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#631 - Weekly Recap: Nothing is Sacred, So Look Out for Yourself


In our thirty-eighth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A!

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Hey? What's up? Welcome to satisfy school, my name is preschool about over here we have just finished weak number. Thirty, eight of season to seize the weekly recap, I'm calling it nothing is sacred. So look out for self more that in just a moment, and today also includes another update from someone featured on the show a while back, but first, which has jump right into this. You don't eat something talk about, how you shouldn't build your business in a way that dependent any one platform or network. We had a number of different stories that have illustrated that principle. While a couple weeks ago, we hear a team side. Also school got an experience of that out or experiencing and in our own little way, when our podcast network that we partnered with since the beginning of the show maiden meant that they were no longer going to produce podcast, and I felt a little strange since that was their primary business like they're still
operation are not shutting down, but there no longer gonna priest podcast. So, as I said it strange, it's kind of like going to the grocery store and the grocery stores like Hayworth, here, but we're not selling food anymore. You like ok, well, what doing like we're, gonna start you and you like. Ok, that's great, but actually I need some food. That's why I came to the grocery store so, first of all thing about this is we're not going anywhere cider school is here to stay. We are fully committed to public through the end of twenty eighteen, if not beyond, and at some point it might have an announcement about that, but we're not going wherefore us, it's just a matter of changing how we distribute the show figuring out some logistics and behind the scenes stopped. So don't worry about that and second, I'm fully aware that most listers don't really care about the inside baseball, the behind the scenes they care about what they get out of it right. So you out there you Bobby don't care about Pakistan. It works in Europe, they shouldn't it's kind of a few years back when I was learning about the publishing business at all these questions. For my literary agent about the different publishers and imprints, not that kind of stuff- and he said to me- you know what christlike
we can talk about the pros and cons of working with different publishing houses and so on, but just never forget that most readers really don't their most readers, our loyal to books and to authors. They have no idea, in fact like who the actual publisher the bucket us, and if you can think about that, unless you are in the publishing and fear self lets you aren't author or an editor or publicist or whenever. If you think about your five favorite books are just the bill asked by books that you read. Do you know who the publisher was. Most people would say now: ok, so I dont really focus on inside baseball. For that reason, the whole experience does offer some other lessons which have shared about social media. For those who carry. You can look up the details there. I just thought I would touch on it here, because First of all, to say, like don't worry about us, we're in a keep rowan along and We have a lot of people out there with podcast or blogs or of logs or books or who want have one more. Those things here are what I think are the most important lessons from it, okay, so first about nothing, is sacred or permanent, doesn't matter
right on line network is better what company, what platform? Don't put all your trust, slash, attentions lash retirement plans in any of those networks by farms. Are companies like or even let's say, any media? Ok, sir, I love pot casting like this is really transform. My life had lots of ways of connected with so many amazing listeners, including some people. It I've been connected with four years and lots of new people as well. So I love the medium apart. Casting but everything changes so, like I said the other day in a regular episode when change occurs, you have a choice in your choices to to fight it and pretend it doesn't exist or to flow with it. Ok, what do I need to do is to adapt and to change myself. You know irresponsible change, so nothing is sacred, a permanent and the next hour. Everyone should learn to think entrepreneurial ie, even if you have it job you love, which is what I keep stressing over and over. You need to invest in yourself, so that your skills are transferable and different ways, and last but not least,
If you have a pie cast or again another channel, whatever your medium or channel, is your greatest asset. By far just don't miss this. It's important your greatest asset by far is your relationship with people who care about what you I have to say, ultimately that is what the only lasting value is and women news came out. It was a big industry, shake up again, nobody on the outside but everybody in the industry is talking about all the time and little within the first hour of the announcement which came out in the afternoon, I see getting emails from various people at companies and agencies. I've never heard up before offering to host the show or facilitate introductions or other make sure we can keep doing all the things we need to do to keep running our production, our partnerships with advertisers and so on, and I just want to be clear the point as the point in saying that It's not to say like oh look, I'm I'm awesome, especially valuable. That's not the point at all. The value is you you the listener? You are the best, at the shout. That's why the people are. Writing you, that's what I like what we want to take this, I'm because of the community because of the two thousand plus five star reviews on Apple pie, Caston
millions of downloads of the show is getting each month. That's what allows me to say, I'm not worried about change, because I'm guess I'm what really matters that what really matters in this case is service in education and building those relationships I really believe if you ever encounter a similar situation yourself. That is to be your lifeline. It's not somebody else coming along rescue you, it's the work that you have Jain to build a community or to make a difference in people's lives. That is the That is the real value, and that is pretty much all. I have to say about that. Thank you for listening to that. I hope it is helpful to somebody in terms of the sheriff, if there's any change, that you need to know about, of course, I'll. Let you know, but my plan is that it will be mostly seem less we're. Gonna keep focusing on our episodes, the content of the set that matters and whatever Logistical changes we need to make was a panel that ok speaking people and relationships in value and all the awesome stuff that's happening out there. I want to bring you a blast from the past, just like we ve been doing each week,
it'll two minute update from somebody who has been on the show before and talking about about where they have come, since they were first featured as well as a lesson or some advice for you. So I really like this one. It is from Brent alternate over to him they would suck. My name is Brent: farts dropped from New York City and my sight hustle project, which is really my full time. Job now is my website, learn jest standards, dot com, which is a blog podcast videos in a series of e books in courses Aguiar towards helping musicians, learn how to play jazz music- and I was featured in episode- sixty nine and a few updates since then. Well, I've created a lot more products serve my audience even more and as a result, last year we became a six figure business, which is something I Never really thought would ever happen from the beginning, so feeling very fortunate for that and well on track to exceed those expectations from last year this year,
and something interesting, they happened recently, as I relaunched my original course had it been a couple years, I learn what was working for the students in what I needed to do to make them even more successful, as well as how we work some of the marketing for morphine chest and nervous because my existing customers that were really dedicated the customer's always buy everything every bought the course I was a little nervous about how I perform the turns I put in all the hard work and if it's became of my most profitable month ever in history, the business re watching Nightcore, so it just kind of goes to show you. You know if you starve your existing customers in your future customers. Well, it will come back to you but kind of listened to my advice for everybody seeing as conic classic business advice, but it's wrong true for me time and time again, you know just identify your target audience figure out who they are and figure out what their pain points are. Are you can help them serve them better than come up with solutions that problem and don't just build the product? After that, make sure you validated asked them if that's truly, what's going to help them
and then, if the answer is yes create that solution and then just don't be afraid to sell it, because if you are selling from a place of service and wanting to help and it's coming from an honest place, then it's not gonna feel sales. The people are going to be more than happy to put money in your pocket. Open them solve their problems, and so now I'm just working on creating more products. That's what's been working. For me, I've been always improving my marketing shops. You know I've just been getting myself and the more educate myself on that stuff. I try things something's work. Some things don't mean my wife are looking at some others also operate. Unity is right. Now you try and take some of the money that we have and invested back into other things that we might want to try. So keep on that side, hustle spirit going. I want a faint Chris and everybody aside, hustle school, just for allowing me to be a part of this Bread awesome congratulations on hitting six figures supercool when we first speech. An back on episode, sixty nine, it was titled in yours
musician earns forty thousand dollars from blog, so six figures as a big increase. Well done. I also talking that episode about the course he created and it sounds like he's really double down on that way chosen to to focus its efforts there and always a big deal, as he mentioned. When you go from selling to your true fans Well, that you know we're gonna support you to a less warm audience that show that not only have you build relationships well, but you also built a valuable product, is truly helping people, so well done really like this quote: he had about how if you serve your existing customers and future customers. Well, it will come back to you met relates very much to what I said at the top of the show today. If you are building business, Versailles, Hustle, based on relationships. That's where you need to be investing your times that you too, We are building that asset and other principle of the cycle, school method and other court. I liked what, if you're selling from a place of service, it's not gonna feel sales II. It will feel honest so again well done and everyone you can follow along with Brent at learn. Jazz standards dotcom more these to come, and if you have a question or comment something you want to share with US
just call the hustle hotline and leave your less than thirty. Second response: a fortnine hustle or eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three can also send us an email at podcast outside us all school dot. Com support for this podcast comes from October. What's your mother's maiden name, what's the name of your first pet, we have another question. Our security solution still asking the same verification questions its twenty twenty time, your business, which is to a security solution that not only is bill for this decade, booking guide you into the next one, with an identity, centric up to security, octet enables innovations to choose any technology integrated rapidly and deliver a security solutions that provides a seamless experience without making it harder for your employees. Often pushes you security forward, but it pushes your bid. This forward as well. So we ask you one last question: what's your favorite security solution?
learn more about how you can improve your security PA share with the leader and identity, driven security at Octoo, dot, com, slash the answer: that's ok, tee a dot com Slash the answer So looking on the weak, let's focused on two episodes in particular, it was a pretty good. We have lots of fun stuff from a salesman's hot sauce to a rehearsal. For actors earning half a million dollars all kinds of great stuff, but I want to focus on episodes six hundred and twenty five and six hundred. Twenty nine. As a reminder, whenever I reference an episode, you can always do so that it satisfies school dot, com, slash the number of the episode, so subtle Skoda, com, slash, sixty five, for example, and that first one
was called marathon. Runner earns full time, income trying on shoes, and the second is Taiwan on for this australian high school teacher, and these stories are interesting because their quite different, you know, I think people are always ask about failures, and I tried all the stories to highlight the challenges and obstacles. I think when they need to just do like failure weak inside us all school, accurate. A bunch of stories. It did not work out at all. In this case, neither the stories are failures in sick, twenty, nine about tie guy. He creates a profitable project and then just besides, you don't want to do it anymore. He gets bored so in his case is able to sell the business for five thousand dollars, which of course, is great, but I'd say it was great, even if he didn't sell it, because even if he just walked away, he would still have had a valuable experience and learning to make and sell those boat ties and it went on to help him in his teaching. It went on to help you and found a new site, hustle and so on. Are the previous episode sixty five. That was the runner who built a sure of your website over many pain,
taking years, it wasn't overnight success at all, and he celebrated like three weeks after lunch when he made nine dollars, but eventually he crossed the finish line. Eventually he is up making six figures and annual income just like Brent, any update. So a note to our new listeners. Like listen. This is a journey. Ok, not everything is gonna happen quickly, or a surly in the way you think it. Well, I'm not trying to sell it. Get rich, quick plan about trying to sell like you do this today and tomorrow you gonna, make you know ex dollars, but if you focus on doing the right things over time, you can't help improve. If you make mistakes like you well, but you learn from those mistakes. You're gonna reach a point where your project takes off and you have to make some big decisions. You have to say: ok, like do I wanna keep doing this and cried. Do I want to try something else? What's next for me and that's upon place to be an that's a place where you are and control as a place where you have agency and you're like ok, I could do all kinds of different stop. What is most important to me,
what are my values now making to live out those values and the choices I make that which projects I pursue? So speaking of improvements, we hear it satisfies school, are making improvements to more sheriff you soon. But just saying I am mindful I love hearing from you guys. I love you. What you're up to what your challenges are as well as how we can serve you better. So thank you for being part of that now, coming up on a show got a great story. Coming up about a survival pod cast is actually a daily Pied cast, that's been going for longer of inside us all school, but this was a really cool project. I'd never actually heard this before MR dubbing into it must likewise a lot. You can learn from this. Also something about t also something about maps, also something about underwear. So all that stuff is coming up in just the next week and of course, much more come after that and of course much more will follow a before. I close things out. Listen if you are out there, which you are since your listening. As I said, the boy? you're the reason I make the show like we are committed, you are what makes a title school a reality.
He and a community? So thank you. First of all that- and I also want to say a big thank you to everybody else whose part of this operation, our senior producer. Ac Valdez got our continent manager winning koranic assistant producer. Sarah bear it. U I design and judging any official show cat. Let me go about. Somebody asked me on social media. What does let me think about the gas network chain and I was like man. Let me doesn't really think about much. Besides yourself, she's a catch, you thinks about scratching the furniture things running around the house, and she thinks about when you gonna feed me. Those are our main concerns, a quick reminder that A free listener supported show if you're enjoying it I'd, be grateful if you would just give. A quick little rating and review and apple podcast were every listen apart, cast as always awesome and appreciated, and also tell your friends or and better show them how to subscribe. If you know some out there who needs another source of income. Seldom to us will take care of them, we're not going anywhere gonna keep putting out episodes every single day and those episodes go online each morning at so one a M eastern time. Opium join me. Next.
I hope, your member to take action, and I hope you will invest in yourself, because that's what matters investing yourself, invest in something that you believe in assign offer the day? Now you are a rock star, my name is critical about, and once again this is side us will school see you next week.
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