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#61: Mom-Founded Startup Rents Infant Gear to Tourists


Busy mom in Chicago uses a peer-to-peer sharing platform to earn extra money for her family and help visiting parents get all the baby gear they need for their trip.

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Maybe greetings and welcome back here. Listening must not of time Chris gullible for this week's then a kite which you should. Received either yesterday or the day before, I focused on starter platforms, it was all about nine different started platforms. Actually, ten. I believe that you can get going right away. I made it up. Response to feedback from a lot of folks who were really her sit in some of the services that I talked about briefly, but hadn't really got into a lot of details about so interested in learning about one of those or even better experimenting with one of those be sure to check out that special episode. Another one I talked about in an episode, we're pretty broad. There are many many many started platforms, including some that are a bit more niche. To give you just a couple of examples, you can someone's dog on dog, vacate dot com. If ever spent a lot of time. Driving around looking for a parking space, you might wanna check
park at my house: dot com there, is now an app called oleo which connects people who are getting rid of food with people who want it. And really the list goes on and on there it is Economy, service or an app or peer to peer service for justice everything these days and a lot of them include the possibilities for income generation, so today, I'll tell you a story about how busy mom in Chicago uses one of these nets platforms to help visiting parents the baby gear they need for. Their trip Today. Story comes from Linsey Meyer in Chicago Illinois by day Lenin. Works for a family on business that provides real actors in mortgage lenders. Marketing solution To help homebuyers, but in their spare time she ran maybe gear and equipment to travelling families. If you ve, dare to travel with small children. You know that the borderline impossible to navigate a bit airport with the endless amount of baby gear. You need to provide those kids with the comforts of home, as well as
all the random stuff that they need our that equipment. Take up a lot of space, and the airlines often charge hefty checked baggage trees, which can add up, leaving you with a really expensive roundtrip flight. In response to this problem, my mom founded start up called baby irish baby plus concierge is looking to revolutionize the way that families travel and offer them as such noble solution that does require to sacrifice their comfort or that of their children as Linsey describes it Baby airs has like urban be, but instead of out their homes. They offer clean quality, baby gear to travellers and anyone else who finds himself with that need, but doesn't have access to the equipment Lindsey I started with baby Irish when her family friend Christina, who is also an independent rep for the company reached out to see if she be interested in covering the Chicago suburban area, which was too far away from her location, once it has always enjoyed being around families after she, upon the idea she decided it would provide us with an opportunity make a difference in the lives of other families like her own being the mother,
a two year old girl and having taken a few trips with way too much equipment. She realized the need for alternatives like this, so she signed up to give it a try, Baby airs hasn't networking platform. It made up of other partners across the nation that new partners can interact with and bounce ideas and questions off. And it was really helpful when she was getting started paired with the guidance of Christina that friend, who helped to get going. Lindsey purchased to full size, portable crabs with mattresses and shades convertible car seat and a double stroller about a thousand dollars. A sense linsey was the second partner in the Chicago area. She was able to use Christine as website and templates to set up her own web page, which was really because she's never done anything like that. Before, however, lending is able to set our own rail prices and delivery charges depending on the item or location of delivery. So she does have some freedom of choice within the first cup. Hours recite, being online Lindsey the original request from a local radio dj seeking a convertible car seat. His grandson. He was scheduled,
pick his grandson up in just an hour, and he was so grateful that lends he was able to get in that car seat that he gave a free shot out on the radio. She couldn't have asked for more perfect start with that web page launched and her first set of products purchased last Wednesday set about learning more about the Chicago Land suburbs said she could tell her rentals to meet their needs, and she noticed her renters differed a bit from Christine US, for she was a bit further away from the airport. So she still has families visiting the area, but a large part of her rail requests have come from grandparents who are looking for temporary equipment when their grandchildren. The visit before long her gear increased to include a selection of strollers car seats, swings in high chairs as well as toys. Books are easels any stools for toddlers who need to reach the sank to brush their teeth within the first couple of months lens, broke even without initial investment of a thousand dollars, and she continues to at least five hundred hours each month in profit. After all, her expenses, Baby Arusha
provided Lindsey with an opportunity to earn extra money outside of a day job that allows or to make risk Joe on her own time. She has always wanted to hear or the waters of entrepreneurship, but so far in her experience participating in this Farm has been even better because, while she does the freedom to make her own decisions set, our own prices, etc. She also has a support system that she can. Aren't you for guidance when she needs advice more than anything the side hustle has helped Linsey feel empowered. The fact that she could have a full time job be a busy mom and also start her own business in a matter of days was incredible to her. She surprise by how much she loves this new side, hustle, see yourself as a road warrior out their delivering baby and toddler gear. That makes a huge difference in the quality of our families vacation or visit with the grandparents. It may seem simple but to Linsey, showing up with just the right baby gear or educating grandparent about choices in car seats for the most important little people in their lives feels important, meaning. Talk to her
so, I really think the highlight here is part about how she was able to start quickly days, there wasn't much She was able to earn back that thousand dollar investment in a short period of time, and she now make five dollars a month. While she does everything else, she does not mean that kind of says it all. She probably didn't have time dark something completely new so attaching yourself for this platform being able to work with them, which was something she enjoyed. It really was perfect for her now. As I said, this is niche starter platform, baby irish and platforms like these and a share similar pros and cons. The awesome thing is what we saw in a story, it's really easy to get started and if you're wondering ok, what's the other side, while the not or something is probably that your income is gonna be fairly limited. Maybe there are some people out there that are doing much better with this platform, but even so, there's probably a cat for it somewhere and that's ok because, as I said for Linsey, this is really great That's why, as you make decisions about your projects, you need to relate them to your goals. Some people, one extra income, some people,
long term. Reliable, sustainable income. Others want to make. Much money, as I do from their day job or maybe even more impossible, even quit that day job? So if your goal as one of those second things, then probably shouldn't stands out of platforms too long now. I know, based on feedback. I get that we have some people who are attracted to quick, easy income and others who want to focus more on building assets. So that's why try to feature lorries that relate to each of these calls to show advantages and disadvantages of each one, and it get you thinking about what's best for you, whenever you decide remember if you listen to these stories, you think about how you apply this to your own life skills. You have the time about to you. What does not from goals are for you, you see results. Remember depression is good, but inspiration. Combined action is so much better through initiatives
as for today's episode, just go to high school dot com. Slash sixty one six one I'll be back tomorrow with another story: I'm critical about this is status or school.
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