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#809 - ABC News Reporter Dishes Out Profitable Pizza Tour


A Chicago food reporter launches weekly pizza tours, showing Windy City visitors that there’s more to life than just deep-dish. 

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rapporteur. It launches a series of profitable pizza tories showing windy city visitors. There is more to life than just deep dish and that's going because gotta see I'm silently on the side of a good thing. Cress myself, but I did learn research with steps out and that there is a thing called tavern style pizza in Chicago. It sounds like something I should try the next time there have been a lot of people in my life and I'm not sure I'm familiar with that kind. Welcome dishonest school money, Miss Priscilla Gower. Also in this episode, how can you set up a food tour business? It's not just that work or a second job which it could very easily become, but something that could turn into an asset for you you're the programme. We are all about assets all about passive income, anything that can help you achieve your goals. Work gave you the support. You need to do whatever you want, not just working harder, working, smarter, working, better and creating independence yourself. Sought with that in mind. Here is a shot out to our sponsor. Then stay tuned for ABC News reporter
dishes out: profitable Pizza Torres heaved, a lengthy. Whereas many happy he's the food report for Chicago's ABC seven newspaper, he writes to buy gas, adding offers media training for ships he's a veritable curator Our experiences is also the new owner, a pizza city, USA tours offering weekly pizza doors. I both bus and foot. Why did you start this? So when he's already got so much going on well, he also book coming out in the far twenty eighteen called pizza City, USA, so steep figured. Why not sort of your business to help bring the book to life, at the time there was only one other dedicated pizza tore business in Chicago and a lot of pizza, not to mention a lot of visitors passing through. He knew the Chicago Pizza have been reduced to the deep dish and stuff cliches, but hey hold the pepper, owning, there's more to MID West pizza that only deep dish and stuffed
what about thin, jabbering, artisanal neapolitan roman Sicilian in something called Detroit style, Steve! Dare to challenge the status quo. With these questions he estimated that there were at least ten distinct styles and Chicago Pizza rounder. So he decided to launch a weekly tour that highlighted these differences, showing guess for styles of pizza. In three hours it began with a Saturday bus toward a poor neighborhoods next year to three walking towards each focused on a single neighbourhood throughout the tourist Steve dazzles guest with his encyclopaedic knowledge of Chicago history, while leaving the groups into the belly of the beast. That would be the fiery kitchens
to show people exactly how the pies or made in those kitchens one can expect to engage and lively discussions with the owners and gain a better understanding of the families behind the sauce. So far, business has been pizza rhetoric with Steve, adding for tour guides to the mix. This salty bunch are affectionately referred to, as dose since I love that they were trained by Stephen Help lead other tourist as well as private events, pizza city, USA Towards has been in operation since May twenty, eighteen, so less than a year. At the time of recording this, let's talk about how he brought it out of the oven with most torbay solar cells. We featured in the past they try to get started without spending a lot of capital. However, still.
Started with fifty thousand dollars, but pay attention. He use sponsors to help fund it. He said he did the back of the envelope math and realise that they were to launch with a new website ticketing service hire a bus companies insurance do six months of pr with merchandise, shirts, hats bags tore badges, etc. They did between forty thousand and fifty thousand dollars. He specifically targeted iconic Chicago brands that we're not pizza, relate it. That way, it wouldn't be like a conflict of interests may also only wanted for sponsors so that the merged t, shirts and tore badges wouldn't have a lot of clutter. He found three out of four saying he was lucky to get them. Let us entertain you. Restaurants, do silent beer and Johnny's beef. Getting sponsorships to help launch was crucial because otherwise you'd still be paying off his initial investment. One of the reasons for the high costs was the use of a pr firm. This isn't for everyone, but as a reporters There's is a big believer in media placement. So having a pr forum for the first six months was a huge benefit and getting the word out.
He's also been hitting as many seminars. Events in books huntings as possible to promote the tourists telling his audience of the tourists are. The book come to life seemed to really resonate with them, especially since the book and the tour companies share the same name pizza. The USA, currently the towards earning net income of between two thousand and three thousand dollars a month in a cold or Muncie operas bus towards only this is Chicago we're talking about when one or whether returns in the spring, bring back the walking towards, as well as a third Thursday pizza crawl us towards cost sixty nine dollars and walking tourist cost forty nine dollars his group's tipping While between sixteen and twenty four people selling out the tour a month into launching was really exciting. It was fun to see twenty four people on a bus eager Learn about and each Chicago Pizza. However, not every towards a sell out and in fact running, tourists with just a few people can be heart. He said to market them constantly by reaching out to concierges intergroup's
he's also using a marketing and turned to help promote the tourist through social media next Steve's, considering a second edition of his book as well as working toward consistent cell outdoors once he achieves that he'd like to add another walking tour that could be a slice of heaven for at least really good people. All right, if you're interested in the food court business a couple other episodes that we have featured in the past number. Six hundred and forty eight food tour guide, chomps down on one hundred thousand dollars, profit I believe that one is based in Denver, Colorado area and in way back. An episode to a one travel writer creates brute tours in Marrakech, earn sixty thousand dollars annually. You know he's got any episode in the show by just going sawdust Skoda, comp slash than the episode number so six or eight to a. Why not in this case, Stevens really smart, now
Setting this out he's bringing in the other guides and thinking about how this business can grow beyond just him during the towards all the time, especially when you are kind of person like him who likes doing all different projects. I also think the key to long term success here is getting listed in guide, books and city directories and all the promotional tourism materials that are distributed every year for any major city in for a lot of these things are getting listed and endorse can take a while low but of a delay in terms of preparation for those books than the printing and so on, but once you're there you'll likely just be renewed every year, so it can be a great ongoing source of referrals, and the same is true with hotel concierge recommendations, because every single day and a big city like Chicago concierges or just people who work in our tells are always ask for it. Conditions on what to eat and what to do. If pizza city USA proves to be popular with their guests and reliable, it's a solid recommendation for them to make. It will likely become a regular recommendation for years to come so No, it's a lot of work up front, not something you should do and
You really believe in the topic like if you weren't, passionate about pizza, don't think of doing a pizza toward me a good idea, but when it set up properly like this, it does have the potential to produce mostly passive and long term, income least down the road. Last but not least, the next time I mean Chicago, I want to go and check out this tour myself. I was wondering low, but because I bet you Terry and so no pepperoni or sausage for me, but I take up their website and it says they do have an option for that. So critical. Accommodate different preferences and lifestyles like that are today shut out are its article school dot, com slush, eight, zero, nine come to learn about pizza city, you I say anything else I mentioned on my favorite pizza styles, well at least one of them and pretty soon you can hear about our upcoming side. Hustle schoolbook camp excited to tell you more about that shortly, I be sure to come tomorrow. Much more is on the way my name is crystal about, and this is side US school
from the onward projects.
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