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#673 - Weekly Recap: Finding a “Hook” as a Dietitian


In our forty-fourth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! 

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Status of school friends, listeners and community, this is critical about, what's up I'll, be having a wonderful weak up. You have had a good week, your listing in real time. We have just finished weak number. Forty four of season, two now again for those in real time. This is voting season here in the U S, election is coming up in just a couple of days. So, if you listening to this later, while the election already took place, but it is the mid term alike, an important election and I would encourage you to go out and vote. If you are, people unable to vote. Please do so. I'm a resident of all and an organ we just have mail in voting, so basically he has done by mail, which is so much more convenient than going in waiting a line at the pause. I think for people her interests you can actually take your mail in ballot and then go and drop it off on the day of the poles. But of course that is a bit complicated. You could also just milk in so already completed my civic duty about a week ago, which was nice just gonna, get it done, and elsewhere
world iron flying to Hong Kong, the day after tomorrow and then to Australia. So too favorite places in the world, Hong Kong and Australia I'll be based there for the next. I don't know what ten days or so and of course the episodes will continue. I look forward to bring you more story. Location, I've been getting a lot of listener, email listener comments on Instagram and other social networks linked, and I often hear from people there just want to say. I really appreciate you guys so much whether reach out or not. I appreciate you The things that I think is really fun is to hear from listeners who are starting. Projects have been hearing from people all over the place. Doing all kinds of projects when I get a shot out you Natalie in New York to medicine in category two. German somewhere near to just a few of the knights I received this week about people who are are moving forward. Their projects so feel free to touch me at any point, let me know how you doing what our team now, you're doing and by the way we have a membership community caught sight of society and plenty to do a relaunch and changing things about the programme. So all the feedback from Not your members has been very helpful with that, and I will be speaking to you about that at some point soon. I know a lot of people out there
I really want to community where I can connect with other people and get specific advice We did version one about earlier this year and to bring your version too pretty soon not by the end of the year than very soon thereafter. Now, of course, we haven't talked about twenty nineteen yet so I don't get ahead of things right now, we're very focused on finishing out this year made a commitment to produce an episode every day this year, just like we did last year. We are seeing that commitment through today, as episode. Six hundred and seventy three so we focused on, but at some point I will give an update on what we're thinking about for next year definition fun things in the works today. I've got enough. From someone we featured on a show a while back he's made some huge progress in tremendous progress, but first I want to quickly reed or just summarize, minimise. I got from a western and hazel and Hazel Rights and says Hey Chris. I was just listening to your pact. Has this more The UK I've always been interested in starting my own side. I saw, but I just can't seemed to land on an idea that I think people are pay for. I am a dietician, background, and I hope that this is a service people pay for. But I've noticed that some the nutrition businesses you featured are much more niece or tightly focused the market
message I want to convey is that you can reach a healthy way with normal foods. Calorie aware, is helpful and you don't need to restrict food groups and he's lost or something about products versus services. She's I don't wanna have a product. I want to do a service. Is that better? And just in brief I Rebecca Hazel to say I understand what you mean about the tightly focus the next thing, the key to generate the paleo that that whatever it is, I'm not really that interested in that stop myself personally and theirs, room for good evidence based advice about nutrition, then we're all in trouble. Basically. So, in other words, I think it's possible and I also think it important to find a hook or an angle in this market just because it is a crowded market. It is a sad treated market with lots of people offering all sorts of diet and nutrition well. Is it vice? So you don't have to follow a fat or a trend, but I do think you need some kind of cooker angle. I'm an astronaut part about product or service. I don't necessarily think either one is more sustainable. It just depends on a specific product or service. To really depends on yours. Duration. We talk out through in different ways with allow the stories that we feature throughout the week. Support for those podcast com
C D, W and Dale technologies C D. W we get that migrating your business to a hyper converged infrastructure is challenging. Like me, switching giddy, calf gotta do it onto that. They got into a low, slow down firm C D. W experts can help you to simplify the transition from legacy to hyper converged infrastructure with Del DMZ solutions that offer speed and agility. Do it. Can I haven't done it? Isn't any applies in it? I D, orchestrated by sea d, W people who get it find out or a cd, w dot com, Slash Dale Embassy, Ok without further Ado, a blast from the past got an update from a guy named Chris. We featured him quite a while back and he's got quite. A few ethics was pretty exciting here. This one I think, you'll enjoy it yo. This is all Rubio. In sunny San, Diego outsiders, is the long hares and it was featured on episode. Sixty four since then, the long lawyers has become our full time. Hustle, we drop the digital age,
see to go all in on the flow, and today we earn a modest salary. What the long haired we ve now I original content for over two hundred consecutive weeks, adding a youtube in a weekly podcasting mix, featuring topics like blue and boys with long hair and I remember without calling at that, We now have over twenty collections of heritage for guys adding headway, an organ oil heresy room to the product line up with other superior here products in development for next year, Building, the long years community has galvanised our true purpose to inspire strengthened France and men and boys with long hair into advocate. For air quality. Recently, we moved or operation into a new office warehouse and landed a deal on ABC sees shark tank with billionaire invest your March Europe. Our advice to listeners is to start creating content in committee opposing regularly and if you
I see results, stick with it. Next up we wanted to break the Guinness World record for the largest hair donation in history. On March, sixteenth, twenty nineteen for hosting great cut in San Diego were two thousand. Men, women and children will donate two hundred pounds of hair while raising twice two thousand dollars for children with her loss it'll be a hare within four Roddy, again record breaking charity of awesome cress, I really appreciate that update so awesome to see guy's going so strong. Congratulations on the transition to full time! Hustling! Congratulations on the Pike ass, the head bans all that stuff you're doing the Guinness worldwide the great cut sounds pretty fun as well, and I love Chris S. Advice for all of us said start treating content and stick with it remember when we did an episode he talked about how he has never MR weaken posting. He made this commitment opposed according to a sketch.
I never mr weak, or that was episode. Sixty four here yarn episode, six, seventy three and, as you heard not update, he still has not missed a week. So consistency matters now think there's a lot of power in a streak and that's something I try to live out myself like here with the daily episodes haven't MR day since we started- and you know I'm terrified of missing a day and there's a weird sorted peace that comes with knowing that's part of my routine and no matter what else happens? This is definite gonna happen. This episode has to go out toward the end First year we had a weird issue with Itunes now known as apple pie. Cast itunes, I wasn't displaying the than you ever so it's four for some people for a couple of days, like episodes were still there, but you had to go and hunt for them. And I got all emails from people there were like Chris where's. The episode are you ok and fortunately I was fine. We have been making it happen and we were able to figure that out. It's not just powerful in terms of other people that consistency is good for business. As I just mentioned, but I think it's also good
yourself, like whatever the pattern. A habit is that you said just being able to follow through on. It will be good for you, even without the extra no results. So anyway. Congratulations again, is everyone you can check out the long hairs, including their new pie, cast, had bands, Sarah etc at the long hairs dotcom more these two common. If you have a question or comment, would love to hear from you, the hustle hotline is eight for four nine I saw it for four nine, four, eight, seven, eight five three. You can also you're going to make a voice Nemo an email that to pack cast aside a school tat com usually when I require these episodes. I give you my notes from the weekend thing Ok, what was a highlight was my favorite episode. Don't hear more feedback about certain episodes compared to others this week. I really struggled to be honest because I like several of them for different reasons, and we had this whole story about a sports fan american football fans who creates a six figure sports out,
you could say we kicked out the weak with that. Then we also had a story about a Minnesota New opens a private campground in her back yard. I thought was just a super creative idea: she's not making six figures from she's, making a huge amount of money from it, but it also requires very little work so, as I think, seven episode. If you have a creative idea, what's your next up, what are you doing about? It then special shot out to our cause just content manager Whitney correct. She prepared our special Halloween episode, maniac pumpkin, carving this spooky site us won't scare, you away. Pretty amazing story there and then also financial blog that sprouts into a thirty five thousand dollars a month. Money tree as well as it parity Wrapper publishing educational, music, just kind of went on, and I finally just it just came up and said: okay, I'm not going to pick a favorite from this week. So I'm pretty sure I learn some. Self, and each one, or at least almost each one, maybe they like. As a reminder, a lot of these stories are coming from you. What are these stories are coming from our community? So if you have started aside hustle since listening to the show- or
had one beforehand or if you know somebody that we should be featuring on a shall, we would love to hear about it. We will have to bring them some business. Perhaps this is a global commuted, people doing all kinds of remarkable things, so I mentioned, also hotline image in the email, but also just directly on the website site us good outcome. If you click the about page and scroll down, it believe there's a link somewhere that says, submit your site, us all school story, kind of a complicated process. You click the link and you tell us historic and that's about it. We gotta go from there. I mean there's more to it, but that's the starting point. That's all you have to do so. If you ve got a project, please don't hesitate to. Let us know if you know, when we should reach your on the show. Let us know that too, in speaking of community before I sign off for the week, I want to thank our community. I want to thank our production team. Everyone who makes the show possible. My commitment is to support you fully and your quest to create a new source of income, perhaps this honestly, you thought about for a while, but have not turned into reality until now and to make that happen to enable the showed it got everything we rely a lot on people like our senior producer Ac Valdez, our content manager. As mentioned Whitney Career
community liaison Judge Chang makes it a couple of news Wanna team, who I will introduce to you at some point soon and of course, the longstanding official show cat Livy Liberia deal about The show is completely free. It is listener supported if you're enjoying it I'd, be very Well, if you leave a quick rating review for us, an apple pie casts a reverie. Listen. If I guess just takes a moment, it helps other people discover the show and also all of our growth has been organic. We don't have a huge advertising campaign. We actually have any advertising campaign. We now have a huge marketing campaign. We dont have time for it, because I'm focused on content and focused on trying to make the show you know as fast as I can for you. So if you think it's where if you think you know somebody who could use a aside our slowly but use like more than one source of income there already working. But are not really getting ahead or that they could be further along if they had a second most of income, something to us in we'll take care of them and, of course, you'll join me again next week, every day, new stories, new action of ideas, perhaps a couple of surprises along the way you're ready. We got some funds, our common concern.
As an investment in yourself really short, quick, easy, ten minutes a day, investment in yourself, it's free, as mentioned episodes go online six o one a m eastern time. My name is critical about this is side us all school.
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