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#710 - Movie Editor Turns 19th Century Art Into Full-Time Job


He started creating webcomics back in 2003. Little did he know this labor of love would eventually turn into a $10,000 per event side hustle. 

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I hope you enjoy yesterday's episode if you have not had a chance to listen to be sure to go and do that that was episodes. And zero nine a stay at home. Mom delivers fresh side income. Really like that story. A woman in Tennessee, actually woman from Canada, relocated to tend to see who starts in online farmers markets that business, nah, bringing in thousands of dollars of mud and also contributes to a zero dollar food built for her family, since it provides all the food funny little extra benefit, also challenged our listeners. If you dont have a lot of time, if you don't have a lot of extra money while they're still, Something that you can do, that's what I'm telling you a difference, every day of someone who creates personal freedom for themselves in the form of aside us all today, stories about. One who goes full time eventually at least self Publishing, comic books The movie editor that you're here about today started creating web comics way back in two thousand three low
We know that this labor of love would eventually turn into a ten thousand dollar per event side us all and then, as I said, a full time occupation, along the way. He learns lessons in marketing print on demand attracting fans through free content. An understanding what those fans really want. Last but not least, he was also careful too slowly phase out his day, job opting for a free its position for nine months, one year than six months that act and in three months the year after it is perhaps a good reminder to plan your exit strategy, at least whenever simple and also at least whenever you want it, because I'm aware that a lot of our listeners are perfectly happy with their job. They just want to create some extra money. Extra security or a different creative project on the site: I respect all those things whenever you're goal is. I want to make sure this community is supported for you side us all school is Clearly, free here is a quick thank you to our sponsor to make that happen, and then I'll tell you all about this story for movies, trailer, editor Dave
Marcie, whose name is legally spelled with an unpronounced exclamation point at the end, creating comics a fund way to keep himself entertained between projects, David Love, pulling nineteenth century illustrations from books and the public library for his own recollection And we can text realising them with modern day references. It's getting images into his computer, upload them to a double Photoshop and add funny passages He mostly sawdust artwork, as a labour of love made up of the final comic to his website, wonder mark in share them with whoever care to read. He did this mostly by taking part in discussions and wept, comic forums and on message ports. This I'll start way back in two thousand three long before Facebook groups in twitter threats, overtime, David and his comics began to build a following people with common on his work and share it with their friends. The more he It had the better he got in the more people reacted to what he was making as the audience grew. So did his desire to turn wonder mark into a business he'd seen a few other creators making a country
living from their comic creations and wanted to be able to do the same so to see, if wonder, Mark had the shops to survive David devised a test, he created a handful of print books to sell to his colleagues at the advertising agency worked out. He printed sixty copies for eight dollars each and then sold them for fifteen dollars each. He figured if he could pick his colleagues on it. He just might have a legit business on his hands. And much to is delight. Almost all his colleagues were supported. The only outlier was one grumpy producer who just didn't get it. This small initial success gave David the confidence to look at selling products on a wider scale, but he wanted to be sure, so he continued with more tests. Why them involved booking stall at an upcoming comic convention. He placed another print run of books and this time also included some smaller pieces of merchandise to sell. While he was there as well, it wasn't expecting much but to his surprise, he managed to earnest X and are dogs, there were some people that community who had already read his stuff online Annie was able to attract a few
people who otherwise would have never heard of wonder mark the convention was a success both financially and four brand awareness, not to mention David's confidence. Few years. He carried on in a similar fashion. He created comic during his evenings at weekends and attended events and conventions. Ever. He was able there are few and far between. So luckily, it didn't interfere with his day job. Every new convention meant he would try a new product. He create small runs of sticker, Isn, T, shirts or other items you'd see if they would sell and then order more. The products that saw the most or the quickest Working part time in just a few years, David was earning enough to quit his job and focus on wonder Mark full time. He says this guy, was dependent on how much free content he was sharing, unlike only a small percentage of readers, wants to buy merchandise. So it's important to grow your audience enough that that small percentage of buyers increases overtime, David consistently posts comics every Tuesday in Friday, which usually leads to a bump in readership. Most the time he says just about turning up even also keeps his bands in a loop about where he is and what he'll be doing next, which has gotten a lady
during recent years, thanks to networks like Twitter and Instagram by sharing events, will be attending. People can come along and say hi or pick up some merchandising person. He tries to average in it, and every six to eight weeks and the average convention can bring in ten thousand dollars or more to choose and ICE David relies a lot on got instinct from the beginning. He figured people liked his comics. They would share common ground with him. They might find similar products, an idea interesting, but he still always sure to test new items before printing them in large quantities. The landscape of the web comics into She has changed a lot over the past few years. David are able to make money online between events thanks to e commerce and patriotic or he currently receive, Eight hundred and sixty nine dollars a month from two hundred and twelve supporters patrons. He also runs three e commerce stores, which. Connected to wonder. Mark the backbone of the story is print on demand He shorts and mug and other items are printed in fulfilled by third party companies with David's designs on it, as do what's next, David, isn't quite shirt, he's always testing and trying you ideas to see what will work.
Please also open to the possibility of using the skills, he's learned to go back to traditional employment and help other companies out either way he wants to keep being creative and connecting with people So I love this quote about how most of the time it's just about. Turning up, and I really think that is true. I really think like over time. If you have a small number of people who are interested in something whether it's a web comic or anything else, and you keep making it ain't, you keep overtime, improving the quality of your work and Jane you people, slowly but surely, is not usually an overnight. Success is not usually like a viral moment. It's just posting consistently lucky sat, I think his dates were Tuesdays and Fridays and TAT he never misses a day. Every Tuesday and produce a new web content, which naturally means that there are gonna be a lot more we're going to his side on those dates so most of the time success.
Just about turning up, especially when you have something that works a little bit. Something works a little bit. You should get really excited because you can probably make it work a lot more also a couple of business notes or non demand versus printing items himself. It seems like David as it does a blend of both of those for the in person, events of course, needs to maintain inventory. You go to an event when actually like, walk away with some merchandise that creates challenges, but also opportunity with print on demand. Of course, you can have like all kinds of stuff available online and people can choose. From wherever they are whatever they want, and here is a tip from him specifically about printing in pricing. So he says when he Prince books of his own, but the price on them. This is a strategy he uses because it allows him to tweak the price of something depending on circumstances. For example, here to mention only has a few copies left or something you can mark up. The price to twenty dollars instead of fifteen dogs Conversely, if he's really trying to move it, you can drop the price down to twelve dollars and put a big tag on it. That has twenty dollars crosstown, that they fly off the shop. So again, too,
on a circumstance. You can kind of ride the price of her down to think is interesting, smart enough. They just want to the patriarch campaign he's making just or a thousand dollars a month from now campaign, which is good, but obviously it's not amazing. I still think that campaign is really important because in his in for a lot of online creators, especially people making this kind of art like web comics. That campaign is important because those people are his true fans like those are his backers, and he can. Grow that over time, but I would say even if he doesn't growed every time it still a really important campaign, because it represents like again to true fans, the people who are really behind his automatic and I eye to confess I had not heard of wonder mark until we were researching this episode, but I've been checking and I will look forward to seeing more of it. If you like to see it too, of course, come and check out the show notes. Those are satisfied: school, dotcom, slash, seven, ten, seven, one
Euro do come back again to Morrow and make sure you're subscribed. I try to consistently turn up because I do believe again. That is the only secret success. Thank you so much for listening. My name is critical about this is side us all school.
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