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#60: Marketing Consultant Creates Private Retreats


In the foothills of Tennessee, a marketing consultant designs a quarterly, high-end retreat weekend to help attendees take stock of their lives and businesses.

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Maybe hello there and welcome. I'm critical about this site us or school one of again with a couple of shot out. There are a lot of asking people listening to the show, including you from wherever you are you're. The reason I make the show and I'm getting fund notes from people carrying how they listened to. What the ritual is. I think it's like I'm going to say hi today, Tuesday. In fact, learn who is listening in the Uk Stephen round me and said a couple of shows back. You talked about their release. Times are the show and your ritual of giving up in the middle of the night, which is totally true. I live on the West coast of the EU. And the Chagos online a bit after three. I am my time so don't you Today I am often paranoid. I wake up the Czech just to make sure everything is. Ok must even says here in the EU hey it's between ten, a m and eleven. I am. He says that time is perfect for me, a notification pop up on my screen and a ritual for me to get up from my desk, make a cup of tea and
into the show, it's a great break in my day, Stephen thanks for that story, that's really cool. Maybe I should relocate to the UK that I don't have to get up at three. I am up with that on my long term goals list elsewhere to say hello to Audrey. France, who is a teacher, doing a workshop on micro entrepreneurship and uses the case studies from the pot cast with her students. She says if we get a sudden spike of traffic from France, particularly in the Leon area, its from her and her students. So, thank you so much Audrey. She also said that several of our students have mentioned new ideas for working on their side, hustle, which I think is awesome, of course, so keep listening, and thank you for sharing. Wherever you are in the world, hit me up, and let me know what you listening from. I will do more Now shouts as we go along. I want this to be an incredibly helpful and useful resource for you every day throughout the year have a good story for you today about a guy who creates a private retreat and I'll. Tell you about it In just a moment. Today, story from often church in Tennessee. Often is a writer and marketing consultant as well as cover
A start up that builds messaging apps. I enjoy What are those that jobs? The author Another income generating project the taps into something different for him. Second, the fall of twenty fifteen Austria hanging out with his wife and a friend who is telling them about an entrepreneur retreat for women. And immediately want to do something like that for men and ass, he put it, he took a leap of faith and book to lodge on his credit card. Now you just need a people to sign up he made a list of all the guys he knew he'd want to have dinner with and whom he thought might be interested in a shared experience focused on making space to examine their law, and work, and then he started inviting them. Fifteen people pay three under dollars to go and at first retreat and space retreat was born. He chose the name to match the vision, which was all about helping attendees create more space in their lives. It wasn't all about profit for him. It was about
experience? He invested in training at an independent coffee shop and bought high and coffee making equipment. He picked out expensive wines, craft beers and unique whiskeys, two pair at the meals created by the personal chef he hired for the weekend, in other words a curated and create, a high and experience instead of making money on that first retreat. He actually lost more than foreigner dollars, but from that first weekend he got photographs of the event and amazing feedback from all the guests, Everyone who attended talked about how having the space and time to reflect led to clarity, they value and what they want in their life. Even justice or time away was enough to create meaningful change. So ass. I knew he was onto something. Then he ran a second retreat and a third by the third one. He increase the prize to a thousand dollars per person, and Plainly enough, even though that price with so much higher, it was easier to sell than the first one with the photos and testimonials from past attendees. It practically salt itself. Austin continue to be fanatical about quality,
When he could have made four thousand dollars and profit from the retreat, but once again here I had to invest in creating an amazing experience, so this tiny bought nice glassware. He built out the craft cocktail us even further. He paid for a video refer to come document experience to promote future at rates and ass. He put it. He was building up to profitability without sacrificing the quality he felt like he was building a brand. This is definitely not a full time project for him based on his workload from his too busy day jobs, he decided that he can realistically run for retreats a year since he invested so much of the profits from the first year into cultivating. The experience hangout sms that he can clear about five thousand dollars per event going forward for about twenty thousand dollars a year. At this point, the retreats are so popular that people need to either fill out an application or be referred to him to be accepted. I've benefit of these retreats has been at several attendees have hired Austin for marketing consulting eggs, one of those days jobs he has
he also truly enjoys putting on the retreat and attending them himself. Not only do the attendees get something from the weekends, but often also comes away with a greater clarity in deeper sense of purpose, but he then takes back with him until three months goes by and it's time for another retreat. So what can we learn from our sense of experience? This is a really on story of a true side hustle in a sense that, deliberately wants to keep it at this manageable level. Afore retreats a year and by doing so doesn't get burned out himself. He keeps it fresh where the attendees and he also ensures that there is a demand for them, because even other very popular, if he did want to mine or just double the number, all of a sudden, he might not be able to fill them, or at least not as quickly as it does now, and I think one of the great advantages of this prize act is that he doesn't have to do a lot of marketing for it. He doesn't have distress ever getting that retreat felt so for years Obviously, a winning that I think the kind
that in general reflects the very real need that people have for connection and belonging. So by creating a space that facilitates that within account, seven weekend where everything is provided for you not to worry about making decisions he's created, devalue that's really attractive to the people who are signing up to congratulations to him. If you ever find yourself in Tennessee or interested in travelling to this sort of retreat. Now you know where to go. Remember inspiration is good, but inspiration combined out action is so much better. You wanna see the shadows for today's episode, including a link to space retreat, go to stifle school dot com, slash sixty six zero, I'm critical about using this article school and I'll, see you tomorrow.
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