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#840 - NYC Student Starts Barking Business Walking Dogs


A busy college student discovers a way to create his own schedule and make $2,000 a month by walking dogs.  

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  

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One of my first inspirations can I was writing a hundred. I start out many years ago, when I put the word out that I was king for accidental entrepreneurs- and I say that an accident is anybody who ended up working for themselves, starting a business operating a business without following a traditional started path right, a business plan go to the bank. Look for investors are that kind of stuff, and I got back a ton of responses, many of which turned into stories in case studies and then form the basis for the research I did for the book. Now nor, in particular, was from a dog Walker in Minneapolis who Sudan and I was like a dog walker. Ok, whatever you now and then she was like one eighty thousand dollars a year, but I thought that was interesting
Don't know what dogwalkers who make eighty thousand dollars a year earlier. I don't hear of many of them thought about that. While I was working on today story by the way, the societal school, my name is critical about. Welcome, so glad you're. Here every day, I'm telling different stories of people who find a way to make money without putting their job using a scale. They already have not going into debt, not spending a lot of money, etc. So today's story features a dog walker, the sky. Is it making eighty thousand dollars a year, but is also not trying to as a full time student, and city. He was able to earn an extra two thousand dollars a month and fit his work in around his studies. Now that he's graduated he's continuing the business with a number of contractors, shall I tell you how he does it and if you're interested in starting a simple service business, whether it start blocking or something else, entirely different? At the end of the episode I'll give you a force, TAT plan stated here's a quick message from
After a few years ago, Richard say on his dream, going to college in New York. City came true. He began to work towards a dual degree in business and dance. Like many students, his schedule was packed. He struggled to find a job that could fit within its day to day Life Richard long to be able to work in our here and there between classes. He wasn't sure how to do it, but the longer he lived on the Upper EAST side, the more he noticed how widespread the need for dogwalkers was. There were dogs every, They all need to be what you thought about it realized. This could be the perfect side us all for him. As a long time. Animal lover he would. To learn any new skills and he could create its own schedule. Richard knew that there were a dog king services available online. You could sign up for with an up, and so he started there. You sign up for one called wag like an exclamation point. To have to be really enthusiastic when he said a name, he said
for one called wag, but was quickly disillusioned. There were many or dogwalkers than there were clients. Every time. Someone posted a request for a walk. It was taken within seconds soon. He had developed an unhealthy habit of constantly checking his phone for notifications. After a while, he was sick of being glued to his phone and exhaust but a constant competition. Then after walking a dog one day, the Oder ask if Richard had any business cards unfortunately didn't, but this got him thinking what if he could start his own dog walking business. It was already tired of using
I'd, wait sorry he was already tired of using wag and after thinking about it, he realized that has started. Costs can be very low. I needed to do is get some business cards printed in bison dog treats surrender decided to try to get you started by designing his own cards, which he gave to dog owners he passed by and the street most of the people he gave carts, who never contacted him, but the five to ten percent that did became his first clients eyes. Aside, note here, five to ten percent of pretty amazing conversion rate and a lot of industries. So, if you're trying to do this and you go out- and you talk to a hundred people walking dogs, which is not impossible to do in a relatively short period of time and a place like New York City and the right neighbourhood to do it now
or to the doktor. A hundred people walking dogs have that five or ten percent conversion rate you got five or ten clients, so not long after Richard actually had too many clients a handle on his own, especially during exams. So just after its creation, what he called gotta go. Dog walking services was already ready to expand the awesome fellow students to workers contractors contractors covering his whenever whenever he needed that way, he could continue to build up a larger base of clients and is scheduled would have even more flexibility than before he arranged his price. That clients will save money in comparison with other dog walk businesses, while still increasing revenue from what he was making on wag, which may start saying. Whack now seeking to combat down whack price was based on time. A fifteen minute walk could be twelve dollars, a sixty minute, full on run through central power.
Could be twenty three dollars and if you had a second dog, he or she could come along for only an additional three dogs other required. Some extra work choosing to handle all bookings on his own was the perfect option for Richard. He found it. He got three main advantages from it. The first was flexibility, although he could choose the walks he wanted on the app before by running. The business himself is now able to speak directly to clients in schedule walks whenever it is most convenient. Not only that, but if something comes up he's got those co workers that are able to cover for him. Second, he could make more money this way on apps, like wag, the dog Walker typically keeps only sixty percent of what the client pace. Now that he's working independently you can keep one hundred percent for all the walks he doesn't sell. Finally, he can have more personal relationships with his clients when he was doing the app work he hardly ever spoke with the owners. Now he can build relationships with them and walk the same dogs week after week.
In addition, these connections have been a great way for him to network like getting to know him and his passion for dance. One client ass for personal stretching lessons another who knew about his business degree asked for marketing help. Now, two years later, in working for times of professional dancer, Richard still makes two thousand dollars a month from this hustle drive to thousand dollars a month just from walking dogs. He doesn't even do all the walks himself. He says that this is an ideal side hustle for someone with a busy schedule, especially if they work in a big city and, of course, if they love animals in this dog eat dog world, it can be daunting to consider competing with a large corporation or an existing popular app, but by understanding that there were aspects of dog walking, never even better as a smaller company, just as a sole proprietor like being able to lower the price and have those long term relations
Tyres Richard was able to create its own worked with zero start up. Costs are earning thousands of dollars a month for him at least it's a parking business model I saw you want to create a simple service. Business here is a force set plan back, it's going to be a four point, one step plan, also known as a five step plan and its role as I had an extra step when I started making notes you're. So really quick, really simple, really easy number one. You want to choose the right service, so this is probably the most important thing dog walking works because it specific and practical I'm a big fan of encouraging people to do specific and practical things, as opposed to really broad and generic things. People once be marketing consultants or life, coaches, wellness, coaches, etc. That choose something it's very specific and practical, and I'm not trying to scare people away from certain industries. If we want to help people with their law
If you want to help people with wellness fitness whatever it is, you can do that just be specific, be practical and second offer one service. Only don't try to do everything. Don't even try to do a lot, especially in the beginning, make it again and ought not to be redundant, make it really specific number three focused on finding com. Back once you decided on what you're going to do. This is pretty much how you need to spend your time lot of people get hung up on all kinds of other stuff administration, thinking about things that we have nothing to do with with finding clients and you're trying to have a service business. It's all about clients all right. So I like what Richard in the story does not
business cards printed them out in approach, something like a hundred people who are out walking their got so early focused on finding clients is key and you want to create a process step for how will you fulfil the service when somebody decides to hire? You are asking questions how you actually gonna do what you promised to do and then here's my four point. One step were the fifth step. Keep your start up costs low, always encourage everyone to do. Don't investing your business until you know it works. You can start a lotta projects without spending any money at all or by spinning just really small amounts of money. So choose the right service offer. One service only focus on finding clients.
Wait: a process and kick start up costs low. Congratulate you. Does he moves forward in his career as a professional dancer, still learning that extra money on the side two thousand dollars a month is no small achievement. Friends, listeners inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today. Shouts including links to what was his business called gonna go dog walking services. Those notes are it's out of school dot com, slash. Eight forty blossom have links to wag Rover. Any other platforms out that are specifically focused on this type of aid. So that's it pretty daily back again to Morrow quickly weekly recap. So much more is on the way, and I hope you stick around. My name is critical about. This is cited a fool From the onward project.
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