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#784 - Fire in the Hole! Handcrafted Drumsticks Ignite Into Profits


A woman creates an Etsy store to market her wood-burned artistry wares, specializing in custom, handcrafted drumsticks.

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Oh my gosh, I am learning so much through making the shop to go. I learned how auctions work but actual auctions, not online auctions, but the art of auctioneering, and then also how people can get paid for hunting down computer bugs and vulnerabilities. If you miss those episodes they weren't number seven hundred and sixty five and seven hundred and sixty six Those are just a couple of examples. Basically like a free education, making the show, I hope, joy learning as well for all of our younger list out their kids here. Listening right now, just go ahead and drop out of school. Everything you need to know is in this daily. Ten minute episode tell your parents, I said it was ok, and today, at least some of us will learn for the first time about paragraph eight and some of our laws,
out there, of course, probably already know if that is what I will be honest and raise my hand and say I did not. I did not know what biography was, but I do know that the word pyro relates to fire and the word go sea which has not actually a word, it's more like an extension, but it refers to a descriptive sites like right. Drawing or otherwise recording, say. Put these things together, and, in short by is the art of writing with fire and today, of course, when I talk about it in the form of a site us all, I don't know what the latin or Greek is for that tried. Looking it up, but couldn't figure it out, so we'll stick with paragraph e itself. I look at that topic more in the episode where a pie Roger for his handcrafted drumsticks ignite into profits. This newspaper company employing, creates an egg store to market. Her would burn artistic where's fire in the hall. Had story is coming right up now, I'd like to feel stack. Pakistan are held back, especially by air, clad, its but the IBM cloud is different. It's the most open
And secure public cloud for business, it can mean all your apps and data anywhere across all your clouds, so it can help take on anything from rebuking flights on the floor. Two restocking shelves on demand without getting in your way. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM Dot, com slashed flexible, to learn more, Ella Cordial brothels, be, is a full time. Graphic designer for a large newspaper when she's not busy at our day job. She used to paint and hand letter windows for businesses. Then what sounds like another project? We need Lord about some time. She also used to paint race cars, how announcements are evenings and weekends as a pirate refer for her Etsy store, cordial greetings. What's biography, you ask but you ll open about it in the introduction. But a more specific definition is the act of produce
Drawing on wood or leather by using heated tools are flame, Ella, stuff, to this line of work when her mother passed away and left her with a lot of art supplies and tools digging through those was awakened Ellis inner muse and before long that me led to her burning, elegant eye catching designs into wooden objects. She made a wine box has a give her a relative. Shortly after another relative requested the same thing. It was also around this time that Ellis husband lost his job of twenty years, meeting more household income. She realised that she might be able to monetize her biography skills into a profitable project. Up till now, she'd mostly been selling to family members, five dollars here, twenty dollars there, it wasn't really a moneymaker, so she started thinking outside the wine box. She knew Etsy was the place to sell him made goods online so she figured. Why not you didn't know a lot of people in the area and didn't have a platform to draw from, but with that nets he shot, she could reach all kinds
people, no matter where they left it took a month and a half to get her first sale by the early fall. Two thousand and seventeen the holiday season gave her a boost. People are taking notice and they weren't just noticed. They were buying. Ella was wood, burning everything from signs to plaques to wooden works, but what truly setter apart and cut throat wood burning space was her idea to make custom drumsticks In less than a year, she had a precursor best seller on her hands. Those wooden drumsticks were ablaze, she could hand draw hand, would burn in hand paint a variety of designs on them. This setter apart because most customize drumsticks were made with Jeanne Laser partners know machine can do what else does because of the way she ran Her designs around the drumsticks, while most laser in Greece,
only burn text. She offers fancier designs in colors, even hand, painting items upon request, though sticks were now in full march, attracting the attention of celebrity drummers like carry Underwood stronger, Garret Goodwin. Meanwhile, the Instagram posts for the account she created were drawing the attention above musicians and non musicians alike. Her best Tipp came in using time lapse. Videos of her work in creation, Ellison people love those videos and often watched them over and over and now that our body of work is increasing, she's, also able to display or business cards and local shops, sometimes with us. I meant river artwork. This has helped bring her more traffic, which he continues to focus most efforts on the online world. When pricing your items Ella considers the cost of the materials and the time it will take to complete a project. She tries to burn as quickly as possible, so she can still make her prices attractive. While remaining competitive knows prices range from six dollars for small magnets to a hundred and twenty six dollars for it.
Stick wooden or I got to get one of those and put it over. My man saw last. I don't think I have a man so now that I think about it, so I'll be taking a mental first back to Ella best selling customized coveted drumsticks sell upwards of forty dollars in twenty eighteen, her first full year at doing this on the side, annual profits for seven thousand dollars, typically averaging between five hundred and seventy two dollars a month. However, in November alone, cordial greetings earned over two thousand dollars, so it seems. Sales are on the rise to achieve those profits. Start up, costs were extremely low, not counting which had received from her mother supplies were just a bundle of wood for twelve dollars, a bundle of unfinished drumsticks, thirty dollars and woods sailor. Bright dollars at some point, be upgraded to a two hundred. Are razor Tipp would burn it. Let's give much more detail to the item. She works on this site. Us all has helped keep Ellis family funded for some of life's extra amenities, including private music. Lessons for her two teenagers Ellen
cited believe she's just getting started her ass. His shop is only a year and a half old and in her words not a lot of people know about me, yet she plastic, new marketing to bans and musicians of all genres, as well as offering to add logos and signatures on drumsticks. Her long term goal is for cordial greetings to ignite into her full time. Work. That's why she wants to fan the flames and keep stuff the fine. Well, there you go brief introduction to paragraph e she's got some great visuals as well. Of course, I would encourage you to come and take a look and see what exactly she is selling. I do have a couple
Its first of all we have seen over and over that you gotta be more successful when you find something to truly specialise in as opposed to making just you know, all kinds of of random art foreigners, and sometimes the more you specialised, the more successful you'll be. So I almost kind of wonder I was looking at her sharp, cordial greetings and drumsticks are the best selling item, but she is also making a bunch of other stuff is well. So, on the one hand, you know, if you're doing the wood burning might as well make a bunch of stuff. On the other hand, these customize drumsticks are really interesting. I almost wonder what it would be like just kind of go all in with that and then go from not just having an Etsy shop, but also having a website overtime, building, more and more organic traffic, especially as people are searching for custom drumsticks child. Imagine that a lot of drummers or people who want to give a gift to drummers are searching for and then from there, I also wonder a bit about the shop name, which is cordial greetings and her last name is cordial. So I understand what that comes from, but I almost think again with specializations. What have you made it all about drug
Dixon titled, something that was a little bit more closely or obviously connected to that. Just a suggestion, Or an idea on more than to do these things, but I know she wants to do it more potentially eventually make it her full time work. So, if it were me out investigates out of it. Art listeners? I hope you enjoy this smoking hot episode. It's on fire, the pot gases burning down. That's why you extra to check out the show, not today's episode, which our side of school dot com site, seven, eight for ever seven. Eighty four is wrapped. We back again to Morrow and I hope you will join me. Suddenly the weekly recap and much more to come all next week. My name is critical about is cited for from the onward projects.
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