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#685 - Comic Book Curator Creates Custom Crate Subscription


A Sacramento-based comic and collectibles owner sparks an interest in reading with a monthly comic book subscription box service.

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Video games, tabletop games and other nostalgic or whimsical hobbes of all their return to life. As someone gets older, this has been a theme lightly and it can then you sedate with comic books a story. A Sacramento based chronic and collectibles owner sparks and interest in reading, with a monthly comic book subscription. Boxers we'll talk about why subscription boxes particularly a good fit for this particular business, and also it turns out that we previous featured this guy's wife more than two hundred and fifty episodes ago. You know what they say that only that side, us together, states together that was episode, four hundred and eighteen by the way gardening Mama monetizing frugal living block. So it seems this couple is all about garden, and frugal living and comic books, but there also interested in making money. So that's it I'm to tell you about today now. Is it
out. I learned this as I went along in the research. This episode also feature some true confessions of my childhood love for my little pony. Do you know my little pony if you dont after this episode, you'd have to go and Google search My little pony it is true. When I was a boy I really like my little pony at least for a year or two. I just gotta forgot all about and you know I don't know hundred years went by, and I record this episode and remembered so yeah obvious after I finish this episode myself, I'm an afterthought, get something new for my desk. Maybe I can find Ebay or my little pony dotcom. Who knows, but anyway, more the point more to Europe relevant interest. I may tell you all about his comic book curator, who creates a custom, create subscription fun times its outcome and right up after this quick shut out to our sponsor no one likes to feel stack box dim or held back, especially by your cloud? It's a problem, but the IBM cloud is different. It's the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your apps and data anywhere across all your clouds, so it can help
Got anything from rebuking flights on the fly to restocking shelves on demand without getting in your way, Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM calm slashed, flexible, to learn more Jeanne Farley has been reading context since he was a little. Kid have always been a source of joy for hemp. Even thought how cool it would be to one day on a comic book store or Jean grew up into years after he got married opportunity came knocking the owners of the comic shopping, going to longer than iron Mansfield, with Loki decided to set up at the time he was, graphic designer his wife, PAM featured inside US school episode. Episode for eighteen wasn't administrative assistance when he asked her about buying it,
Jeanne imagined her slamming the hammer of the word down on him with an emphatic. No. Instead, she said ok cool, but to do that, so one day in early April. Nineteen, ninety eight they matched out their credit cards and bought the comic book store, by the way, don't try this at home. This is not about mapping out your credit card because we're gonna fast forward to two thousand eighteen, where Jean is still the comic book store alongside his wife businesses, good, they survive the recession. They survive countless chronic and pop culture. Fads. And one day Jean hammer reminiscing about the good old days when you used a bite down the street, your neighborhood seven. Eleven blow your weeks alone, a larger than life jury, flavoured sloppy and spend the rest of your day in sugary. Bliss reading, Avenger, Comic Books- This thought cause gene to wonder what if there was a way to get kids author electronic and I don't know, maybe open a book or something he knew important reading had been to his success. We also believe that comics are a great way to spark interest in reading further, new- that comic book people already know where to get their comics over
Market is already covered busy. Parents may not have the time to make a special trip to the comic book store in figure out which comics are appropriate for their kids. In other words, his whole goal is to reach new readers. Genes utility about taser struck him with an idea. What, if he started a subscription box service, were customers to get comic delivered to their homes once a month, his body since then kicked in and he devised a plan. All the customer would have to do is choose a g, rated or PD rated comic book crate. He use his knowledge of comics. What was popular that comic season and any special information about the recipient to create a crate or a box? Basically a package that comes in a male that woman It's either writing hidden, believe in assigning age or gender to the crates. He didn't want kids to feel weird older, but they want to eat Disney author boys, you want read my little pony. This brings us to that site. Now you know read that I was like my little pony. I forgot about that because when I was a kid like but I had a brief little phase of infatuation with my little pony it just last year to- and I forgot all about it, but then
also, I would mention that my little pony dot com and after I mentioned like a man like I'm worried that site is like something really bad now. You know I want any more because we do actually have some kids lessening the programme, but you know I mean and actually went to look at that site. No, everything is good. It's actually owned by Hasbro, which is the manufacturer that makes my little pony and they're, not a sponsored, a shot by the way I just was gonna like going down memory lane, and I saw it for my little pony history timeline, beginning in nineteen. Eighty three. What it's probably about when I discovered them in a fairly there still going strong. Today, you can shop on this website explore some online videos which they didn't have a Nightingale three, because they didn't have online in check out some activities funny. But anyway, I should probably get back to the store, because that's why you actually listen to show my sponsors are going to be like what are you doing Chris next week, a twelve part special series brought to you by my little pony all right so the Subscription box service idea actually work. Well, indeed, I did Jane was excited because, based. The customers you already had from his comic book shop. He got some animals
right away, consecrate ass, he called it was a hit he strode up costs were relocations. He already had the comics yadda Yadda comic book shop. You know he just needed to buy things. Patent, antelopes, customer service, postcards and business cards. These matters run him. Seventy five dollars. He then signed up with great joy, which cost forty nine dollars a month. Ingenious is the tools provided by great joy plugged, all those into his existing brick and mortar website. Broken water up site right and shes am success. He personally picks and packed the boxes while working in the shops there's no need to hire additional labour after shipping packaging, Dorothy Gina, seeing about a ten dollar profit per box. He slowly adding more subscribers and sees this as setting that monthly crate joyfully entirely. The price married my subscription term each create holds six comics along with an extra free goody. Like a book marker art Brent, and all the pricing tiers are paid in advance. So you can pay month by month, which is twenty five dollars six months for right amount of two thousand two hundred and fifty or a one year prepaid subscription, which works out to twenty dollars a month
He doesn't just ship once a mighty ships every two to three days, because he doesn't want kids to have to wait long for their orders to replace in order gonna get it really soon. This makes things a bit crazy for him at times, but he insisted that kids get their comics faster than a speeding locomotive. Come at great now, since comic books to kids, parents and teachers, Oliver, the? U S. Jeanne believes everyone can benefit from reading comics he's using as literacy tours, reluctant readers, english language, learners and, of course, comic book fans can all benefit since launching in July this year has been averaging a few thousand dollars a month in sales, genus focusing on organic traffic. Only for now doing they paid advertising, since his Britain will restore like the actual store, is still their bread and butter. His advice to some one following the subscription box model is do not try to build everything from scratch. A lot of work required. A French and Jean originally wanted to bring on incredible hawked help without heavy lifting. Apparently the hawk doesn't know much about web development so what's on the horizon for gene and com, a great while he's been
of adding another rating level to his service eighteen level. He says this could expand his audience significantly. So we have talked about subscription boxes a number of times if you're interested you can just comes to the website sorrowful school. That kind of search subscription box on the main page, Castra Episodes page, you can see a wholly different stories case studies. Examples not one of the things I mentioned, sometimes as a challenge that this kind of business, there's lots of benefits benefit, is getting paid every month. You know how many customers you have, etc, where the challenges is building critical mass. So I think in this case this example. It works really really well, because he already has a comic book shop, and so this is an extension of that. This is allowing him to reach other customers. New customers, perhaps with the inventory, already has its directly related to his main business as opposed to someone coming into this business completely fresh and no. It's a super. Smart reminds me of a wine shop or cafe had been to a couple of times. The does something similar they had this month,
to my programme, a monthly member programme, and they are just really gotta converting people, even just casual visitors, to this programme, because the benefits are really saw it if this free bottle of wine each month, you these big discounts when you go and a new special above and beyond, for their customers and I have enjoyed myself. I'm not a big windbreaker, but the point is like not a big wandering Already thinking about going it because I got such a good job at marketing head and that's another example of something that's an extension like they have a one shot. They have a cafe and start trying to build on that boil, t94 how to reach new people, but also just going to bring in their people more frequently or or just increase the customer loyalty to their particular business. So good for him, congratulations, Jane and thank you for the throw back about my little pony as well. That was cool, not sure listeners love as much as I did I for one am grateful and listeners Paypal to you as well. Every single day. Thank you for allowing the show to continue. We make it for you, as always, inspiration is good, but person with action is better today, China, including
everything I mention become great service. The great joy service, my opponent, perhaps all those things it's not a com, slash six, eight five has been episode. Six or any five of the show and so much more is on the way. Because a u again thank you again, my name is till about it back with you tomorrow, be sure you subscribe to sign a score.
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