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#733 - Networking Success Is Served with a Side of Eggs


Inspired by a generation’s obsession with startups and brunch, this Wall Street relationship manager combines the two on a silver platter.

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What's my brains. Let's talk about bridge, I always have a hard time deciding between something savory and something sweet unhappy about this problem. You ll come and go to branch, but what do I eat? That's why my favorite thing to do before a proper branch, at least a proper budget we can branch is to run at least five miles, because when I do that, then I feel like I can have books I want the omelet and approached us. I've been thinking about that all morning as I've been working on this story, not let's talk about brunch making money does not just about branch. It's also about the purpose of the show, which is to help you create a new source of income and do that without cutting your job.
And the method that I used to do that is teaching through storytelling. So it's all about just tell you a story and looking at how this person do this, what can you take away from it? How can you apply this to your own idea or perhaps, if you don't have an idea? Yet? How can this get you thinking so antidote story? A Wall Street broker serves up startup success with a side of eggs. She starts something called brunch work, combining two good things ranch in work and its business goes from sight, hustled to mid five figure revenue each month with a team of twenty five brunch is serious business Leslie, ready to scramble here's a quick shut out to our sponsor. Being part of a digital age means that millennials had a lot of great things going for them online gaming. The ability to track pizza, as it makes its way to your house and chance to connect with anyone right in their pocket, but as we're discovery
despite the ease of connecting through our various gadgets, there's been a decrease in organic in person interactions this unity to create isolation, and it was something that a fresh out of the coercive dorm Paulina Carcass was acutely aware of. The air was twenty fifteen, although she had a stable career as a broker relationship manager for J P more, Paulina found herself daydreaming of a reality far from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street, she was young and ambitious. What she really wanted was to create something of her own. However, for a professional raised on the power of Google. She didn't feel there were adequate resources for her to tap into which he found was a gap in the market. A new site hustle, while there an abundance of online communities and forums, those just weren't Paulinus cup of tea. She found him to be impersonal, When at a real life community that would allow her to connect with other young would be entrepreneurs, so what's the millennial to do when all the best, french places in town, have overrun our weight. They whip up the branch at home course, so I feel
She couldn't be the only one looking for more Paulina decided to tackle the issue head on the way to create a resource for people like her, so it made sense to model what she wanted after an educational in person workshop with business, speakers should host them on the weekends, because with her job, that was the only free time she had and knowing the deaf that she and her fellow colleagues had on their cherished brunch traditions. She had to find a way to include food as part of the package Paulina figured if she could I'll get the right venue, everything else would follow. She could work the price the space in what the cost the ticket, which would mean that you wouldn't have to pay much out of pocket. She started with emissions. Import everything she had into a little email that she sent out into the world. Paulina was eager, meet with any one and everyone who showed even the slightest interest in what she was creating after two particularly successful meetings, including one with a behavioral scientist who ended up coming on as a partner and another that lead to her. Getting that first venue for free things were finally starting to fall into place.
She caught her new endeavour. Brunch work in the first event had a total of thirty people in attendance. It kicked off roughly four months after she had sent out that initial email for the bulk of your one Paulina The growing brunch were team, then offered one event a month for cost a forty dollars project as a site also was instrumental to their success, because getting thirty two sixty people in a room together once a month wasn't really gonna pay their bills. Instead. That first year provided her with more of an opportunity to learn, grow her network, an essentially level up by your two brunch work, had levelled up to two events. Each month It was around this time at someone mentioned two Paulina that adding a membership model might accelerate their growth, so she considered what monthly rate would provide members with the most bang for their buck. Settled on a price of seventy two hours and my fear that membership option and through in three guess passes that members to introduce People into the community. The membership was set up with a six month, commitment.
She knew she could rely on that repeat income to keep her flesh and holidays. Once the number of monthly events increase to format, she decided to offer more option. Including one for hundred and forty dollars. That would cover unlimited events for members and guests. Now a lot has changed since that first year were about three if Europe into the story now and that number that first thirty, I repeat a month- has grown to over a thousand a thousand Arusha peace each month. Thanks to some strategic expansion on the West Coast in San Francisco and elect all this, growth has been gradual and self funded, which is something that Paulina is product and never really thought was possible. Profits have doubled on a yearly basis that they tripled last year, and the business not brings in MID five figures on a monthly basis is also meant that last year, Paulina could say farewell to Wall Street and make the pursuit of business ideas in Britain. A full time job. Of course it has an orbit Moses in Eggs, Benedict planning of its without your own dedicated event. Space involves a lot of moving parts. Naturally, there's all kinds of issues that come up. Sometimes
and got into a venue only to find at the bathrooms aren't, despite the challenges, Paulina find it to be meaningful work. She still finds it hard believed that a thousand people have branch each month at an event. She first envisioned after almost four years, a puzzling she's, a lot about building a community of like minded individuals once in a while. She even takes time to enjoy a branch of her own awesome, congratulations to Paulina and her team. I led the concept of wrench work. Just like I love the concept of Wretch, who doesn't Now, as we are levelling up in your three season, three other show work out during a lot of specific lessons from the people that we feature in each opposite. So in this episode got some brush lessons from Paulina, actually more related to building community, which is something you can do across all sorts of different platforms and topics in ideas doesn't have to be branch and networking, but Paulina recommends focusing on three. Things Ok number one she says in reality is more important to correct your community. You might have three thousand contacts in Europe.
But none of them have expertise or connections in your industry. Does it mattered? So curious is vital number to find a way to connect with those people go wherever they are. If you feel you dont have any connections and industry are trying to work and get up events that have just speakers or our focused on a specific activity, Last number three be kind and generous to others, because it's important when trying to go relationships, but also be smart about it. So you should give without expecting anything in return. But be wary of investing too much of your time into someone or something it doesn't connect to your goals. So, in other words, be intentional. Let's work on being intentional together this year, unexcited. I've got a bunch of goals at my own of assuring them with you in real time as we go along want to make sure that I am kind of work The work as well as I challenge and encourage you each day, so stay tuned for much more and today show notes, including links to brunch work everything else. I discussed our side as well: schooled, dot, com, slash, seven, three, three, that is for episodes.
One hundred and thirty three, and, as I sign offered a day, I haven't inspirational quote, for you are you ready is quotas from runs, wants and the great parking wreck. He said there has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast. Thank you so much for listing today, you're a rockstar. My name is critical about. This is side hustle school.
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