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#581 - Oil & Gas Worker Becomes Sports Videographer for Polo Games


A project planner gets inspired by his son’s soccer game and then creates a rewarding business as a sports videographer.

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work. IBM Dot, com, slash flexible, A key feature of many of our stories is the desire to make extra money by doing something that you have a sense of control over. If you go out and get nice job, you don't really have control, even if you are able to find a nice, that paid really. Well, it still just a job you're, not creating any freedom for yourself, you're, not creating an asset and that's what you're looking for release for many of our lives, let's say that's what many of our listeners are looking for, an asset, something that they can point to and say this source of income exists. Because of me, I have autonomy. I have agent
see, and maybe it's gonna help me make a lot extra money. Maybe it's just a small amount of extra money, but whenever it is, I made it welcome decided to school at my name is critical about. I have the privilege of bringing you these stories every single day and today's Tory comes from one of our long time, listeners at someone who explores aside so I d after being laid off this guy. A project planner? Who is inspired by his son soccer game and it goes on to start a rewarding new business in the world of sport? Speedier graffiti historian coming right out, but first we have our sponsor message. I was appreciate them, but I have a sponsor message of my own. I want to say congratulations and a big thank you to Whitney Corynaeus when he is my executive assistant and is in charge of all of our content management working with our team of writers, working with all the people who sit in stories doing all kinds of stuff too Show me, as I say at the end of each week, and today is Whitney's birthday. If you are listening in real time. The fourth of August, two thousand and eighteen thirty years ago, exactly thirty year Whitney was born. I am so grateful to be able to
With her and if you have benefited from sight US law school in anyway, she is probably a big part of that, because she has made the show so much better. All the way from episode. Two episode, five, eighty one and counting. If you would like to wish her congratulations, say something nice for her new decade. You can write her yourself. Her email is Whitney Tubby HIV in IE. Why at sight us all school dot com? That's Whitney its article Skoda come so thanks, a tender Whitney, here's sponsor message and then all about this willing gas planner who becomes a sports, but the agriculture for Polo games look aims. How does that work? Well, statement of our applause a project planner at an oil and gas company in Houston, Texas, please doing well
job. Now he always wanted to start aside ass, I used to work as an uber driver part time, but wanted something that was more within his own control Like many of our listeners of our own had many business ideas. He thought about starting an expressive aunt. You thought about building a digital marketing agency. We consider working and real estate and more while having a lot of ideas is great. Sure to take action of our didn't move on with any of his ideas until January twenty. Sixteen at the time he had been laid off his company and everything changed his son was playing soccer and ninth grade and of our loved photography and film, he thought if he found the game, create some highlights and then send those two coaches. His son might have more opportunities to get a soccer scholarship. Besides, he figured those highlights, can one day
become great sports memories. That was when another idea flashed across his mind of our new that videos were trending in social media, so quickly invested four thousand dollars in professional film equipment. His wife was upset because she thought he had just been four thousand dollars on their sons game all. While he was still trying to get a job but of our had a different perspective, he believed tat. He would have a competitive advantage because most people wouldn't want to invest in the equipment. Also, it's hard to sell a foaming service without advanced tools when everyone has a smartphone on hand. For him, the equipment was just a one time investment and he called his new project champion sports films. High school in college athletes need services like this. If they want to increase, recruiting opportunities, Can they could use the replace for self improvement or team improvement of our authority could package this as a service targeting coaches and families with athletes. Furthermore, it was a week inside us all so that, even when he found other full time job, he would still be able to continue growing on the side after he found his sons game. The opposing teams coach came over to talk with him.
He went out from their games, they could learn from the replacing highlights nuts. One albert I got his first customer with it. Success. He knew that there are more opportunities to make more money. He didn't celebrate getting that foresail, because all he was thinking about was how to get more. So what happened next week to grow champion sports films of our I went to soccer tournaments, giving away his new business cards to parents and coaches. Unfortunately, this strategy didn't work as well as expected. No one hired him even created a website using word press and started running Facebook and Google adds unfortunately again for whatever reason Facebook
didn't work either. The good news was that Google Adwords turn into a gold mine. What are the leads? You got? There ended up referring him to another ten customers, a differently from adwords. Let him to start thumbing polo games. He is now the preferred filmmaker for all Poah Games in Houston, which are not sure how big market is, but he's got a covered like a lot of side. Hustles champion sports films had a humble beginning in twenty sixteen of our made six thousand dollars in profit. It wasn't a big paycheck, but it was something he made for himself. Then in twenty seventeen he made fifteen thousand dollars halfway through July twenty eighteen he had made seventeen thousand dollars and whose goal is to make a total thirty thousand dollars in profit. This year, potentially expand the business to other cities. His work process is simple: by design. Whenever he closes a deal, he gets the customer to pay up front in full the pay pal, no instalments. He then starts coming on the scheduled date. After the funding is done. He goes home to edit the video using it does
from here and upload it to Youtube and dropbox. It goes on Youtube, so the customer can share it. Then it goes on dropbox. They can download it directly. That's all there is to it by our Math Alvarez, four thousand. Our investment has turned into thirty eight thousand dollars and counting it's also brought him. A wealth of experience is the competence to think about one day, doing this full time and the passion to trial. New projects speaking about getting payment in foreign advance. Here's one lesson that of our learned during a game in which he's being paid by both teams, he always collects for payment. Upright from before the game. If not, the loser might not pay at the end of the game, and he learned that lesson the hard way. No, no installment plan pay in full upfront. So what is your thing? What is it something that you can have control and employ
You already have your idea to have a lot of ideas, captivity ideas, you're, trying to narrow them down, or do you know exactly what you're supposed to do it? It's just a matter of making it happen whatever it is. There is a clear action step there where, if you need an idea, well think about what project could possibly be. There's all kinds of different ways to do that. I've talked about it many many times throughout the archives of the show, you. Ve got a lot of ideas. Ok make a list of those ideas. Ask yourself what is most feasible at this moment, what is potentially the most profitable and also what are you the most excited about Austria? Those characteristics are important if you know what your idea isn't it system matter of making it happen, what one is the very next task that you can complete when I wrote the sight of a book. I constructed around this twenty seven days from idea to income plan under the principle that if we breakdown projects into really small identifiable repeatable tasks, it's gonna help us get there eventually. So what are your task? What's your neck,.
I hope that you will take that today. I'm going to course I'll be back again tomorrow for a weekly recap and much more to come. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better today. Show notes are at side, hustle, school com, five hundred and eighty one. My name is crystal about once again happy birthday to Whitney. Thank you for making this show so much better and thanks to all of our listeners, all of our community add beside US law school.
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