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#640 - New Yorker Covers Up With Comfy Underwear Line


For years, she wanted her own side hustle—and she finally uncovered it in a drawer of intimate apparel.

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What's up and welcome, to cite or school. My name is critical about got a great story for you today it's about a new Yorker who covers up with a comfy underwear line per year. She wanted her own side hustle. You try lots of different explorations, it's an air of using conversations with people to try to figure out what is best for her and she finally uncovered it in a drawer of intimate apparel at the end of the story of also got some socratic questions or suggestions about the product line and how its being salt, I don't always do that, but sometimes when I go through the notes- and I look at somebody's website- I go away thinking. While this is really good and when, if it could be even better, or at least I wonder what would happen if they tried something different, I will share those thoughts with you at the end of the episode gotta quick, thank you to our sponsor and then
let's get comfy Rachel Jones knew a lot of people working on creative sigh projects to learn more. But how they made them happen. She started a blog car industry of why the goal was to profile people in the creative space, using an interview format over the course of a couple of years. In dozens of interviews, she started feeling like one day she to make a site us will dream a reality. Rachel was working. Full time is a project manager at a mobile development agency. The jobless find with the idea of starting something of her own, never left. She began to brainstorm and, after tossing out a few ideas, on a surprising concept, you might say it was like being caught with your pants down, see Rachel had noticed the market of intimate apparel for women explode in recent years. She also knew there were plenty of options available for basic Andy's. However, she firmly believe there is a gap in the market.
When your everyday basic, Andy's and broader and more special items one might buy and where every now and then in her mind it was the third wave of intimate apparel better than basic, but not a hundred dollars for abroad, which he thought was outrageous. She would fill this gap by designing her own underwear line, something that would be both stylish am comfy growing problem was she had no design experience, but like many aside hustler before her, she wasn't about. Let inexperience get in the way of ambition, so she began to sketch out her idea of truly comfy undies using pencil and paper. It was at this point that Rachel believes she made her first mistake not in taking on an ambitious project, but in failing to do much research with their target market of young women. Despite the lack of research hardy
what name should give her a brand? She named F herself, calling it Rachel secret. Just getting Rachel Jones was not a designer of Jonesy Underwear, a direct consumer undies brand. After getting away for a while, Rachel came up with some concept. She was happy with. It was here that she had a roadblock while confident in or concept she knew there was no way should be able to sell. To the product herself. She began asking around four recommendations for a good common producer and she wanted them to be made close to home. Before long she was referred to a mom and pop establishment in the New York City, garment district. After a few meetings, Rachel believe they were the perfect fit to bring Jonesy underwear to life. She commissioned them to start producing her first batch of samples feeling more confident she made an investment of five thousand dollars, not first line of production, made a website and fell
he was ready to go to market. Unfortunately, the launch was met with silence. The underwear was going under the whole project was caught her on the ankles, the emperor truly had no clothes racial says. The launching without an audience, was her second mistake and high sight. She says she would have started building an audience while creating the product that way the Davy you would have had built in anticipation with Summers waiting in the wings to buy it didn't matter. The Jonesy underwear was beautiful and well designed if no one knew about. Launch. How could anyone find it or as the old, proverb ask. If the website crashes in the forest, how will the bears use tender Rachel, learn from our mistakes and set about correcting it as soon as possible? She knew she'd have to spend more time building her brand, not just building or product. They were the same thing she reached out to industry and lifestyle bloggers offering to send them samples with
One of them picked up on her story in the first few sales began coming through believing that young women would like her line of intimacy. Think it just hear about them Rachel double down in her efforts. Over the next year she began to obtain more traditional press and build a social media following she also tested online advertising channels, like Google Average and Facebook, as the brand slowly grew, Rachel's those from my day, Job Canaan handing most notably the idea of iterating on a product as time goes on, based on customer feedback, although she didn't launch Jonesy in that manner, she's use the methodology to refine the product as it matures Jonesy underwear is still finding its way, but in doing so, it's generating around fifteen hundred dollars each and every month, not bad for what started as a creative side project, while working full time. Rachel's next goes to move the project from sight, hustle into something more like a full time business over the next six months. That includes increasing the range of products and connecting directly with more customers. He's excited to continue developing provide starve, ran not so basic breeze
I would like a bit more about this project. I mentioned I had some socratic questions. Slash suggestions, slash ideas Rachel by so cracked questions. I just mean something to think about consider the Good NEWS is she's already done a lot of work on this and its profitable there's no way to go, but with that in mind, had a couple thoughts, firstly can be helpful to look at what the bigger names in this space are doing, and I'm sure she's done this. But I just think like these bigger brands, they tend to invest a lot in testing, especially when it comes to e commerce, especially when it comes to basically try to get people to buy more and by more often so, very often, there's a reason why something is prized or sold in a certain way. And if you look at some of these bigger brains, websites, they had a super clear and simplified check out process the whole process designed to get you to buy because it Andy
where's website. So I think there's something to be learned by looking at that. Maybe the first example is subscriptions. I wonder why there's not a subscription where you can get. You know a different pair of underwear every month. Some other companies have that and of course it smart because then you know you have these customers that are placing orders on a regular basis. In addition to whatever you sell as a one off and then example, number two is some sort of bundling which he's cheese doing a little bit on our website. I just think it can be taken much further, so bundling is where you're like you're gonna, just by one pair of underwear, point bright here you should by three are actually wanted by fire. In your safe, even more or something and doing this right is one of the simplest things you can do to increase your average order size. That way, you can have a say
rough customers on any given day or weak, but you'll actually make more money from US customers. So I feel like investing some time and attention in testing things there and mixing it up. A little bit could be very rewarding and last but not least, Rachel's on a really good, shouted beginning to craft a story or abroad narrative around us, and I feel like actually looking at the website, if, like it, has the makings of at all these different pieces of a story, she talks a lot about the product itself. She talks a lot about why,
You make it like what inspired her, why it was important to her and she talks it, but about the production about how it's how it's made right in the USA in New York City, garment district they been working or that team for over three years. She also has a blog on that site with an interview series with interesting women. So, as I said, she's got lots of the pieces here. I don't quite know what's missing, but it feels like there's not a complete narrative somehow or if there is a complete narrative there. Some like there's some theme that could really run through it and just make the whole brand shine a bit more and is always my offer these comments again. I think it's a fantastic project. You know if the shoe fits where it, if not just keep doing what you're doing Rachel, because obviously it's working so good for you and thank you so much for allowing us to share your story with our community in a community listeners. Thank you. So much for being out there has always inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. It's gonna check out Jonesy underwear for yourself or maybe for some
You know just come check out the show notes for the link, everything up at start of school school dot, com, six hundred and forty headed to six hundred and forty. You can also sign up for a subscription to my invisible underwear of the month club where you sign up in every month. You don't get anything in the mail. I haven't yet decided on the best price for that. Yet so, if you have any feedback, let me know I like to think I'm not for a bit I'll be back again to Morrow. I hope you'll join me. My name is crystal about this side: hustle school.
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