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#709 - Stay At Home Mom Delivers Fresh Side Income


After relocating to Tennessee from Canada, a restless homemaker creates an online farmers market, delivering produce to more than 200 homes a week. 

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Welcome to a brand new weak on site, also school. My name is critical about so excited. You here got a great story for you today to take things. Are First of all, what if you're out there and you dont, have a lot of resources. What if you dont have at a time what, if you have always worked in a traditional job, and don't know, much about running a business? Well guess What I have a little reality check long ago, that was me valid reasons for not starting aside hustle, but no more mine go here. My mission is to show you how regular people, perhaps regular people just like you, are breaking down. Barriers in finding a way to succeed in this brave new world of opportunity. Today, story you're someone? You had all those limitations, all of those perceived barriers to entry, yet she managed do pretty well for yourself. It's all about a stay at home
who delivers fresh side. Income should actually delivering not in the form of protesters. After moving to Tennessee from Canada, a restless homemaker creates an online farmers market, delivering that producers to more than two hundred homes are weak, pretty cool, a story. It even features a fun fact about homer, agents are today about that at the very end. So let's say thanks to sponsor and then take root. The idea in cloud is the cloud it's open that secure its built for business. It's also the cloud its leading the way, but don't take our word for it. Check gardener appear insights to see why customers rate IBM Cloud above a W S, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure over the last twelve months as February twenty Eightth, twenty twenty IBM, let's put smart to work, gardener peer insights reviews constitute the subjective, opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gardner or its affiliates.
Shortly after getting married. Aren't you Wilson, move from Canada to Tennessee State of cowboy boots and country music was run away from what she had. No that wasn't the only difference in Canada on work in human resources, but in the United States she became a stay at home up, at least for a while. Aren't you loved her kids, but simply didn't want to be a full time. Homemaker huh, finding a new hobby to keep us busy. She brainstormed a few ideas and sewed a few seats, but it wasn't until twenty fifteen that one of them began to germinate. After thinking her interests, one thing stood out above everything else. She was incredibly passionate about good nutrition, she loved going to local farmers markets to buy in season produce and support growers her hunt. Was that many other minds would feel the same way and to validate that hunch aren't you didn't have to look far at all. She made a facebook
for fresh food. Loving moms in our area, her goal was to meet mom, so they could water resources in by artisan and fresh foods in book she figured if a handful of other people were willing to contribute. They could save quite a bit on their weekly food pills it and take long for the seed of her idea to sprout its first leaves within a couple of weeks. She had thirty members was already organised, borders once an order was made, they would arrange a plate, eight to drop off the products she continued to nurture the group and others. Next year. The member count grew to more than six hundred her small, thing was now growing into a plant and the more She met the more Angie realise. There is a lot more potential. With this concept, she felt she could leverage for existing audience to launch a food based site us all and to do that. She partner with a passionate mom she befriended through the face
they want to create an online store to stimulate a local farmers market customers repay once for membership and then for a weekly fee have fresh seasonal food delivered to them. It would make sourcing local produce much easier for people. They decided to call their new sure weekly fig and before I started thinking about a website, they knew they deem suppliers to provide protests vying for a few people. Every week was wanting. Now there are hoping to deliberate your hundreds of homes, so they need arrangements with local suppliers who could work in book. Fortunately, lived in Tennessee, where there is no shortage of farmers, so arguing cofounder Hither road to talk to them. They explained in the farmers what then trying to do and all were receptive, but of course they had to wear a pricing model one. It meant that farmers would be fairly paid while at the same time leaving enough margin for weekly faked a profit aren't you didn't want? It costs them an arm and a leg to do They didn't rely on tough negotiation tactics. They were simply open and honest for items they
when it on. She would offer a price they could afford to pay in the farmers either accepted or decline. It was important to her as part of supporting local This means paying them a fair and livable, which we approach worked well by being transparent about what they could afford. They build trust and were able to recruit fourteen different farms weekly. They could now supply everything from meat to dairy bread, two eggs. Course. Putting a fresh fruit and vegetables that is all well and good, but now he needed a website in our minds. Was one of the most important parts, their vision, knowing that they decide spend most of their start up capital building the site. The total cost was four thousand dollars. Finally, with supply, ready and the website life. It was time to turn up the beat also to launch it. You know to get it out there, tourism hustle and a bit of luck? Aren't you in your cofounder, launched weekly fig with an interview on local radio before the second over they had ten people sign up for weekly delivery was a great validation of their business model and a promising start from there.
Things continue to grow by word of mouth, so much so that weekly fake delivered to three hundred homes in the first year. In fact, it was getting to be too much work. They need some help. They knew just where the work that stay at home network aren't. You began to recruit her free. That's delivery drivers. These drivers would be responsible for delivering a food once per week, two homes close to where they lived. That's the great thing about the weekly fig business model. It is weekly In other words, aren't you could get that help she needed, but at the same time, that a lot of the task together in a single day said she doesn't need a full time and place. The day before delivery day, all suppliers ship their stock to the weekly fig home hub. Aren't you in a team pack up the individual boxes? fleet of drivers that arise and pick them up for delivery. The next day, the delivery It is divided into seven zones one's own for each driver. Those zones are designed in such a way that delivers done while the driver is returning home. This technique,
enable them to the point of delivering to over two hundred houses each week, and all deliveries are completed in just four hours financial side of his side, hustle is also quite healthy and twenty seventeen a toad Revenue generated was thirty, seven thousand dollars and they expecting much more before the end of twenty eighty so farther founders haven't been taking any money out of the business for themselves. That's not because they can't it's because they are no doubt on our reinvesting, everything back into growth and wealth taking any money directly. There is a plus side. They have zero dollar food bills, since all their family food needs are covered by weekly thick. They do have to take some money from the business soon, but for now like a good crop, they just want to it grow. The team has recently rebranded their website and increase the number of products they offer. Their goal for the next year is to focus more in education and to use that as an acquisition tool. They believe that teaching people the benefits of supporting local farms and eating healthy, but bringing
new customers and when that is up and running, they hope to duplicate the model in other cities, arduous planet herself in fertile soil. Why isn't that a fund story got a fine fact for you as well. This is a really fine fun fact I wish to say it's like a super deluxe one fact. So some of her suppliers, some of the suppliers for which we think they come from honest farms outside the city and these communities, don't have electricity or a modern communication tools, so they can't take orders over the phone or through the internet. What do they do well to handle this problem? The orders are sent to the farms would be a homing pigeon, not a job. Since of the farms. We are humming pigeon on small sheets of paper attached to the Birds Lech. If that is not the most awesome, fun fact you here today from just gonna give up. I think that circle, I won't take orders, be a humming pitcher.
I was gonna, Pakistan Crypto Currency, but I think I'm just back it up a little bit and go vintage. Humming pigeon also mention four thousand dollars and start up costs. Ok, where did that money come from, so we ask on you and she said, but weekly fig, we priests, old membership in veggie boxes and that help to fund everything else. We then worked out of a garage until things picked up, so my advice is start small, don't spend money on extravagant things into you build up a bags created by signs you. Thank you. So much at well illustrates the side of the school model you can do more than you think, and your limit Why not me limitations at all? Since we are indeed living in that new rather possibility. I really believe there's something out there for everyone. I hope you do everything it can to find it out. They do everything and keep bringing stories. Perhaps one of them will give you an idea and, as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today. Show notes, including links to weekly fig our side of school dotcom, Slash, seven, zero, nine, that is represented, seven hundred and nine thrown back at you again to Morrow with seventeen
and much more underway. Fisheries subscribed. Once again, my name is critical about, and this is side US school.
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