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#596 - Weekly Recap: When to Ignore Good Advice


In our thirty-third recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! 

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeau

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It always seems impossible until it's time we heard that before welcome Articles got my name is critical about. This is the weekly recap. I believe it is the thirty third weekly recap of our second season for those listening in real time, labour day is coming up in just a couple of weeks. We're doing so special, but the armored project, a special episode or to all about Labour day habits. All about the idea of reclaiming Labour day to make it a happier labour day. They too and does not rule out I mean, Putting an event in San Francisco, this fall, which will be my first public event in quite a while I've been hold up the summer, not travelling to my child, not doing a lot of public events, but Emily start some more again this far and wanted we'll be in San Francisco October, sixteen or seventeen sometime in that time, rain
When I know more, I will let you know, and hopefully I can see you if not there may be somewhere else. I think I'm gonna be in oak. The hammer at some point I think I'm going back to it later at some point New York City. So you know statement and I'll get back on the road. Just gotta finish this book, Today's recap: I want to tell you a couple of quotes from some of the people we have featured on the show Faso got a threat. Audio update from someone that we featured a long long ago, we'd, never one of status law school and she grown her business. Quite a lot since then tell it hurt you by how much and what she's done If that happened. So first about advice. Ok, I'm cool episode, went to ignore good advice or when ignore at least well meaning advice. Now this week on episode I'm not here. It was about an agricultural teacher who earns two hundred thousand dollars selling lesson plans. That was actually two thousand dollar. Just last year, she's been operating this business for quite a while started as aside hustle, of course, and now does it full time, together with her husband, Now she had a quote from our notes, our interview with her that I didn't actually included the story, but I was looking at it later and I was like I should
listen somewhere, because it's important and she said she's kroner business here is something that she has learned. She says: advice from customers is great, but take it with grain of salt, and not as an absolute truth, because what they want. They will buy, are two very different things. I have tried to highlight that point a couple times as well. I think it bears reinforcing if you have tried to sell something and it hasn't What's out, there could be any number of reasons. Why that's the case, but maybe this is it sometimes your customers or clients? Your prospects are great sources to go to for thinking of me. What do I develop next? What is the next product or service? Sometimes they aren't. Sometimes there looking to you for leadership, are looking for you to figure out. Ok, what is the next thing, and just because people say they want think does not mean they are willing to pay for it, as Alicia said in a different way, totally true and next last week. I think I also mentioned I was reviewing some notes from a story we featured long ago. This is all about the book, I'm working on what you'll hear about it at some point. An episode, a hundred and eleven one one one. I told the story of aims, ashen, Hearst and James,
organic chemist, who started organic chemistry blog that ended up going to a six figure, blog selling study guides and particularly to medical students who are taking these difficult entrance exams now, like a lot of us. James had a long and winding road to get from you know where he was when he was first going to school, studying organic chemistry to wear is now like doing this full time business which, like all of our stories, came ass aside hustle and I had another court from him that I like. I want to pull this out and share with excellent that we put this in the episode either. He said why the most important decisions I ever made was to take two to three months and move to a new city live like a hermit get bored you put boarding, quotes and watch what I would do to entertain myself. He said I was very useful experiment data, perhaps only a scientist, would say absorbing you're soft getting bored is useful, experimental data, but the point ways through that process in there's a longer story to it, but it- is that through that process he stumbled on something completely different. He ended up doing online tutor
and he started doing online tutoring at a time when almost nobody was doing it and in fact his friends and family basically said it's a dumb idea. So thankfully heeded Listen to what seemed like good advice to go back to at least those comments, the other thing he did was it took some time for himself and kind of force that boredom and It ended up changing his life. Ok, so there is thing is motivating is being told. This won't work, or you can't do this. Whenever people tell you that you should take that to the bank, because that's gonna be the fuel for your fire. Essentially, then you go and do it you going do when said, couldn't be done, and then you can say. Thank goodness. I didn't listen to them because I just prove them wrong and, like I said at the top of the episode, it always seems impossible until it's done port for this. Podcast comes from seedy w and trend micro, patching things together doesn't necessarily make them stronger. You wouldn't rely on duct tape to fix a chair, so we get that you can rely on patch. Better security to keep your data safe organs, but on the show in the past, I just a kind of talk with him about
in one cloud, security and better visibility across services for security that holds its own. You need trend micro. I d orchestration by seedy w people who get it fine more at city, W dotcom, slash trend, micro so. We have been collecting audio updates from some of the people we featured on the show in the past. I just a kind of talk with them about what's happened since then, what lessons have failed? They would like to share with the community to every week or play least one of them, and we may do so. Bigger with all them. At some point, but for now let's hear from Julie, Wilder came too late and potential for my fate had thought it. Fire action inside huddled Dave weak on everything that since then,
Bennett from Japan as shock to my own online, for free at fire of fresh from dot com using shop opening. I have a baby forefront, has been entirely partnership for several reasons when designing nature made calendar is between the moon, stars and planets. Tat are Tito are a little bit of explanation through learn to read and used to. Brand- is now more appealing for collaboration with better robots and well defined website, with integrated shot designed a mini moon counter from monthly Description Box company called gotta provisions and got in front of an audience as six thousand of my ideal customers, we may not have been the case. I just haven't, as he shot three I've been building a wholesale here on earth, but you're, not com, which is fortunate, because I think you ve killed their entire fulfils pregnant with very little notice during everything. Six I was too proud of. Having just may fifteen thousand dollars
twenty eight in brought in fifty thousand dollars my advice, and where the market is going and be proactive. If I hadn't been following the news about you change your leadership, I would not have noticed it was time to adapt their diversification, in the beginning spectrum, with two small risk, sharp monthly fees and needed at this region of shoppers. To notice me now a girl in my own, I can actually take the next step and planning I out either Kickstarter or indeed go go to launch a few new products may while calendars are slightly advanced for the average person designing a simpler upscale calendar, Stella Moon, we'll get unjust than men Is it a meter showers with gold and silver foil? Why, how many conceptually! I also see this as a smart marking move and additional fails town definitely eyeing wholesale ivy, smart area of growth. My brand and thin large producers can be challenged, merchandise and reopening I'm designing com
when products that will mostly easily in order to land wholesale contract with science and art museum in Hungary for outlet. I'm optimistic I can hit a healthy, thick figures between twenty and these files, spectrum measure for me, I'd hustle, my main gay for the foreseeable future Julian you! So much for sharing that updates. I really appreciate it. I nor listeners do as well and it so fine to see how far you ve come since we first talk with you, we know in the very first week of sawdust school when you had a big success of making fifteen thousand. There's, a fifteen thousand dollars was pretty awesome, but, as we hear in this update last year, you made fifty thousand dollars, so fifty is better than fifteen right five, zero one. I M so glad as well, that you have built your own shop. If I store now, I think that's a smart move, your building brand on someone else's platform. Whether that is at stake, anything else. Really it can go. At any moment, because it's always dependent
on their operate them and their policies and their leadership and all kinds of stuff. So even a good platform, it can like having a good job. We're good job is good until it's not good right and it is time to make a change. So, yes, I completely agree being forward thinking, not asking ok, what is the hot thing right now, but what is the high thing going to be? What is coming next, like? What's coming on the roots of the more you can be forward. Thinking, I think the more successful you're gonna be an also just is not just about money more money? I think that easier, it's going to be encountered less resistance. So dont Julie and everyone else. If you want to follow along with her her instagram is the spiral spectrum, so instagram dot com, slash the spiral spectrum, all one word more, to come as we continue to hear from our throwback case studies
now, if you are a new to the show, or even if you're, not knew you'd, if you ve been around for five hundred and ninety six episode, which, by the way we are coming up on six, our deficits? How about that only yesterday the podcast was going to its first day of school. We took that little cute picture and it went off with its lunchbox and now look. You know, I'm six hundred days later and we are, but I digress, You are new to the show or not it's not just featured case studies. Other side hustlers from days all that we like to feature, I love to hear what working on as well or if you have a question. Sometimes we answer since on the show so those who use them our research. We also nominations for other people to feature on the show. So a couple different ways you can communicate pretty simple: we have a hustle hotline. You can call the has outlined, leave me a message. That number is eight
four hundred and forty nine hustle or eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three. You can also writes you podcast side, hustle school com, or you can send me a message from the website I come. I mentioned we like nominations. If you have a project that you might want to see featured at some point on. The show on that webs I cite a dot com. You look at the about page. You scroll down, there's little form where you can thoughts, information and said that to us and if you know someone else, you think should be on the show: well send them to that website and would like to take a look at what they're doing too I don't know about you, but I think the show and the stories that we're getting on the show I'm just continue to get better and better this week alone, had a story about a couple. This making fifty thousand dollars a month, selling soap on Instagram fifty thousand dollars a month, and this is a very new business. That's pretty amazing. Also, in the same week, boys it three or four days ago, the coffee grinder that made through thousand dollars. A coffee grinder once again made three thousand dollars sales through Amazon, and actually
turning into a whole mission for the guy. You started so it was a lot of money first of all, but it was also a life changing experience for him and that's what these kind of projects can be a kind of vacillate between encouraging people. To start up checked where they are with the skills they have without spending money. Even if that project just makes a small amount of money, because five dollars a month, which is the minimum amount that we require to be featured on the show and, of course, love people go on to make a lot more than that, but five dollars a month is still significant, like it's still look like a solid black money that you can pay off some built with, and also just feels really good to have. Extra source of income coming apart from your paycheck, so it that's all that ever happens that still great, but at the same time, sometimes these projects really can, As I said, life changing and a lot of people doing up eventually quitting their job to go full time with them, and it's this is so different from the typical entrepreneurial message that you here. This is what sets apart
I suggest, satisfy school, which is that you don't have to go out and quit your job. You don't have to take a lot of risk. You don't have to ask yourself like: where can I get the money? I need to start a business. That's what you hear if you ought shark tack, that's what you hear if he read other business bucks, I always try to focus on individuals, not companies, not the start up world, nothing to do with investing it's all about looking within and asking yourself. Ok, what can I do? What can I create? What can I make? What can I say as a product or as a service, and how do I go about doing that? so the skills you need to do that. The things you need to learn are not that complicated, the greater learning, the greater experience, the greater knowledge, that's what you already have from what you have done so far in life, whatever your job is now what, if you studied in school, whatever that crazy hobby is that you spent hundreds of hours on that. You understand now better than any one else. That's the knowledge that we need to extract in some way and turn it into this money making project, which is my mission. Coming up next week in the weeks to come, we ve got a number of great stories that I think illustrate that mission as well
values of our community, which are all about encouraging people to get started, as I said, with what they have where they are and how without the week. I want to say a quick thank you to everybody. The show possible, which first of all begins with you the listener. Thank you. Your awesome, I said, day, one which happened to be five hundred and ninety five days ago. That if you make the commitment to me, This part of you retain just listen for ten minutes a day. Take some simple actions It is supporting you fully and your call your quest to create a new source of income. That's what I want to see happen. We have so many listener success stories and if it hasn't have with you. Yet while there is still time you're not like, like us, more stopped coming out all the time, there are new ways to make money. There is different things you probably Even thought are considered yet just keep worsening and just people, forward in your own way. So, thank you to you. Thanks so much as well to our production team man, I'm just a guy kind of talking here at the microphone, but it was actually a whole team of people that make this possible
Their production team is led by senior producer Ac Valdez. It also features Sarah Berets, who was recently up in her native Canada, sleep. She is back in Mexico. City now show notes Ten management working with our writers working with me- that is all by wouldn't correct in Portland Oregon. Our community law is on. You have seen what YE mail and other communication that is judged change. Thank you, Jed and, of course, the cat. The official show tat of scientists who school Livy Liberia, Gill about works. The night shift very active from two: a m to four p m together team side, us all. We are part of the armor project curated by best selling. Turn Gretchen revenge. I mention it. She's got this happier labour day project coming up I'll. Tell you more about that soon and I think that's about it. One more thing. This is pre listener supported, show if your enjoying it be super super grateful if you would just take a moment and leave us a quick little rating and review and apple pie cast, or rather lessons about gas podcasts that always helps other people discover the show
and by the way, a lot of people out there are still do not know what our guests are. But I know a couple sound strange to you, since you do know about tests are, but still a lot of people who don't so they number one way and probably the number two never three way as well, that our community has grown since we started an hour days ago, is from listeners telling other people about it and showing them how to subscribe under found. That usually makes a huge difference up. You have done that. I very grateful to you if you have a chance to do that at some point. Thank you all right. As always, inspiration is good, but action is better. I want you to take action. I want feature your story. I wanna hear about what you're doing consider this in India spent in yourself. A pretty quick, easy painless investment, hilarious. Also, of course, and our new episodes go online at six sixty one, a M eastern time, every single day to come back next week and join me. My name is critical about, and this is sighed ass. He spoke.
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