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#652 - Weekly Recap: Treat Your Part-Time Hustle Like a Real Business


In our forty-first recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A!

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Hey! What's up, we have just finished weak number. Forty one season to my name is He'll about your host, so what did you do this past week? run a marathon. Is you go out and run a chicken? I was looking at the website for rent the chicken, as featured in my This episode, air in so many different locations. You can get a chicken all over North America. I even thought it would be kind of a fun gift for someone just about forty bucks, somebody really love them, a chicken them actually to chickens and a coup and all the food to take their than for six months. Although to be fair, it's probably not the best. Surprise gift. You don't wanna check with someone. First make sure they're up raising chickens in their backyard but still, but who knows? Maybe somebody would be into that. So over here in my world, I am recovering from the marathon I mentioned. I was running last weekend that was in long beach. California, thank you so much for no it's about that. I got lots, notes from wonderful listeners. You guys are awesome. You can see
about that. I'm I Instagram. I don't spend too much time on the show talking about things like that, but I do feel fortunate to know that there is such an amazing community out there. I am grateful- and I am also going to San Francisco this week to host a private event that will be part of a life podcast. According that event is sold out now, but if you're not gonna, be there, you will hear that episode at some point before the end of the year, so excited about that. Going to have a very special celebrity guests with us, we're going to talk about bowls ideas, but let me not get ahead of things because we have to actually do that. First, you know what he got out of bed and then I will bring it to you Two it. Let's see last announcement here: WS tickets for Deputy S, twenty nineteen, twenty nineteen domination summit are now on sale and if you have not been ws before, or if he abandoned, it's been awhile. Where have you been coming for you I would really love it if you can join us next year, Roy two more years of dvd ass. This is an event that I have put together for eight years now with a remarkable team
We announced this past summer that we ve had a wonderful run. We love what we're doing, but we want to go out on a high note that our planning for two final years of deputy S and if you would like to come to an end, gathering important or again you can watch in Austin Video read more about it, see how the whole thing works and see what people have said about it: just countryside, us all school, dotcom, slash, deputy ass. Those tickets are on sale for a limited time only side, also school dotcom, Slash dubbed yes, islets now jump into our featured content. When I talk a little bit about treating your side, hustle like a business and the inspiration for this came from an intern Note I had from Mica who is featured in episode six, forty, nine, This was the designer who earns one million dollars. Giving at the old college. Try something I did mention any episode, MRS, where the inspiration comes from our conversations with him in an interview in the back and forth. He said something that I really liked want to point out and save it. He said if you ve got an idea figure out what you need to make it real for me, I knew I wouldn't treat my business as la jet if I didn't make it legit. So, even though I was working
time job we incorporated and opened a bank account and trade our name, a logo and got business cards. In fact, I spent seventy percent of our start at dollars just on opera as that made it seem like a business. I was sitting there looking at five thousand dollars worth of legitimacy and knew that I needed to justify that by creating something great. When I read that the minutes I thought, while there is a lot to this, this is really gonna helps but I really want to highlight it, so you are first and foremost you dont you D. Five thousand dollars to create that kind of legitimacy. There are other ways to do it. I'm gonna give you a couple of steps in a moment but even if you do spend some money like you dead, making LLC getting your name trademark law that kind of stuff, maybe it would help you just as it did for him to treat it more seriously. Maybe if you do have some skin and a game which, as I said, can be more than just money can be. Your time can be some other resource, but if you do have some skin and again perhaps shall be more motivated to make progress.
And I know from hearing from somebody listeners and talking to people as I travel the country and travel the world that this is something people struggle with. They struggle with momentum, they struggle with getting started or taking the next step or just moving forward for what reason, so I all about whatever you can do to modify your environments or whatever else, to position yourself for the success that you want. So if you ve been stuck for a while, you have before it. Maybe there's something you can do to create that kind of legitimacy that you then need to justify when I say justify meat yourself that anybody else, but to yourself there's something like that- you can do that- will guide you down that path, even just a bit more so couple of notes here, I often encourage people to create a of your own to work on your side, us all. You can do this, even if you don't have much space, but if you're fortunate to have space like if you ve got a house or if you ve got a larger than normal apartment or whatever it is, you can car about some space could be a whole bedroom. If you had an option, it could just be a little more cubby some people choose to pay, maybe a couple hundred hours in mind for access to a corking space where they know that
and go and get some private work time. Maybe there's some other space that you can go to you're a city dweller in a tiny little studio apartment. Even if you go to the same coffee shop on a regular basis if you say, ok, you know you're the hours that I've been a work. On my side I saw pretty limited, but every sat. From nine to eleven, let's say, for example, Saturday from nine eleven I'm going to go to my corner coffee shop and as long as nobody sitting there. I'm gonna sit at the same table because that tape is my side also table. That is my coffee shop that I go to only to work on this project. The points Maybe you can do to create a space of your own to work, even if it's a small space, even if you have to modify Orkut creative, like I just explained that good for you, because you gonna build that pattern of going to that space and doing nothing else besides working on your side, so there is also great you when a separate bank account- and this is something I actually encourage people to from day one you do want to keep your finances separate your personal finances from what will ultimately become your business finances. So a lot of banks will offer free checking accounts. Are credit unions are also a great risk,
there's a worst case scenario. You'll pay no more than ten to fifteen dollars a month for this in lots of cases you can get free, but it just great to have that suffer bank account one for bookkeeping, but to again for legitimacy again to justify to yourself have got a business bank account. Now I've got a business bank account, so I better go business next idea. Promise yourself that you'll do one thing every day, that's part of life produced this daily podcast, because I want people to do something every day, even if it's a small thing so may, get a journal, maybe half in ever note or a Google doc or whether its analogue digital. When is again, you got somewhere that your tracking these tasks, these steps and every day unified, have a very short amount of time. There's something that you're gonna do and my last have to help you treat your site like a business, guided toward more legitimacy just like marketed and heated up doing pretty? Well with this plan, my last it is to give yourself a deadline and tell people about it all right so give yourself
three month deadline of one month deadline of one year deadline. Maybe if it's a really big project, I mean one european like the longest. The planet's give yourself Gonna deadline. I really think you can do most at small projects in four to six weeks at least get them up like the basic basic men, conversion, adoration number one give yourself a deadline and make that deadline. No whatever you need to do so create a space of your own openness. Every bank account promised yourself. You'll do one thing every day and give yourself a deadline. And tell people about it. I really believe there is a lot of power in committing theirs power in saying. Ok, I've had this idea for a while. Now, I'm actually something about it. It's not just gonna be an idea going to be action right in know. Idea to action is the whole point in the subtitle. My last book was idea to income in twenty seven days in just a wrap up this segment. You know I do this myself, like I tried to walk the walk here. I mean us, that's part of why I wanted to make the show the show every day I told people on January, one twenty seventeen. This is gonna happen every
single day and at the time I really did not have a plan as to how it wouldn't fall. Like you had a first two weeks ago, but I wasn't shrapnel I just knew that making that public accountability was going to help me and it really really has and of course, as I said at the top of the episode in our community, has come along and help so much since then, same thing with the marathon. By the way, when I tell people last week, I was running a marathon in advance. I really didn't. Want to do that I want to just going. Marathon and then say afterwards. Oh I rent a marathon, but I thought you know what if I tell people in advance, if I go in the past and say you know. It's all the people that think I'm running a marathon tomorrow. It's not that I expect everyone out there to care like. I know, that's not why you listen to show I get that. When is then when I'm actually running the race and if I'm struggling. If I want to quit, if something goes wrong, if I don't feel like doing it whatever it is I'm going to think what you know what I told him, but it does not do this. So if I, if I quit now, that's really gonna to I dont want that So there is power in committing. What will it take for you to commit to your idea? Aren't I hope at anchor
when have someone out there now, let's do our little blast from the past sector between doing for about six weeks now, looking back on some of our featured case studies days, weeks months or even now years ago is crazy. We are of what six hundred and fifty two episodes into the show. Looking back and some of those people we featured along. In doing a little checking. How are things going? So, let's hear now from someone we featured way back on episode, fifty four either. This is more like a boy from Austin Texas, greater of many portraits side hustle that was featured on episode. Fifty four, since that time, a lot has happened. We created a brand new website along with a blog, but probably the most important thing. Is we ve added? a few vendors on, notably the? U S meant has now a customer. Are we have many portraits on display actually in both the Denver and Philadelphia minutes? So that's a little different for us. We ve never actually created a penny portrait people the display but tat the. U S meant gift shops were
Marcie customer with thousands of gas coming through their all interested in pennies and penny related things. So we thought that would be a good thing to try and actually worked out really well. They ve been playing up the shelves so much so that the? U S, men is actually going to feature our product at their booth at the national money show so on. That's pretty exciting! That's gonna later this month, in other news, just keep on keep on trying to find more unique vendors just reached out to rip, please believe it or not museums, so I think there are crossed there, but you can check our blog for the latest updates on what's goin on, but otherwise we keep pushing penny portraits and businesses get us in. Thank you so much more. I appreciate that, Thank you, MRS original episode from six hundred days ago, which is perfectly reasonable. If you did, how did it happen by the way six days? It is a day I why crafts project, where you can assemble a model, Abraham Lincoln Portrait consisting entirely a pennies. He sells this for about twenty bucks in its twenty dollars on Amazon or toys, direct
and his website, then you need to provide eight hundred forty six pennies of your own to complete the project. I guess, if you ever short, eight hours and forty six cents in the future, you can disassemble the project and in cash in on your penny, porch. Any way to work more than glad to hear that things are going so well on display at the: U Dot S mint. How about that? That's pretty awesome fingers crossed for the Wax museum and everything else. I just wanted to draw attention to more frequently asked questions page, which I don't remember. If I'd looked at long a but I want to take a peek at his website and I think he has a great frequently asked questions page com. You gotta check this out a link it up in the show nuts but honest page. He does something that I really think is a missed opportunity for so many other people, so many other people's fact page is just super boring. And he has a lot of fun with questions. Any answer. Someone get a couple of examples, question, I'm lazy. Do I need to glue needs to this thing in his answer is not allow. The poster is a unique work of art, as is also another question. What's the best placed to get pennies and his answer is grandparents, if that doesn't work, your neighbor had bank will be happy to sell you, son too, for everyone out there with a website like
be a lesson to you. If you're not doing something interesting with your frequently asked questions page, it is a missed opportunity to learn from worry. From other people have done something like this and update your page and, of course, you can check out this project for yourself at penny portrait TOT come more these to come, and, of course, if you have a question or a comment, I would love to hear from you to couple different ways: do that over the past couple weeks, I've been mentioning the hustle hotline I'll give you that number and a second, but I also want to mention you- can just go to the website- satisfies good outcome on the about paid, there's a really simple way for you to record your question using the microphone in your computer. It will automatically go to us. Ok, see if you dont want to actually use your phone to dial, which I understand is who used to fund to make phone calls these days. They can just go to the website and do it, but if you do want to call that number is eight for four nine hustle, also known as aid for four nine for eight seventy five, three, you can always email. Is it pot? Guess it's out of school outcome as well,
Briefly. Looking back on a week and looking ahead at once to come all kinds of stuff, I mean again read the chicken you know I can just go on and on about that for a minute force myself to stop. In addition to that episode, which will go down in history least, this item will spill archives We had a really interesting story, the day after episode, six forty, seven about a UK sales manager who calls the shots with his photographic film shop, but this was a real, interesting little neck business he's building and e commerce business. These now shipping products all over the world. I would not be surprised We look back in one year and this shot is really really blown up by borne up. I don't mix, but it has to be clear. I mean that in a good bye, like his sales go away on his sales, just like take off shore like
we're not that, as I said that wasn't e commerce business, we also had a food to our guide business, which is a service business rights. Our product, birches, a service in the food tore guide, business wishes episode. Six hundred and forty eight also aside, hustle turned into a full time project. We started as a side has what became a full time project that has a passive income component, because the person and that story was really smart about how she built her business she's, not actually leading all the food towards herself. She had designed this brand Sabre Denver Sophia in Denver, go check it out. She's designed this brand to where she can employ Other guides other part time food toward eyes, and she can go off to Mexico, which is, I believe, what she is doing this winter so good for her. A hundred thousand dollar profit, while you're running that business in Mexico, or whatever else can complain about that and, of course, more, including an episode. Six. Fifty one that was hosted by our very own Whitney correct are content manager. Thank you so much again Whitney for jumping in and help me out there
not what you myself and are running team and the rest of our team got a whole village of people working on tat score. These days we are working on a bunch of stuff coming up, including a seven figure success story. I tried a seven figure success story coming out soon in speaking of stories. It really take off for well, I will also be debuting a new feature series all about going back and these are additional episodes new additional episode, is gonna come out once a week in addition to the daily episodes. Can it be an eight episode series all about side hustlers who have turned their part time gig into a full time business, and, in this case specifically focused on people who sell physical products are right, that's it! For me, this is going to conclude our weekly recap, although I want to say a couple of quick thank used to people really appreciate everyone who makes the shepherd about, as I said, it takes a village when I say especial thanks to our senior producer Ac Valdez content manager. When you Koranic, as mentioned our community lays on Jed Chang he's also in charge of trucker hats and, of course the official show CAT Libby Gill about last but not least, in fact, probably first, I want to thank you the listener.
One more important. Thank you that is you. The person listening in your airports or headphones or in your car at the general, wherever it is you listen to shows grateful you're out there. I really do enjoy making to show every day, because I know that there are people out there who are not just listening and enjoying it. But people out there who are actually taking action on it. I really do feel grateful to be able to make the show every day, because there is negative, unity out there listening and sharing at telling their friends really appreciate that when you have where the word and when you give us a quick little rating, a review five stars be great. Coming six dollars would be awesome, but you can only five or settle for five in apple pie. Cast a realist new shows, but that's all I will say about that, because our focus is. Bringing you more stories, I also have some other announcement soon, some other ways to participate in other ways that we would like to connect with you. So we can understand what your greatest needs are and then of course, craft the show and all the resources in everything else we do around those needs. That's my goal, and I hope you ll keep list next week, we got an episode every single day. Those episodes go online at six o one, a M eastern time. Once again, my name
Her about this is side hustle school.
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