this hustle bring to court was, I said she loves helping people find, I find new way to exercise, but she also enjoys the x. Ash it brings in as well. Now you can't live eight dollars a month, but here's what interesting that what that money means to her as a model. With a young family, she says that she felt guilty spending from our day job on herself, but she doesn't feel that way. About her income from the classes. From her perspective that day, job It is their family money, but the money she makes from hooping is her money and she
that money on herself make up pedicure other thing she enjoys, and she says she does it completely guilt free. She also says when I take care of myself, I have more to give back to my son husband. Corey side also helps others and creates extra income, and she doesn't feel guilty about spending on herself. It sounds like a hullo hooping when, when side of school listener, Is there something that you know how to do that others might be Sudan? That might be a good idea to explore. As you go about your day, Do you think about what you're gonna work on to create more opportunities and possibilities, or maybe just more pocket money for yourself, Do you remember, inspiration is good, but inspiration, combined action is so much better
see the shadows for today's episode. Gonna status law, school dotcom, slash, fifty seven five, seven uncritical about this- is that it will score and I'll see you tomorrow with a special story that will be for adults only.
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