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#690 - Luxury for Less! Best Friends Get Paid to Share Design Tips


When two friends realize that their savvy shopping is a skill, they dive into the world of affiliate marketing. After investing a grand total of $46 startup costs, they earned $1,200 in month three. 

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Welcome to episode, six hundred and ninety upside Squawk money Miss Cristel about today's lesson. Three for less best friends get paid to share design tips in a story to friends realise that their savvy shopping is a skill dive into the world of affiliate marketing the commission. When they refer visitors to specific products, they invest a grand total of forty six dollars and start a cost expenditures here, an inner third month they earned twelve hundred. When they started they had no idea how to make a website. They were rejected by several the programmes and they had it in the name of their website. I'll tell you why the episode, but they figured it all out, This is a pretty new story, were hiding the story at an early stage, so that you can see what they learn through the process. Perhaps you could save yourself some of those mistakes and get a bit of a head start for yourself.
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Time and time again. Rachel grim and Laura YA hear their family and friends complain about the costs of decorating their hops. They would set a budget, but always that blowing past it preference velvet with a bit of searching. They could have beautiful statement pieces and stay in touch it began to scour the internet for the best tools they could find. Their Pinterest Boris were unmatchable the way they experience in new found sense of empowerment, not only finding amazing deals: they were making their homes their up rather by an entire room design out of a magazine, each corner of living space was intentional then around the end of twenty seventeen. They began to talk about sharing other fines in ideas with what they knew, that what they consider to be a fine hobby was frustrating and difficult for others plus. They had already accumulated a database of valuable tips and less expensive look alike items over the years six
later there were still confident in their idea, so they decide to investigate being forty six dollars into making it a reality? They spent ten dollars to purchase a domain name. Then they spent another. Ten, where's, because that first domain, it didn't work out more that in a moment and with their official New business name follow the find they invested that last twenty six dollars into a square space website, but how are they make money while they committed to posting on Instagram at least once it every day and ass their audience grew. They began to consider affiliate partnerships. It people were purchasing items because of their work or something they said they should earn a cut, but Rachel in Laura quickly realized that creating those partnerships was easier said than done. You see when they apply to join the programmes. They were rejected again and again, even Amazon It has a very low requirements. Remove their associates account twice according to Amazon. Any other merchants follow the find didn't have enough original content on their website. Up to that point, they included the same images on their website that they had on their instagram account
Rachel and Laura knew that the brands could trust them to make sales, but they had to do something to prove it to change it up. They added more content, including about page a tips and tricks section. A list of all their favorite story the shop at and what kinds of products they buy at each one has that content and their followers grew. They finally began to score those affiliate partnerships. They craved August. Follow the fine brought in a hundred and twenty seven dollars the next month. Nine hundred and sixteen dollars, and then last month month under three of the operation they pulled in twelve dollars. All this money is profit, since they have essentially no expenses. So, as I said, it's an early stage project here but have learn some lessons, maybe these lessons will help someone out there leap over some of the hurdles that trip them up. So here are for tips of first, it is to do your research After many conversations with potential Ophelia Partners Laura and re to learn that not all retailers offer the same commission rates for the sales. They were
They earn a commission of anywhere from two to twenty five percent. A two percent is a lot different from twenty five percent, and it just depends on the brand. It just depends on a process in this matter. Program, they also had to learn to use the appropriate links to make sure they were getting credit, promoting a customer to a purchase. And be aware that money doesn't come flying in immediately, even when you are for a sale usually get paid when the return window closest for an item. That means it take thirty days or even longer, to get paid more set. If you're looking to make quick money, affiliate marketing might not be the best place to focus Third, be open to learning new technology. Rachel and Laura had never built a website before they had to go through a lot of trial and error with square space, but just like their brand promote state yeah why their way through it took determination. It took a lot of Google searching, but they figured it out. Fourth, think about Your branding remember when I mentioned that the team had to change their domain name. This was because they are named themselves. Wayfare finds since many their products were coming from the store wayfare. How
wayfare itself didn't like that. They said that they couldn't associate their company name what their brand and ended up being a blessing in disguise, because once they change their name. There were no longer limited to just referring items from that one store, this kind of business model problem don't make you rich, but as an entry point is worth looking at in their case, Rachel and more are also gaining a lot of experience and instead of paying for these lessons, these lessons are paying them. Awesome, just one more note about Amazon Dimension, this briefly earlier, first box. If you have a website you and any links to Amazon or whether its books or something else you might as well after their associates programme. That's what it's called. The other affiliate program associates most sign up earn a commission, because it's free money, just don't expect it to be significant,
thing with Amazon. It's really easy to sign up, at least in most cases, but the commission's are low, so most people are trying to pursue. This model will be more successful, referring visitors to specific merchants and even specific items like what Aunt Rachel doing now. I also mentioned something about how they have to make sure they have the right links so often, if you're doing marketing, you can find your generic links to the store. So if it's Wayfair, for example, you can find that you don't your generic links for four people to Wayfair and you learning Commission. However, in those programmes at least the ones that are well done, I kind of into the interface and find specific linked to specific products and in some cases. Is your Erna higher commission? The merchants will pay a higher rate of five percent if you send someone direct your product when they purchase that product as opposed to something else that they buy theory. There is that you really are referring this particular sale like that person has learned about this item from you. They click through. They make the purchase, as opposed to just somebody surfing around that's a little bit different than referring specific say.
Anyway, as I said, is not usually a pathway to riches, but it's a pretty easy experiment an experimented at all in a world of cider sling, doing something like or reselling, which is another category. I talk about from time to time. These are just some super low risk, simple ways to jump in which has got right, because every experience you have asked me to help you along the way. So Check back with him at some point see what they ve learned. If they have any of the lessons, for us, are just some update and asked for I hope you enjoy this one. I hope you're having a good day wherever you are up, you're, doing something to make progress towards a goal that you believe in inspiration is good, but in Russian. What action is better? The show Today, our at Titusville School dot, com slashed six, ninety headed episode, six. Ninety six, nine zero so much I'll be back again to Morrow. This is critical about foresight, us or school.
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