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#666 - Weekly Recap: Don’t Sit On Your Ideas


In our forty-third recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! 

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Are your work out more fun and will, if they are, then I want to sign into an adored India with Michelob Ultra I'm looking for anyone and everyone who makes working out a blast. That's you! It's a team altered outcome for transit, awesome, perks, like team ultra gear and more that's team altered dot com to enter, nobody's necessary opening its residents twenty one plus. If it'll routine, altered our kindness and today we can apply open ribbon ensured responsibly. Atypical abortion like using was Missouri. Hello and welcome. This is episode of six hundred and sixty six of cider school my name, is critical about bringing you today's weekly recap. I guess it is. This week's recap weak number, forty three of season, two, when I encourage you shall not sit on your ideas. Is encouragement comes by way of one? stories that we feature this week more on that
just a moment. We ve also got a little glass from the past audio segment from someone else that we, sure it on a show in the past, and let's see what else is happening, I'm putting a trip I'm going to hunt Long and Australia, not quite yet, I believe, but the week after next I'll be back on the road. I looking forward to that. Just a quick trip at I'm always excited to go to Australia now before we go on. I want to give you a little quarterly reminder. This is a recurring controversial topic that I get a lot of emails about, This reminder is to not fall for a multilevel marketing scheme. Also known NL I am or network marketing. I let you in part one yourself, because the only people who make money with them are the ones who start those programmes or who get an early enough. The vast majority. If everyone else does not succeed, and then they end up bad about themselves, because that's the entire culture of those programmes. Those operations is too kind of highlight few lucky winners and show photos in buying new cars, and you know these long testimonials of how their lives have been changed. Me well
Everybody else is just a losing money and the programme. So I have said this before and like a mention again allowed knows about it, but a new article in vice, highlights this reality goes into some real details about this. Many link up in the shadows- and here is an interesting fact from this article. According to the empty see two recent and unreal, studies both found that more than ninety nine percent of people who join multilevel marketing programmes, him alarms ultimately lose money that should be a celebration. Stick to anybody who thinks this is a good idea. Ninety nine percent of Emily participants lose money. So I guess encounter pointed out: what's the difference between joining up, and like that and starting your own project. What, with a sudden some of your on using the method that I advise and its illustrated daft or day week after week by all kinds of different people all over the world. Doing this. In ways first, you don't have to lose any money. A lot of these projects have zero dollar start up costs or a hundred our started costs, or the As it is really quite minimal, you don't have to make an initial investment to join the programme, which is, of course, what are these
I'm sorry about and I got. You are investing in yourself all along the way you want investing in someone else, company you are investing in yourself. So in conclusion, don't do it. You can do better because you are better not just in brief back to those in I get whenever I raise this topic and I get again allowed in some people, who kind of a firm? What I'm saying and said that they had a bad experience or now they know somebody, you didn't have a great experience in their their glad to be doing something on their own now. There's also me to be fair, a smaller but very vocal group who the Greece me and says like oh well, you you haven't thought about this one programme. The programme that I'm part of is not like all the others, and to that position I always say hey if its working for you great, like whom I tell you what to do, but you know just has its working for you in and also I should say side note, I'm pretty sure mostly. People who are running at an end up speaking well about there. Program, I'm pretty sure there actually not making money themselves, ok, but less. Say that they are not working for you great, but that doesn't mean it works for most people. That's that's the problem again.
Ninety nine percent of people in this industry lose money so We have evidence of that and if someone's response is well, you know I can be the x. Should I can work harder? I can be in that the one percent or ninety percent I'll. What I would say- if your motivated enough to be a nice percentage of people in that industry Imagine what you could do if you are devoting that kind of attention to a project of your own set yourself up for success. Don't let anybody else to do that, for you are moving on and by the way, if I've affinity by their, I do apologize, but again, I'm just trying to look out for most people. Most people not can be successful, doing not so but that's the reality I want to share. I know it from episode. Six hundred and sixty one just about five days ago. This was the physical therapist who sells fifty seven thousand neck hammocks, pretty incredible story. And I touched on- is just a little bit my story, but I can keep going back to this note that we had in a survey, and he talks about how you know he got this idea and he thought it was a good idea, but he wasn't sure and basically kind of answer. This advice.
Says what I would say to someone who wants to enter this gonna worlder or create their own money making project. If you have a great I yeah don't sit on it because everyone's got a good idea, but it's the people have actually take action will see success. So many people out there who have good ideas and never do anything about them as well they remain stuck in the same position. So dollar happened to you. Don't sit on your ideas, I know if you ve been listening to the chef for a while. You got at least one idea and it took, If your marinating on it. It's ok if you're still doing some research I know your life is busy aiming to the on the show is for busy people who just have about him minutes a day. It can, I think, through this process. In any case, how they might apply to their life, so I never want to make people feel guilty at all. I just wanna gently challenge you and just kind of nudge you and say: if you have a great idea, don't sit on it. Steve's devices is pretty good because he had an idea that he thought
it's a merit, and now he sought, I believe several million dollars worth of these neck hammocks. So he has not stuck in the same position because he took action and I hope you will to support for this fog. Gas come from seedy w trend, Micro, C D, w we get the patched together. Security can leave gaps in protectionism, eyepatch things together. All the time like this broken gesture, some duct tape, good as new, orchestrated by sea. Need help. You trend micro cloud, one provides unified protection and better visibility across cloud services. It's all in one cloud security. They can hold its own k whereby some gentle used office, furniture, nothin I dream of restoration by sea d, W people who get it find out more seedy, W dotcom, flash trend, micro our next tablets. Let's have our blast from the past segment. This is a quick little update from some
We featured on a show a back when I hear what happened in his business and if there is something that we can learn or take away from it, I believe this is an update from Travis hi. This is Travis been graph from portal. My side, hustle, is liberty and it was featured said one day: nine since then I've I've spent. My stories from Comic also include Hog Cason. Roleplaying gains my ship from print media to multimedia, has increased by gross income by over twenty five percent. In my audience is increased by over a hundred times that Benita physically travel to convert each new. Then in person just amazing take ways over that period of time had been expanding. My audience different mediums and also expanding to country I partner and I keep repatriation regularly new content and are punished. Some entered the top five per cent of podcast. Honestly, I wish you D gotten a patriot sooner. Each Patria increased forcing vertical is of a different said optimize. Your page, I was just looking at the top. Twenty patron pages
in your field and try to emulate and offer as and where things right now I am working on a new pod cast called the white false and we release a new episode. Every two weeks you could find us at the white vault dot com. The show has been widely successful. Last but not least, never stop hustling awesome. Thank you, Travis! Congratulations on that transition, historic back, an epoch one. Ninety nine was comic. Creator illustrates his way to thirty thousand dollars sounds like he's illustrated his way beyond that forty thousand our point, and also increased his audience. What did he say a hundred times? That's pretty get pretty sure. Most people be happy with a hundred ex increase and also they use. A patriarch is great: We had a few different stories along the way that abuse patriotic, if you're interested in that yourself. What you gonna do, just just like Travis suggested, is going look at some successful campaigns, look and see what people are doing right in your fields, whether that's comic books or something entirely different. And see what you can glean from that. I took a quick peek at Travis
patriotic looks like he's, got two hundred and fourteen patrons I'm. So these are people who are supporting the project monthly, and some of them might just be paying a dollar two, but others are paying substantially more. So, at least for some people can turn into a substantial revenue source, definite, not ever but for some people anyway. Thank you again. Travis listers gonna check out what he's doing and go follow along at the white vault dot com and also check out that new pie cast you mentioned more than a common will also be featuring more. I listener questions and listener updates on the audio which, as you know, the format that I'm using right now to communicate its gonna. Be part that away on the website. You just going leave a quick little voice Numa for us. You can also call the hustle hotline, which is eight four Fortnite hustle, also known as eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight two thousand seven hundred and eighty five We leave us little message or, of course you can email ass at podcast outside school dot, com, looking back on the weak are episodes featured a range of topics which is not unusual, but I just made it quickly
to them here, and I wish I was lucky juxtaposition. This week we had beard oil, neck hammocks blogging about wine, helping people with resonates, a ballroom dancing epoch and an online matched extort quite a variety of course, and as always, there so many different ways that you can make money. It's not just the most common things, The uncommon ones, are actually more interesting. That's what we do. The show this way We also have a new series are running every Wednesday four eight weeks on it features side hustlers who gone big with physical products. Suddenly they kicked off last week and we cannot continue, as I said each Wednesday four eight weeks next week, I bet a story for you about a woman who opens a private campground inner backyard. I've also got it about a sports up from a sea oxfam that touches down on six figures. Those are just two, highlights. Of course, we can have a different episode every day and all this is informed by you, the listeners. Ever since we started January, one twenty seventeen, this has been quite a journey. I don't record a ton of episodes
advanced by the way I mean this is pretty much a kind of real time conversation that has come about the result of many conversations with listeners and readers of my books. People have come to a different events that I've done, and I just continue to be very grateful that we ve made it thus far. If your new well You been around for a while you're amazing. Thank you so much you're helping to sustain a show and because of the beauty of the pie flash advertising model, we can do that completely free for you, so I do appreciate our sponsors make that possible. The show is all about community. It takes a village, a number of people working on this side to make it a reality, including, but not due to our senior producer. Ac Valdez are content manager when correct community liaison Jed Chang and they show cat. Let me go about responsibilities. Stoke on tv. For her. If you're going to show you be my hero, if you would go and give us a quick little rating and review and apple pie cast it just takes a moment, it helps other people discover the show it does affect their rankings. Novel discover ability thing there. You can also your friends or even better show them how to subscribe. If you know someone
needs another source of income and needs to hear from a source. That's not trying to sell them. Something said into us we'll take care, and every episode, I mention that inspiration is good, but action is better if I did that here and couple different ways as I want you to take action and what is to be helpful and useful and practical for you asshole. Join me to Morrow and each day next week for more stories. Consider this that timid, Investment in yourself episodes go online six, oh one, a M eastern time every day and once again, my name critical about this his sight us all school.
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