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#575 - Weekly Recap: Setbacks, Roadblocks, and Challenges


In our thirtieth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Support for this package comes from October, a secure solution shouldn't just hope. You keep up with the ever changing technology landscape. It should help you thrive artist for a zero trust security strategy, protecting all of your data in places that need it, lay cloud mobile and legacy. Apps secure! starts with identity, since which time the leading and defended provider of identity for the enterprise, to learn more about improving your security strategy at after dotcom slash the answer. That's ok tag, dotcom, slash the answer Oh hey there! What's up, this is critical about here with you on side, a school bringing you the weekly recap over here. We have just finished number thirty odd season two has actually been won. My favorite weeks of the show in quite a long time had some really strong stories really funny stories. And also just some good lessons as well. I will talk about that
in just a moment. We also a listener. Update someone who has been feature previously on the show she's called in what they one minute update about what she's working on now, along with some advice or some feedback. She wanted to pass along I'm also gonna be asking for some labour day ideas so for those rules in real time, we're very closely approaching August and September just happens to follow August. It Just so happens that Labour day takes place early in September when the armor project. We have an idea to next Labour day and created recalling happier labour day how to have a happier, every day, all about being happier healthier, more productive and more creative. Or on both of those things shortly. But first, let's talk about having the right attitude. Okay. What I mean by having the right attitude all right when I say like having a positive attitude or having the right attitude and there's a reason why I want to frame this conversation this way, because I don't necessarily think you have to be positive everything. I am generally an optimist, but sometimes I say I'm a realistic optimist, so I can be sent o clock and be sceptical about stuff too, but I got to thinking about this be
As I have seen, a few different emails had a couple conversations with people recently that just kind of making Thank you know what I'm not sure they're to be successful with this attitude. Here's what I mean by that I talk to an ever driver at the other day and this person just full of complaints. All about how we were takes too high percentage feels like he should have more of a percentage he thinks he's being ripped off and so on now, in hot weather, driver should get more of a percentage of goober, a lift, etc other services, that or not is not really the issue to me, because, first of all that getting at least seventy percent. So it's not like that getting is a small cut but the more important point as you not to participate in that system. You have to agree to the terms like their offering these terms. Nobody is forcing you to x them, so I dont think that being a right, your driver is the greatest site also in the world. I often talk about creating something for yourself: we're not dependent on somebody else's platform, but if you're gonna participate in that system, that's gets kind of how it works. Somebody else was recently talking about some public a book on Amazon and they were like Amazon takes so much money. They take all the commission, I'm left
very little in the end is just not fair that this billionaire or this multinational corporation gets all the money again, nobody is forcing that person or you or me, or anybody else, to participate in their platform. If you don't like it, dont participate. If you think you can do better go somewhere else, I would argue that platforms like Amazon are exposing people's work to lots and lots of people that they wouldn't otherwise be able to connect with, in fact, ass one of the main benefits of selling something on Amazon, whether to book or something else, is access to their tremendously large. Marketplace and I had an had an email from someone and suggested this person was complaining. They were just kind of trying to figure things out there asking about pay policies. And they were like. You know what I want my business to be able to take Paypal, but I see that there is a three percent fee so that too much I can't afford that. What's a better service that is free so again, I'm not picking on anyone, but just to kind of look at this argument in my response, as if a three percent, fear is a deal breaker for you. Then you have bigger problems like it that three percent fee is gonna. Crusher business don't have much of a business.
That three percent fear whenever it is, is bringing access to people from all over the world who can easily pay you like? Yes, there are ways they can pay you with no fees, but it might be a lot more hassle for them. They might choose to not make that purchase. They might not feel They ve been protected. The way they are with Paypal or other online electronic forms of payments so a the broader point about all these different platforms is not so much about the nuances about the broader point. This is how these platforms work. That's the value that they provide. They take a fee for their service. You don't have to use them, but there can and be a direct connection between a convenience that these services or platforms provide an your success. So, yes, would be nice if everything in a robber free, but every month I have to a lot of money for along different services and that's just kind of how it works if I feel like not getting value from them than our cancel or I'll opt out, but it's just part of how it works. I really think you gotta be more successful. If you focus on the right product or the right service and reaching people and in serving them and in serving them better and figuring out.
Hey. What do I do next? So not everyone's complainer, but I do think that the People who complain about these kinds of things tend to complain about everything else. So a little perspective can be guide, perhaps a little positive attitude as well. It's not focus on whatever you think is wrong or something, but how it's actually gonna, help you reach more people and and actually grow Side hustle that you're trying to work on because that's the whole point life is short. Ask yourself what you can do, what one action you can take today to get you closer towards the goals that you believe in and by the way, I'm speaking to myself as well, like I try to answer that question myself every single day. What is when actually can take to get closer to the calls that I have sat in believe them all right, we'll try something new here in our work we're on episode, five hundred and seventy five now, which is just amazing one episode of day every single day well into our second year of doing this. When I started I then I would get all the way to episodes written sixty five, but I had no idea. I keep going for more than
additional episodes after that, anyway, any archives we just have a wealth of people and a wealth of knowledge and experience on all these different people that we have featured on a show we're starting now to go back some of them and say: hey. You know how, he's going now. I can you give us law update on your project. What have you been to what have you learned and maybe what are you working on next, so we're still in the process the growing this out and we may be more of them in a weekly recap coming to do here today or we may have a separate format for subsidies. So just as a little preview. I want you to hear a quick little one minute update from my hobby and my hobby was long ago and the show she had a quest to create these simple, bra I'll, have personal experience with this myself. But my understanding is that a lot of browser uncomfortable so despite not having a background in working with factories or creating a fashion product that would have a lot of different sizes and complexity to it. She decided to take on this mission. So here's a quick update from my hobby herself, hey this is normally from San Francisco. My side has so simple Brown has featured on episode footing.
I would cite hustled school since then. I moved back to San Francisco from a near abroad in Sydney and started a full time, job designing digital therapeutics to cure addiction and other diseases I was also recently on a panel about site hustles, a general assembly along some incredible entrepreneurs been learning more about how to balance a full time job, with my sight hustle, I got some really great advice from the other entrepreneurs on the panel that I'd like to share piece of advice was too just get started. Instead of waiting to get funded using Chris, you propose book. Three hundred dollars start up as inspiration. Another The advice was that community is really important for success, surround yourself with people. We will encourage and support you, I'm plant, continue to grow my business this year and explore some partnership opportunities for simple breath, while keeping with my day job my three year old son. Thank you.
So, as I mentioned at the top of the show, this has been one of my favorite weeks of the show, in a very long time, from standing deaths that thirty seven dollars that was monies up what I believe to a guy who gets paid to play video. Games all day, one of my child, and young adulthood dreams, I'm not about job this guy, because I don't play video games very much these days, but man I could go back in time twenty years and get paid to do it. That would be truly living. The dream, which is what I title, that episode living the dream. Mangus eight by video games all day again, mine blown, although someone who's, making money, selling marimba tree powder to to college students this Wednesday fun to college students on a quest to reinvent mouthwash. And are doing really well, there sighing thousands of little bottles. These bottles contain concentrated mouthwash. You can take with you and go out wherever you are confined mouthwash, which has a good little tion to the tea essay and just travelling to the airport how to be travelling to the airport? You can use it wherever you are just going to say that I personally feel really hints by all these stories that I hear all the ones that I'm workin on like this
part of why I do to show like I get lots of notes from our listeners who talk about something that has inspired them, a project that their working on a success. Story may be a challenge that they are experiencing an I got so much That is the reason why make the shop, but I asked and learning through the process, and I also I'm looking at some of these folks and saying like when I was in college, like I was side hustling, that's where I got my start in twenty years ago, but I was just buying and selling things on Ebay and that's fine. Let's talk a good little business, so many and do I had no idea how to actually create a product like mouthwash and get the certification that's needed to produce that at scale and then to sell thousands and thousands of bottles or to manufacture a standing desk, even a death. It's made out a cardboard, there's still a lot of complexity to that. So to so many people doing often things out there. So thing he'll, keep it up and by the way, if you know a story, we should feature please. Let me know these days a lot of us or is come by referral from listeners in a lot of our stories, feature people who been listening to the show and starting their project. You can always immature
just by going to the website status, Skoda, COM, slash about an honest about it. If you scroll down to the bottom, there's a link that says, submit your story out of here question or comment? Please let me know I have this little thing called the hustle hotline going to give you a specific purpose for in just a moment, but just so you know, if you have a general question or comment or something you want to share. That number is eight four, four, nine double eight four, four, nine four, eight Five three: you can also use your phone to make a little voice. Memo and email to podcast satisfy school dot com or you can just email directly, podcast, that's out of school dot com. I would like to know what you're up to what you're working on as well as well. I'd like to know more about everything we do on the show is directly influenced by listener feedback and ask for something specific. I also mentioned earlier about our idea to create happier labor day. I was just Gretchen Rubin tidy aggression is a good. And and colleague of mine. She is the founder of the armored project that is essentially a collection of pipe
all about making your life happier healthier. More productive and more creative tattersall school has been with Gretchen somewhere project. Since we started and speaking of inspiration, she is someone who continues to inspire me and her idea this year is to create this thing called happier Labour Day, celebrity kind of get about Rep among holidays for a lot of people Labour Day s like we're to celebrate the fact that we don't have to worry Where's can take this day off. It's all about escaping were not really, I think about what it means or how to actually improve our lives. But he went to improve your life. Regular side, US law, school listeners, pumping, no, you have to take deliberate action, can just say, like hey life, get better yet to say what can I How can I employed my life by environment, but my relationships? Those around me: how can I have a life that is happier healthier, more productive and more creative. So as labour protest when I have a couple special episodes about this, and I mitya now, because if you have an idea, if you have an idea about how to remix Labour Day, whether something you ve done sulphur, something you're thinking about doing or just an idea that we can share with our listeners. Please let me know so again: you can write about constitutional good outcome
right from the website or you can use that hustle hotline, let me see what that number is more time. Oh yes, it is eight for four nine hustle or eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three give me a call. Well, my friends August is on the way it might be the dog days of summer, but we're gonna go. Strong every day, I haven't besides featuring dogs in August, but we should check on that. But are there dogs are not. There will be an episode everyday and before I sign off the week, I just want to say thank you for being part of this community. I want to say thank you to those who make it possible. That group includes, first and foremost through the listener and make the chauffeur real people out there facing real challenges, but with a real desire to make your life better to create more than one source of income so that their not dependent on their job, even if they love their job. They have no plans to quit and if you again, if I with that message, well that's what this is all about. I commit to supporting you fully in your quest to do that, and I hope that your committee listening every day the other people who make this possible
Is our production team oppression team is led by Ac Valdez he's in Washington DC? We ve also got Sarah Barrett working in Mexico. I believe notes in our schedule and house wrangling, all kinds of stuff that handled by Whitney Krenek Portland Oregon. Community management is done by judging somewhat in Portland, but also travelling. Quite a bet. And then my cat, let me go about, can forget levy. She works the night shift. If you do something awesome press, you could tell your friends about side. Hustle school just pass it on. If you show them how to subscribe, if you're not familiar with podcast, there's still a lot of people. In fact, the majority of people don't listen to podcasts or don't really know how they work, and I often hear- people who say that sort of Moscow is the only path gas they listen to, which is pretty amazing because a lot of other great shows out there, but it also kind of goes to prove that often people will only hear about this. If you say something if you gonna help them out Also take a quick mamma if you don't mind and leave us a quick rating and review and apple pie cast that will help. Other people discover the show
In conclusion, I often say that inspiration is good, but actions even better, because I want you to take action and I want you to just be in order. And I want you to do something about it and I would love to one day, maybe one day soon, maybe one day at some point in the future feature your story here I will join me to Morrow and each day next week with more stories and actionable ideas. Consider this a short daylight minute? Investment in yourself are episodes go online? Six are one a m eastern time. Once again, my name is critical about, and this is side us will score.
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