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#59: PE Teacher Makes $11,000 with Membership Site


A PE teacher starts a blog that makes more than $11,000 through a sustainable revenue model that will likely grow with each passing month.

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Hey. What's up. Welcome back. This is critical about the show. Is side us all school, not a really great story, Frazier Day from time to time I talk about blogs I published by for more than eight years now- and you may wonder how blogs can make money now have a whole series about this coming up, but just as a preview, there actually several different revenue models long ago. The most common way was advertising, not still the case. For some very high traffic general consumer interests sites, but probably going back. At least five years, or so most professional bloggers switch to making their own products and services, which are often much more profitable relying on general advertising and there are still several differ. Duration of that, as I said, eventually get a whole series, but today one story about how a p teacher starts. A blog is made more than ten thousand dollars so far through it.
Sustainable revenue model that will likely continue to grow and about that in just a moment. And now story. Ben Landers is affairs education or p teacher and club South Carolina. If you think there are many qualifications to be pity teacher for that it's just about playing sports you'd be wrong, as a masters degree in education from one university, animal and educational leadership from another. Not only is Knowledgeable is also very passionate about Genius students quality lessons that will empower them to be stronger, healthier, more confident and make better decisions as they grow up. He says that being a p teacher is a great opportunity to have a positive impact on the kids that you teach and he knows it something he was born to do about two years ago. He started thinking about how we could help more students, not just at his own school, are either. His own school district, but potentially far beyond so he started a resources, blog focus, particularly
on serving the needs of other PE teachers, it began for him to reflect, answer common questions and provides an materials to help teachers out. He originally thought he would try to sell pdf an online courses to eventually make it sustainable, but he really that plan ass, he went along remember that side. Us all success, often comes from drawing couple of different skills and in combining them in some way so far been an addition. Whose passion for education has also been a part time photographer and video maker, not professionally just often on, since he was in college about ten years ago. So he already some equipment and he was comfortable using video. So further new blog has started, cost contested They are buying a domain getting website hosting management service had a few word, press plugins that first He was focused on writing and creating some of that. Video content to get his name as an authority among PE teachers, to learn more about how to write and published digital products that, even though his primary focus during that first
Withdrawing the blog he still made enough from his purse pdf sales and Amazon Ophelia fees to pay for the costs of the site and break, even in fact when he got his first sale notification. He was a treadmill at the germ, he said he immediately took a screenshot on his Iphone and text it to his wife. That's our society was, and he also says that, even though he about a thousand hours into the first twenty seven dollars sale. He felt like he had begun to unlock the power of the internet, and that was great, but I mentioned that he made a change to make a lot more than twenty seven dollars after about a year. He realized that, in the long term, selling one pdf for a low price was not gonna, be it. Revenue model. So he wisely made a shift and decided to a membership site or teachers would pay annually for access to resources immediately upon making the shift. He started to make an actual profit from the business, not just break, even here and with a beta launch and offered a ninety seven dollars a year fee to sign up. Then, once you got a few things worked out here, the official membership at a hunt.
Forty nine dollars a year, which is still around what price for a whole years worth of resources for teachers. But a lot more than twenty seven dollars. First of all and its recurring, which is probably even more important currently he's at ninety yearly members, which is the main source of income, and he shall also make some extra money from the pity on products that he still cells at a lower price point last year in total He made about eleven thousand dollars from this project. Now eleven thousand dollars on the side is great on its own, but it also lead to a huge benefit for his family benefit was that his wife was able to leave her job home and raise their young daughter. Tat had been a goal of their families for more than a year, but it wasn't really possible just teacher salary and thankfully, with aside, I saw he's been able to make enough to make it work. Lastly, that's not all as part of seeing his success, his wife, inspired and she's, now working on her own side hustle. So, even though she your job to focus on working. Stay at our mom. That family may become a to side, hustle income household before much longer
what a great story, eleven thousand dollars doing something. First of all that obviously very helpful serving teachers making a direct impact on kids and also you smart business sense to ensure that this income could continue to arrive at switch, that he made was really keep. He very well could have continued. Only selling those low cost products you could have been an authority in the marketplace could have still helped people, which was great, was his original goal, but with far less of a sustainable model. So he wisely reckoning first path, revenue was not the best and that's why he changed the new model of a membership site, which is going really well that when a project like this goes well nature, Yes, providing a great service to those teachers most likely it is going to continue to grow. So this is also the kind of story had loved to come back to nine months. Twelvemonth so from now to see how it is doing and what has grown into so On behalf of cider school, I congratulate you and I also challenge you to continue developing this great resource and for you listening over there. These case studies inspired
but as you know, I don't want you to just be inspired. I want you to transform that aspiration into action. I would love to be able to tell Your story on the show so get to work, and let me know how goes out a new story tomorrow in every single day on critical about this is not a school.
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