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#616 - Attorney Defends Women’s Right To Good Content


This attorney was frustrated with the content the media creates for modern women—so she started her own magazine to represent what women like her wanted to read.

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In last week's recap, I mention the desire to have a creative project of one's own as being primary motivator for a lot of people, starting aside hustle? I also said this is something that has surprised me a little bed, not that I knew it was an important, but just how important it can be for some of us he peering over and over about this desire to have a creative project, the desire to do something out of a sense of mission, and hopefully, of course, to connect. That was something it has also sustainable unprofitable, because this is of course sawdust or school school by the way. That is the name of the show. My name is critical about your host and entered a story that disease. Air, is joined by a frustration that leads to a sense of mission and attorney and Columbus. Ohio was
trade by magazines and other publications that were targeted to women. So she starts your own magazine to publish what she wants to read, and not just her, of course, but other women as well. Now, on the business side, she finds more success in pursuing wholesale orders than individual sales. I'll tell you all about that as well. Recalling attorney defends women's right to good content, stay tuned. That objection is sustained, will continue after this quick shot out to our sponsor support for this podcast comes from octet. What's your there's maiden name. What's the name of your first pet, we have another question: why are security solution still asking the same verification questions its twenty twenty? It's time you business, which is to a security solution that not only is bill for this decade, but can guide you into the next one with an identity, centric approach to Security ACT Naples organizations to choose any technology integrated rapidly and deliver a security solutions that provides a seamless experience without making it harder for your employees, often not
pushes you security forward, but it pushes your business. It is well so we, ask you one last question: what's your favorite security solution, learn more about how you can improve your security PA shared with the leader and identity, driven security at Oxford, DOT, com, slash the answer: that's ok, tee a dot com, slash the answer. Actually, rector was frustrated with the media the past few years, she'd noticed a discouraging pattern. Every radio show magazine or tv segment targeted at women was focused on the same issues latest hairstyles celebrity gossip and fat diet. There was little of substance little that was honest little that showed a real glimpse of life. Her life, at least as a modern woman shooting
here about Hollywood, homeworkers or hot new heels and, as it turned out, neither did her other female friends. In fact, the more people actually spoke to you about this issue, both in her professional life as an attorney and her personal life, the more she got the same answers. People are like four authentic stories, which represented there lives as women in the twenty first century, not just in the zip code. Nano too, I know to try and find these stories actually turned her attention online. She looked for little known magazines, which spoke on the issue she cared about, but couldn't find anything I will or consistent should find the odd blog here and there may be an article or two, but none of them felt quite right. She was disappointed, but not defeat it. If the magazine she wanted didn't exist. Why not created herself that way? She could control the story she published and ensure they spoke about the topics she believed him so actually got to work on starting a magazine. She called it harness which came from the mission statement, which was to harness the voices, ideas and stories of real women around the world. She decided the magazine would be split into two formats. This is important,
firms of her business tat, the first will be an online publication here. She would share articles and ideas submitted from women around the world, and these stories would help to build an audience and an online brand around her mission. The second would be a print magazine here she would share which he refers to as the pure essence of the online version, It would be the best and most relevant stories from the women who wrote for her with additional and bonus content that was not found online. Then only twenty Nineteen actually bought her domain name harnessed magazine, dot com and hosted at using dream host. She also set up an email capture feature on the site, using Melchior to help rebuild and email list of subscribers. Then she began looking for contributors, which he did by posting on social media and asking PETE
your network, right away. She found women who were eager to share their stories to receive lots of pitches, an all different categories, self improvement, health and fitness, spirituality and even poetry, which are all heartfelt and descriptive. At the real struggles women were facing a world apart from the magazines you'd find on the shelves of your local newsstand to market. The website actually use promotions on social media. Should take the key aspects. Are demographics that opposed was targeted to induce them for a couple of dollars didn't spend a lot ass. She knew she had a small audience and waited to grow quickly, so she jumped right anti using paid posed to spread the word. This letter, or first likes comments in online subscribes another way to market the post was to have contributors share them with their audience. The women who write these posts often moving circles with people of similar mindsets and many others. People became subscribers and evangelist per harnessed to as the online presence began to grow. It attracted advertisers when hardest hit its first two thousand subscribers and early twenty eighteen actually decided. It was time to finally create a print magazine. She'd originally wanted to publish issue. One report.
Is the best content from the online addition, without additional print only content. She promised, because this was self publish, she'd, never distributor actually had to put a lot of like working, defining places to stock the magazine she started by contacting bookstores and new stands and are local area of Columbus and found a few who are willing to place wholesale orders. At the initial run, the magazine now makes money from these wholesale orders and advertising, as well as a subscription model issue. One brought in just four hundred dollars, but by the time issue, two is ready for print sheet, scored a five thousand dollars wholesale order and other orders that added up to more than twenty thousand dollars. Looking to the future, Ashley wants to continue to grow the print version of the magazine, she's on a mission to harness the power of real women stories, and she wants to build it and a sustainable way.
Have a couple quick comments here on what I call the business of inspiration and when I say that a project like this is essentially about empowerment or inspiration for meeting a need Isn't otherwise being addressed just like our actually thought discourage had not been able to find something that she felt was relevant, so she went in created. It herself this kind of business there is a clear mission or element, and that is really important and powerful effect. I was just reading some more notes from actually here and she says we you hold harnessed magazine in your hands, you understand how powerful the workers that we're doing issue number two features. Women from ten different countries and many first time writers are illustrators- are seeing their work showcased. On top of that, we assigned every article two, a female photographer across the: U S that photographer shot the article based on her interpretation, so each spread has emotion in depth and so again beautiful impact for kind of work, but I would encourage you about anybody who is interested in this kind of business of inspiration, whether you're, trying to create a magazine or a website or something completely different. I would encourage you to.
Ignore or defer the business aspects of your project. Your business has to be profitable. You have to have a clear model, and that's the kind of stuff that I try to teach people with unsuccessful school or in the sight of a book, for in my other bucks, you bring your own vision. Your on mission are even just yesterday. It was a woman in Australia who just want to help people with remote work. You know she had struggled with finding remote work a decade ago. I had learned a lot about it through the process, and now she sees all these other people looking for remote work, so she creates a blog. I think it was in that case to address those needs. Last week we had a great story about this. Guy's got this Teddy bear importing business where he's he's creating these Teddy bears for kids to help them sleep better at night, especially those who have minds or dad's serving overseas and the military again. All these, if
missions, visions, ideas, gauze things that you are passionate about or values that you have whatever it is, as you think about. It also think about how you gonna make it work like sustainably financially, and I don't think that makes your mission or your vision or you know any less, pure or any less noble. In fact, I think it's actually going to help your visionary omission in the long term because, if it sustainable than it can go on, whereas if it kind of sputters out, because I don't have the support that you need then you're not gonna- be able to do it s long or service many people or whatever your collar metric is that's. Why I like to feature inspirational stories that are both heartfelt and also making some money, because that's good to nothing wrong with that at all. So that's my encouragement for you today. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today. Show notes, are satisfied, school dot, com, slash, six, one, six, that is for episode, six, sixteen o it if you're looking for an affordable,
Mission to host your website got a great deal for you, just gotta status law school that comes life website. You can actually pay five dollars a month or sometimes even less, for a great solution that will stay with you and can apply to both for the long term. Unless more is on the way. I hope you'll come back tomorrow for their weekly recap, so much more coming next week. Once again, my name is critical about, and this is Cynosure school.
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