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#93 - Clothing Store Salesman Invents Baby Harness, Earns $100k Per Year


An innovative salesman creates a baby harness that benefits both parent and child, all the while creating a six-figure side income for himself.

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They what's up critical about here, you listening to satisfy school and we are beginning a new week airport starting well for you. Wherever you are. I am officer Cisco and Austin Texas and a couple days for the next round of sawdust school workshops. I've got a bunch of great stories for you and I might actually catch up on my email. What we'll see about that me on a show. We often look at the idea of using the skills you already have taken their skills and apply, I'm in a different way for your site, hustle that income generating project. What's not just about the skills you already have one about the working people. You already know often someone. Network can be key to your success. Now some people think dont know anyone. I've literally have people Is that phrase I don't know anyone at all, but this is almost always false. Do use facebook, who are your facebook friends? Did you go to school to college to university? Where are those people now? What about your colleagues that people you work with
Your former colleagues from your former job is not just about who you know directly. Who do your friends now so think about that? As you here today story, clothing salesmen, who hasn't idea. This idea our manufacturing. He doesn't know a lot about that. I want to spend a ton of money figuring out, so he starts with the people. He knows along the way, ends up with a patent on his idea and a six figure side income. I think you might find this very helpful Jeffrey NASH, aside, hustle, began when he used his powers of observation after a lifetime. Of watching parents, especially mothers, bending over to help their children learn to walk one day, if a scene differently and in a moment You realize the need for a very simple products that would allow a mom to stay upright and keep the baby safe. He envisioned of thirty hornet with long straps that the mom would hold the guide her baby as he or she stumbling through their first few steps
later come to name this project, the jockey after his own child, nickname, but before he could name it, he had to make it at this point in our story. Jeffrey was fifty six years old and wasn't an inventor by vocation. Far from it. In fact, for the past forty years he had worked in a man's clothing store selling millions of dollars with her clothing but offer his employers. He felt confident that it he had this product, he could figure out how to sell it. I wasn't sure how to go through the design, prototype and creation stages. The first part of his discovery process came through internet research. He looked at other tools like baby walkers turned out? Some of those products have been banned in Canada and the European Union for being unsafe, so he research alternatives and learn more about product safety we also did a lot of research to make sure his specific product. One he had envisioned didn't already exist once he was convinced the product was a good idea and a new one. He got started on making it he spent. Nothing making his early prototype because he began.
By drawing designs by hand and since he's been in the clothing industry for decades, he had friends that we're tailors and minors that he called on to review is sketches and confirm. Its designs could actually be manufactured, He settled on an initial design and another friend made a prototype. Did he get actually experiment with at this point his cause we're just his time and materials? Once you take that first handmaid prototype to the point he was satisfied. The next heard I was finding a trustworthy manufacturer could produce the products at a low enough price point to do this Jeffrey started by asking everybody knew if they had any manufacture Recommendations between those perceptions and some additional internet research? He soon out a few options and began reaching the companies in the? U S, Mexico and China. He eventually when the company in China and placed his first order of one thousand jockeys while he was fine the manufacturer. He was simultaneously starting the process of patenting the product now for this house patent lawyer, so it did actually cost money. This part took about four.
Yours and twelve thousand dollars, but eventually the proud owner of a patent for his jappy. But he didn't wait for years. Marketing the product even before he had his first order in hand. He started a website and began a grass roots marketing campaign was trying to keep costs low. He relied on mom bloggers to get the word out. He started by reaching out. Mom bloggers individually, offering them a free jappy to get way to their readers if they reviewed it. This worked remarkably well pretty soon other mom bloggers for coming to him asking for a review jumpy and in the first two years his product was featured on over four hundred blogs. That gave a huge kicks to sales, and it was so popular that he started working with an agency to manage relations with the bloggers within the first two years of, first sight, hustle after working as a clothing salesmen for forty plus years, Jeffrey was making a hundred fifty thousand dollars a year from selling his jappy. Not number has, find a bit recently, but he still averaging well over a hundred thousand dollars a year. This isn't a say. He hasn't made any mishaps along the way that relationship with
agency that work with bloggers went well. So we try to hire a mark. Company to expand, is reached further and he felt like they over promised and under delivered. After that experience. Spending more time himself: learning about good Adwords Youtube reviews, Facebook, ads and anything else. He can do to get the word out here. At the most surprising thing about creating the jockey are all the emails he gets from happy parents telling him stories about how his product help their child learn to walk. Naturally, he's also grateful for the financial freedom that has come from this I saw his throw that he was able to take something. He envisioned turn it into reality and bring him that financial freedom, as well as the pride he feels in seeing his idea through. So how about you? How do you know who can help with your idea
Jeffrey had been in the clothing industry for decades it was an unnatural or awkward for him to go to some of his friends who are tailors and designers and ask them to review his sketches and provide any advice or implement. He has this belief. A closed mouth never gets and he said he wasn't afraid to ask for help. Well, that's good for him, but it is hard for a lot of us to ask for help and even though its heart, it's often key to getting closer to the success that you envision. So I would encourage you to think about who do you know who might able to help with your idea. Where can you get advice or recommendations or a connection to someone else and remember, don't just think about People you know directly think about who they are is well. You're. Circle is probably much wider than you think As always. I hope this story inspires you, but I also hope you take action on it and apply it in some way:
We want to see the shouts for today's episode more more about the Jappy just come over dishonest or school dotcom slash. Ninety three on critical about this is out of school I'll, see you tomorrow.
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