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#69 - NYC Jazz Musician Builds $40,000/Year Blog


A musician finds financial freedom by growing a blog and starting an ecourse on learning jazz.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Support for this bought gas comes from Goldman Sachs. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trans shaping markets, industries and the global economy stain formed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our podcast at yes, our com, such covert, nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms, allow their greetings welcome back you listening to satisfy school. My name is critical about got a funny story for you today. I've never really had a real job. Long ago, and far away, I used to buy music. And I remember really enjoying the process of learning. I went to play jazz in particular, so remember: learning to read: music,
We're going to play different instruments. Learning all the great just standards in tunes that are then reinterpreted an improvised over, and I also had a lot of fun playing different gigs, drawing up a sum bands doing freelance- and I did not quite full time but as my main fucker for probably about two years, and during that time I supported myself mostly through side hustling, because even though I love playing music, at least in my experience it in pay very well. And that's one the reasons why I really like today story because it's all about in New York City, jazz musician, who builds a forty thousand dollars a year blog in supporting him ass, he continues to play music, but also as a true. First, this knowledge to lots of other people say about that right after this and now our story for several years, brain parched her had a day job in Europe,
a working as a musician playing Jas kegs around town. He also taught- and he had a number of other projects to make ends meet like positions often do especially inexpensive cities like New York, but over the past two years his day. Job- come what was his main site hustle, his blog and podcast cod, learn jazz standards. It's a website that helps musicians, get just tips, advice and resources for learning and playing chess music, The website makes money from selling ebooks play along tracks, a new Ecorse anthem advertisements. Interestingly, unlike almost every other story, you here on the show Brendan actually start this hustle himself. He actually, I heard it from someone else. The website was originally the idea of a friend of his who is still a friend, but is now a former business partner. That friend, whose name was Camden, wasn't aired by another friend who is making a living off. His block candid wanted
are the same thing really something similar, so he started with a fairly basic quickly thrown together blog in two thousand ten, and he worked on it for about five months or so before becoming too busy to continue. He like the idea of the site, you thought it would be a shame if it just went away, so he thought of Brent. Who was then in college in New York studying for his back Orson Jas performance, Camden offered to pay brand out of the google adsense money, the site was making to continue putting up jazz education posts and for bread. This became his sight hustle. It wasn't much money at first but was helping pay for a lunch here or there while he was in college event He became more invested in sight and then became the director of operations with a fifty. Fifty revenue share, he was seeing visitors increase newsletter subscribers increase and they how you making more add money along with selling jazz play along tracks for people to practice with Grayson income was about five hundred to six hundred dollars a month for each of them.
And that went a long way to brand as a struggling musician, he began to think of ways to increase the income of the website and turn his labor of love into a more monetize platform, and around this time he bought cantons half of the business. It was a mutual decision that they were both happy with, since can Other career commitments were too demanding for him to contribute and at the same time, learn jazz standards had become brands, primary focus. He says it was fun having a friend to collaborate with, but this chain opening up doors for him. Now that he was on his own, he wrote and release to ebooks and any plan to release any course and allow the added income that his partner was no longer drawing these action sky. Can it his monthly income to a level wage since then he's redesign the site and has ambitious plans for releasing more products? His followers will enjoy the best Piper Brent is seeing how all that time, all that hard work has finally paid off. He just like that. First course I mentioned a few months ago, and in the last month alone he saw ten thousand dollars worth he felt baffled and gratified he was
for that, so many people would pay money because they trusted the website as a legitimate source of information, but he was gratified because well it was awesome. He had made this course. He had put it out in the world and in the first month of it being life, he may ten thousand dollars. He also says that the financial freedom this blog has brought him is amazing, is tat. From being that struggling position to feeling secure. There's, no more worrying if you'll get enough gigs next month, distilleries playing music he's actively pursuing out, he loves it, but now he still gets to do that and so work on jazz and music in general, just with the security of having most of his bills taking care of from the site. What we learn from rents story or jazz, music or any other specialised kind of music or art form, is something that lot I want to learn some weeks ago, Our future Jake Pascal from Maryland, who offered what he called
The most awesome guitar lessons in the universe, which was a great phrase that really helped him stand out in his market. Jazz and classical music in particular, are more difficult and popular forms of music and a lot of people get stuck where they reach a plateau. There's a lot to learn to become proficient now always know where to go to learn with classical music there's a pretty clear, pedagogy and process, but jazz is more creative or at least the way that people learn. It involves a lot of self study, so a resource like Brandt's defiling needs a clear need. If you look at his side, he talks a lot about how it will be important to practise the right way. And a lot of musicians, even if their dedicated to their craft they're, probably wasting a lot of time just because their practising what they already know, they're not acquiring the information they need. For they dont have a systematic plan to improve, which is what he tries to provide through his course. The e books, and if we re sources on the site now also just because a product or service already exists, doesn't mean you can't make your own version of it or do it differently, or do it better somehow,
Especially in a field in which there are a lot of people interested member long ago when I was learning music, I paid for a course a lot like this one. This was something like fifteen or twenty years ago, and that course I paid for was very helpful to me. So I surprise at all that there are all sorts of ways to remix classic timeless information and tips that will be very helpful to people that will show them what they need to learn and whenever there is a large, recurring group of people who want to learn something like this there's, probably more than one way to provide solutions for them. Congratulations, Brent, learn, just standard sounds like a great resource and I hope you continue to grow and, as for you You're. Sorry as your own, it may happen exactly like this. If you listen to these stories, you begin applying into your own hustle. You will see results over time that hard work will count for some, and it's always remember, inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. So have you take action on something today? It will get closer to the freedom that you're looking for you in a check out the show, no it's for two days
but sport dotcom, Slash, sixty nine six nine. You can also sent a quest. For the shout poor get a free. Five steps to hustle course: I'm critical about this cycle score and I'll, see you tomorrow.
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