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#86 - Car Enthusiast Sells $1 Million in Products Over 13 Years of Hustling


A car enthusiast follows up on his curiosity and creates a project that earns $5,000/month on average and has brought in over a million dollars after a decade.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Better. What's up. This is critical about with side of souls. It is a new weak and I M excited every Deanna Show, there's a new story and encouragement for your journey, something to get you thinking and taking action, and one of these stories have in common Well, first of all there all about regular people who neighbour At the time have regular jobs and they are busy with lots of stuff just like you, but somehow they find a way to create an income generating project for themselves and that's what side of the school is all about and to go that deeper. Most of these stories are about following up on curiosity and being willing to experiment. Today's is a great example of that. It's all about a car enthusiast who follows up his curiosity and creates a project that earns five thousand dollars a month on average and over the course of a bit more than a decade has more than one million dollars in net income. I tell you all about it in just a moment
story comes from giants, burka and if it got New York, John works. Full time is it. Near for an automotive suppliers but is also a serious side hustler as a self described car guy, many of us hustles have evolved from his love of cars. He's had an e commerce business for tools and ATO, electronics and presently unrelated at one point, even designed and prototypes a splash, less dog ball, but he couldn't manufacture it at a price point that will generate high enough margin. You could say that John is always looking for the next big thing, or even just a small one, But way back in two thousand three John side, our souls hadn't yet made it to the internet. At the time he was busy printing recipes for college students with that logic was winding down as later printers became more common for his next
ever. He knew we wanted to expand his reach and sell something on this new thing called the internet, but he wasn't quite sure why, around that time he received a free sample of dry washing guard, a form of waterless car wash. He took it home, tried it out and was impressed by how well it worked. So he decided to see about becoming a distributor. He set up a one page website hosted through Yahoo and accepted payments only through Paypal. There was very basic, but because he was one of the first people to sell this product online. He was soon making a thousand dollars a month, so he chose to invest more time and attention in the hustle he applied for a merchant accounts that he could accept credit cards. In addition to pay pal, he worked on search engine optimization with the goal of getting to the first page of Google search results and ultimately, the number one position. Thanks to this extra effort, he was soon sailing between two thousand and five thousand dollars a month depending on the season. Johns original start up costs were very similar to his ongoing costs. He had to buy the product in the manufacturer and he had to buy shipping supplies
it out, including boxes packing, peanuts tape taken shipping labels, but that's pretty much ass time went on. He chose to invest a bit more marketing, especially as more distributors entered the market. Now he has ads on Facebook Instagram and also uses Google Adwords and influence or marketing on Youtube. You also expanded, beyond his own website, to sell directly on Amazon, dot com and Ebay last negotiated with the manufacturer to receive a referral bonus for any other distributors that he recruits so John also gets ten percent of their sales, in addition to the property makes from his own sales and all these strategies at up more than a decade and starting John still makes anywhere from three thousand to ten thousand. There's a month on the dry wash hustle after all those years with the project, he recently crossed the seven figure milestone and realize he had made more than one million dollars from it. He still works is day job, but this impressive, sustainable hustle has done things like funded the car hobby that got him into selling drywall.
The first place he's currently rebuilding a nineteen, sixty five barracuda and perhaps more impressively John and his wife of adopted two children and his wife has been able to quit her job and be a full time. Caregiver all thanks to Johns decision to follow up on his curiosity. So congratulations, John. I live how recurring this business has been for him and appointed a story that I want to focus on is that decision of his to follow up this whole question came up in a sort of course go workshop. I was doing recently in LOS Angeles, some always asking. How do I become a distributor and the answer is it really depends on the industry, but usually the first step is to go the manufacturer and ask hey: how can I resell Europe. And they may have some information available online remained to dig deeper and make a couple phone calls and again, depending on what it is, it may be more or less complicated, but it can often be as simple as placing a minimum order. So that's what you wanted. He went to the manufacture and said: hey, I'm a car guy. I got the sample, I really like it. What do
Need to do to be able to resell it and it sounds simple, but not everyone would have done that. In fact, most people wouldn't have, and even the people who thought about it. Maybe they said to themselves. You know I should sell or market this item about a lot of them fuck. That's how it is with any item are really any hustle idea. A lot of people get stuck, and I don't want you to get stuck with the lessons from these stories to remove obstacles, help you deal with the challenges you encounter so, for example, if you're trying to be distributed for something and you go to a manufacturer and they have some question about whether you're a real business, it's very easy to get attacks. Idee number: it's called an e en You can do that online for free. Then you are essentially registered entity and if you run to the problem of a high minimum quantity, it doesn't hurt to ask for your first order to be less. You can say: hey I'm thinking of doing this. I want to try it and, if all goes well, then I can definitely that minimum order quantity for my second order, but for now is it care. If we do that, he per cent or whatever the number is enough.
Work at May? Not the point is you have to be serious and you have to be willing to follow. Your curiosity, if you do that, if you apply these lessons to your hustle, just like John Experience, you'll see results. Overtime. Remember inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. If you would like to find the show notes for today's episode just go to sign up for school com. Eighty six, you can also see where I'm going for the next status of school workshops where we spend two and a half hours working together during this step by step process for your hustle hope to see you at one of those workshops sometime, but until then I have to see you every day right here on the show about school.
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