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#582 - Weekly Recap: “This Time, It’s Different”


In our thirty-first recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeau

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work I began dot com slashed, flexible, oh hello, there, hey greetings. Why stop welcome? My name is critical about, and this is a side us will score. We have just finish weak number. Thirty one of season to thank you for being part of the journey. Thank you for taking me with you on your commute or maybe at the gym or perhaps school or work or whatever it is. You listen to the show if you ve been listening to this week's episodes. I hope your it's been a pretty strong week, this great story about six bigger sneakers, this guy, who resell snickers and now makes more than a hundred thousand dollars a year doing it now,
should someone who has invented a project called cart mama. Yes, I had two sports photographer and a pump it up. Instagram success not going to mention something just right at the top of the show. I often say something about how, if you know of a side, hustle story that we should feature, let me know- and maybe sometimes I just do- that in passing- at the end of an episode this time right as we get started, I just want to say like I would really like to have your help with story. Submissions yesterday I mention Whitney Koranic, our continent manager. She handles this whole process of looking at a lot of different candidates, and then figure who were project there feature and when and how that whole process goes, the her birthday is to hopefully she's not working too much, but on generally speaking, I want to get her the best. More candidates so that I can bring you the best possible stories. So if you know
one who's gonna interesting project or if you have started your project, there are two ways you can tell us about it. The first one is to go to our survey form, which is on the website, satisfy school dot com. If you click the about page scroll down, there's a link that says, send us your story or tell us your status will story, or something like that. Would you look at every submission that comes in there, and yesterday I mentioned Whitneys email dress because it was her birthday. I said if you wanted to, or in say happy birthday, you could do that. Well, if now or later you also have an idea for a story, we should feature worthy of update on your project. You can also email that same address, so that email is Whitney Tubby HIV in IE, why at sight, hustle school dot, com, let us know what you're up to or when a friend of yours is up to the potentially we could feature them in and bring them some attention art. In a moment, I've got an update from a previous site.
A feature? A guy we featured very early on in the show he left us little voice message, letting us know what he's up to or what has changed since we first Richard him on the show. But first I want to talk briefly about this phrase. New farthest raise some time to the phrase. Is this time it's different, all right, so I know I can be impatient sometimes, but whenever somebody says hey, I have an idea to do something next year for its sun baked undefined time in the future. I always think great how about next month, how about next week like? Why is it next year
And whenever somebody says I might do this one day, you know some day. I always think awesome. Why not? Today there are seven days and the weak and some day is not one of them, and I don't think this answer. This response to have is the same, MR saying go for it all the time, because I dont think you should always go for it is this that I try whenever possible, to choose action over inaction and if I have a dream or an idea, I want to make it a goal. I want to make it something tangible. The reason why I was thinking of this phrase this time it's different. I believe it was someone named Sir John Templeton, who is talking about stuff investing in, and he said now, the most dangerous words in investing? Are this time it's different and what he meant in that context was that investors tender repeat common mistakes? They fail to see that the results will be the same, even if a few minor, perhaps irrelevant circumstances have changed. That's why people continue to lose money when they met on stocks without knowing what they're doing or sometimes even when they do know what they're doing so. These words, like this time it's different, I think,
dangerous in more than just investing because of our tendency to wrongly predict the future. So if you're out there, say in your your facing a dilemma of. Do I waded out or do I do it now? I've got this idea, and maybe now is not the best time, but you know really. When is the best time, and I just identifying an obstacle that private me from starting now, because I want to identify an obstacle. It prevents me from starting now and then, when I cleared, obstacle, I'm gonna think of another one when it's gonna keep putting it off waiting for that some day of the week to arrive. So here's the question to answer yourself when you are in this situation, you ve got dilemma, you know, do I waited, I do I do it now, don't move forward or do I just gonna put this on hold, maybe ask yourself if I wait a year, what will really be rent, and you may very well be able to identify something tat you know is going to create a complete change in your circumstance for your situation. They makes it more peaceable, are easy to start your project or go on that big trap or whatever it is. You want to do create change in your life, your release.
Steps, your health, your wellness or you may find and practice might be more common. You may find it there's not much. That's just going to magically happen to all of a sudden. You don't make your life difference. If you want something to be different, you have to do something yourself to make that a reality. There's another quote. I think it's by Andy Warhol. They say time changes things, but mostly you have to change them yourself. So that is my encouragement for you. If you find yourself experiencing the same struggle over another, try to uncover the root of the problem and ask yourself if you couldn't just move forward now, ask yourself if you might be able to take the leap now without waiting for whenever that Sunday s just a thought.
Ok, I mentioned last week that we are collecting updates from previous feature inside hustlers, so other people who have been on the show we are now up to episode. Five hundred and eighty two so out of all these episodes. Of course, a lot of people have gone on to do all kinds of things. We thought it would be fun to do a little look back and say: ok, you know at this point in a story, we featured them here's what was happening. This was a snapshot of their business at the time. What's happened sense, so we are collecting more. These tories now continue to bring them to you at least once a week during the weekly recap, and we might also be compiling a bunch of them for something else. So for now here is today's. Updated is from Andrew Church whose side hustler was making our work and functional pieces. That's the best way to describe them carved out of slight and he'll, explain more paid his Andrew church from Clayton Helstone Crap since my feature and have soared thirty three there been a tonic I had an amazing Christmas and twenty sound, which enabled me
finally move out of shop in my basement and do a dedicated facility and quit my job in June, two thousand and eighteen working for myself as a unlocked so much extra time to develop new product lines and continue advertising the existing one. The biggest new product launches this year have been carved slate house numbers and Free and hoping to release marble cases by the end of the year exciting time right now, but success come without a plan, lot of hard work I was making the plan to get to this point two main areas to throw myself and not to the job, first was narrowing on target audience for my existing product lines and the second was developed, some new products that have the potential to exponentially growth,
Go through a combination of those incremental staff and home run swings I was able to my goal and financial independence for now. Some new things line that enough expanding and hiring and boys and continue to grow the business thanks? Then the luck every. Awesome. Thank you so much Andrew. I appreciate you sharing not update, and those lessons are, you said about narrowing and on your target audience when developing new products that had a potential to radically increase sales, fantastic news about being able to quit your job, and we will look forward to those marble phone cases. I just taking a Beacon Andrews website for the slate phone cases he mentioned which are pretty cool, so we want to see them or learn more about Andrew just go to Bison Helstone crafts, dot com, that's bison, Helstone, craps, dot com, many more! These
it's too calm, as we look back on where they are now, some of our previous featured side, hustlers, Looking back on this week's efforts There's one away to talk about that. I didn't mention at the top of the show, now be episode: five. Seventy nine and online bike store owner gears, apprehends off profits. That story was all about reselling or drop shipping. This guy, who, I believe us from Ireland, but now living in ITALY, I ve been trying to start various projects. A couple of first attempts didn't take off. He found his big satisfy success in starting a reselling drop shipping website for e bikes. Michelin episode that he is making up to twenty five thousand dollars a month from this project. Now, of course, that is a huge success. I tried to say at the end of the episode that I'm not making a promise that anyone can go out there and make twenty five thousand dollars a month, but what I want to highlight through a lot of these
raise is that it is possible and he's not the only one doing it. He's has found a way to succeed in using these principles, these tools and a particular net shabby bikes. So here's my one dimension about this. I guess the question is: is it going to continue like? Is his twenty five thousand dollars a month which is up to twenty five thousand dollars a month? I don't think it's that much every month. Whatever it is, it's still a substantial amount of money question is: is it going to continue like this? You gonna be able to look back in five years from now twenty years from now and say like I'm, so glad I started that because you know every since then have been making. All this money every month. My answer, my expectation, would be it's not going to continue forever, but that Ok, because, first of all, there is a lot of money. We ve had previous episodes of people that it two hundred thousand dollars or more than their business eventually goes away. So, what's the take away to that story, I guess some people would say that it will have a business if this opportunity and they didn't build anything sustainable. So therefore, it's a failure, the
their perspective is well, they made a hundred thousand dollars or whatever the number is, and they did so using these skills, which are adaptable and transferable and now they need to start another project. So in a lot of ways, this is a different as I see it and that the side hustle mentality or it may be, a lifestyle, business mentality. Vs I'm going to go out in Krita startup and you don't get a bunch of investors and hire a bunch of employees and try to scale this think. That's why not when I talk about on the show at all, like Otto all these episodes five hundred and eighty plus. Now the vast majority of them are just regular people who are exploring this world, maybe dipping their toes in it, while they still have a day job, but they like the idea of creating an asset, themselves, and maybe the asset that you create now will not be the same one that around two years from now five years now or whatever? But first, as I said, hopefully in what's gonna bring you some positive return and second, it's going to further develop your skills, increase your wrist tolerance, maybe gimme the confidence to
something else and the other thing that we see over and over and all these stories is that one thing tends to lead to another, which is just why, when I go back to some of the older stories and say, ok work: where are you now when you started with A year ago, or whenever it was, what does that mean two in a later time period. So I hope that makes sense. Just consider it as you listen to the different stories and of course you know, here's the most important thing. It's important to understand your own motivations and your own goals. Are you doing this? Why is important EU wisest matter to you? What is the change that being to create in your life both long term and short term short term, meaning a media even like right now today. Tomorrow, what do you want to be different and what actual you take to make that scenario more likely, as the days containing I'll, be bringing you more stories, hopefully with inspirational lessons and actionable ideas. Speaking of recycling this week, we ve got something about a six figure: coffee, grinder reselling, business
something in my notes that is written as bad ass, shut aprons, not actually sure what bad ass chef aprons are at the moment, but I'll make sure that I'm familiar with it before I tell you about it, I'm also working on the latest extended cut the extended episode that I do once a month. You got any questions or request for that. Let me know, and as I sign up for the week, I want to express my gratitude. To you and to the people who make the show possible or five hundred and eighty two days I've been saying. If you make the commitment to make this part of your routine, I commit to supporting you fully in your quest to create that new source of income. I saw that you have thought about for a while, perhaps but haven't turned into reality until now. Our listeners are amazing, and so is our production team that protection team features Ac Valdez, Sarah Beret Whitney Koranic? Judging and of course, the cat Libby Gill about working night shift in Portland Oregon Sawdust School is part of the onward project led by best selling author Gretchen Reuben. It's a collection of podcast to help you make your life happier healthier and more productive and more creative stay tuned, far happier labour day kind.
Coming soon joined to a small thing. That would be super awesome. You can give me a little rating in Apple podcast in go there and get it eating and a review. Its a show has been helpful. If you appreciate the free resources, little five star review would be. Awesome would be really amazing. Just takes a second and will help other people discover the show in speaking of that, and also tell your friends that would be super well as well. Most important of all. I hope you consider this time as an investment in yourself in your own being as you work to have more freedom and independence, even if you love your job and have no plans to leave just to do something for yourself, that's what it's all about So I look forward to hearing about you doing that appeal join me too, on each day next week or episodes go online. Six. I want I M eastern time once again my name is critical about, and this is side hustle school.
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