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#851 - “The Little Mermaid” Inspires Six-Figure Sleeping Bag Biz


A special effects artists turns his Hollywood trade into an oceanic brand that makes unique sleeping bags for kids. 

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What's up everyone welcome? My name is crystal. If I was dismissed out of school, I don't begin to program today, I'm so excited to tell you about an all new show and all your program that is part of the armor project if you did not know the armor project, was founded by best selling author Gretchen ribbon she's, also to host a happier a mega popular protest and satisfy school has been part of our projects its inception or inaugural member and today or what in all new show called do the thing with whole thirties, molest urban. So here's what it's about eating healthier exercise in setting boundaries, managing your money, even recovering from addiction or. From trauma whatever As we all have a thing we ve been working on, but despite our best intentions, we just can't make it stick with new podcast from Melissa, Hartwick Urban,
Whole thirty co founder in number one New York Times, bestselling author explores what's been missing every time you ve tried to do the thing. Whatever that thing is so you can finally change the pattern and level I forget. I said I'm excited about this, but in the works for a long time you can check it out and Apple podcast or wherever he listened to shows again. It's called do the thing with whole authorities: Melissa, Urban. Now, in today's under the sea story, when Sweden, we have an under this historic. That's what today's about. I specifically a special artist, turns kids into sleeping mermaids.
He's inspired by his daughter and her love for the little mermaid. His idea, then swims into a six figure sleeping bag bids and instead of sowing direct, he go straight to wholesale accounts with stories like Cubey, c and bed bath and beyond. So really fun story say to him for all the details here is a quick shot out to our sponsor. The IBM cloud is the cloud it's open that secure its built for business. It's also the cloud its leading the way, but don't take our word for it. Check gardener appear insights to see why customers rate IBM Cloud above a W S, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure over the last twelve months as February twenty Eightth, twenty twenty IBM, let's put smart to work, gardener peer insights ravine constitute the subjective opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gardner or its affiliates market
yellows days are spent, transforming Hollywood actors into monsters and mythical beings. There was a chance his daughter into a mermaid that sparked his idea for a site, hustle market working on the Adam Sandler film bedtime stories and needed to draft, a life size mermaid tail for Carry Russell, so he put together a mould and create one out of latex foam before he used it on set Mark stone opportunity to make his little mermaid obsessed five year old, daughters day. He brought her on set and let her try on the tail for herself. Needless to say, she absolutely loved it and spent the next week asking mark if he could make one for her to home market and have a Hollywood budget of his own, so he made a simpler verse out of sheet farm. He source at a local fabric store every day his or would put on a little mermaid slide into her tail and spend the next hour or so flipping and kind to her heart's content side of that with dolphins. Do they flippin caught in a mermaid s, gonna part dolphin part person
Ok, let's keep Goin. It wasn't long before marks. Other daughters wanted to tell their own, which of course needed to be unique. The more his daughters were, their tails, the more questions they began to ask. Where in the ocean do mermaids live, do they have any special powers and do all haven't you make an accent of course man. He said so market regret with stories about who the mermaids were in their lives beneath the waves improvising, as he went the more the stories and characterised develop the more remarks on commercial potential and what doing his daughter. Wasn't the only one who love aerial and Sebastian for he began looking at how he could do this scale. Mark brainstormed a number of ideas and eventually said turning the Finns into mermaids sleeping bags is tied in perfectly with the stories as he could create story books to accompany the bats. It felt like the perfect kid friendly product and, of course, it would be marketed to their parents since, at the money he created three realm mermaids in total Lucien tossing colliding, who,
had their own realm storyline and design within the fictional world of Oceana, he called the company enchant else market, his wife Christie designed each of the sleeping bags themselves. They wanted to keep critic, control and ensure the final design was true to the vision they used actual sea life to inform much of it. As well as taking influences from the different fictional and non functional regions where the mermaid Slip, they also wanted to ensure the stories and sleeping bags intertwined as much as possible the elements of the story to inform their design, for example, we're mates special power causes her tale to glow, show the sleeping bags use glow in the dark threat. Although the initial design faced with simple turning the concept art into a final product, was I to bring the expensive world and intricate designs to life marketed to licence that world and products he had built, create unique artwork for each character, design make prototypes of each sleeping bag
generate, marking materials for each of them and so on and allow that had to be out source to companies in freelancers. It was quite the process, unlike many economists, businesses marked decided. He wouldn't began selling the sleeping bags directly to consumers from his website, at least not at first because get enough complexity going on. Instead, he chose the wholesale route and work of companies like Cuvier, see Macy's and bed bath and beyond. This required a lot about from production, but it then enabled him to sell enchant health products without needing to be there at the point of purchase and it fit much better around his data markland it wholesale contracts with four out of five companies. He pitched you. The first sale went to Cubey, see who purchased eighteen hundred units of the products, these retail at the official price of a hundred fifty dollars, but are often sold at ninety nine dollars. Thanks to the three party marketing efforts of the company's he was working with marked it now to think too much about selling himself. However, he's recently started trying to sell direct consumer through the enchanted website to increase the number of orders and diversify where they come from. This has meant twenty
I was social media content marketing. Although it's too early to tell the direct impact, watching, enchant health has sold thousands of units and Mark says they're just getting started at this point. Most of the profits go back into the company to help them grow their current product range. He wants to expand from three to twelve different realms for his mermaids, he's also working on a concept for a tv show, putting all the characters that you would like to pitch to Amazon or Netflix in the original SIRI but for now at least he's got his hands he's happy, helping kids bring their underwater dreams to life so we mark about what has biggest lesson was, and he said I wouldn't be so quick to trust marketing agencies at their work and also, I would try to request more frequent. Refusing uptake have you been listening to the chauffeur while you might realize, sounds familiar had another
people say no. I hired a marketing agency. I heard a pr firm, you know they. They made alone Promises- and they didn't do a lot, which isn't to say that no She got do that, but I think overall you're gonna be much more successful play when you're, starting to figure out yourself like where my customers, how can I reach them, etc and eventually, perhaps anything iron agency for is about amplification, about saying we ve got a model that works now. How can we apply this and glad to reach more people, sell those injured? the story, how he pursued a wholesale model at first working hard to get those contracts with few BC said Beth and beyond. Of course, that's not an easy process, but once he had it, then he had this kind of guaranteed source of ongoing. Sales, and now you can devote more time to developing the direct consumer sales. So they're always lots of different paths and processes and possibilities, as you think about what you're sawdust was going to be and not just what is going to be. But what it's me is going to be. How are you going to develop something, and how are you going to reach the people need to hear about it? How are you going to sell it to them
smell your side up on needs to make money. Otherwise it's just a hobby. So it's what we try to focus so much on practical details in the show. How do people do something? What does it look like? What is the effect on their lives? What is the outcome, and how can you use that story as fuel or motorways giving you an idea, just some momentum or perhaps the main thing whenever it is as you pursue your own goals, is that's what I hope. You'll do ass, she was into the show and ass. She moved forward each day. Even if it's just a little bit of progress moving forward every day is powerful. Today show notes, are satisfied, schooled com, slice, aid, Five one and a reminder of that brand new, showing the onward project do the thing with whole thirty's, Melissa Urban available through apple podcast or wherever you listen to pass, thanks so much only back again to Morrow much more is on the way my name is critical about. This is site US school and.
From the onward projects.
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