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#94 - Stay-At-Home Mom Helps Immigrants Gain Citizenship with YouTube Tutorials


In Washington, DC, a stay-at-home mom and former teacher helps immigrants gain citizenship with YouTube tutorials.

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Support for this bought gas comes from Bullman. Sacks. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trends, shaping markets industries and the global economy, stain formed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our part gas? At yes, a calm such covered nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms. Thoughtful school listeners welcome back on critical about her something really cool for you today. Weeks ago. I told you a social good story of someone who makes money while making a positive difference in the world. Story was about an attorney for a baseball team in Detroit who starts a jury, Looking hustle employees, disadvantaged women teaches them new skills. Well, I have another one today that I really like coming. From Washington DC. It's all about stay at home and former teacher who helps image.
Skein citizenship with Youtube tutorials, it's a wonderful project that helps people and is profitable for her I'll. Tell you all about it in just a moment Daniel Fang was a stay at home on the two ships in school. When she decided to start, volunteering. She had previously taught an entry school for ten years, but she also enjoyed working with adults and this time. Given volunteer work? She chose to illiteracy course, while she was doing course. She met a woman in process of getting the citizenship. Daniel did everything he called to assist researching the system accompanying her to the interview and even observing the swearing in ceremony, surrounded enthusiastic soon to be citizens echoing the oath of allegiance Daniel. Deeply moved soon after started teaching civics citizenship and yes, I'll classes to help others to the same process whenever first tunes was, a button refugee who had escaped about by walking through the Himalayan mountains to India before finally making it to the? U S
listening to that student story? A meeting other around the world with similar tales, further inspired Daniel, she found some she really believed them. What is it? to do a site or something or keep listening. Daniel lives in Washington, Dc Metro area, which has a large, granting refugee population she's a huge need in community for the kind of support that are classes were providing, but can only be in one place at one time, Classes usually ran for nine to twelve weeks with each clasping. Two three hours long. She found it meant. For students didn't have time to make the four commitment there are usually working full time had responsibilities so some Is that what MRS Klass, which put them at a disadvantage? That's when you with a simple solution, she decided to post information and lessons online, so that people can catch up in their own time and without delay her accidental side hustle was born Daniel. Idea was to simplify the overwhelming process of U S, naturalisation. She says. Websites can often be confusing so angel
Twenty fifteen she built a basic website with the most crucial information that was fine, but what change things. December. That year, she law citizenship, Youtube Channel, calling it s a group which is for educational support services for adults she started may in posting videos on every from citizenship, energy, preparation to English speaking practice, Oh, she originally had no intention of making money from the videos. It was impossible I notice all the traffic this New Youtube Channel was getting right away. Videos we're getting a thousand views a day with an upward trend of about Fifty new views every day and that number applied, overtime, monetizing, a success, Well, you tube channel. Isn't that difficult? Are you doing Google adsense account, which is free connected to your channel and then ask people click on ads. Before after they watch your video you'll get paid a commission. So that's what she did. She decided to see what would happen and she began. Creasy. The number of videos posted using what you He taught nor class as well as information
from government websites and experts just making it simpler and more accessible. Less than one month later, she was making a steady profit, about six months later, the chance was generating around eighteen hundred dollars to two thousand dollars each month and it's important understand that her users customers people who have you the videos. Dont pay anything at all for them they get these video lessons completely for free. It helps them prepare Daniel is paid There's third party advertisers that come in vehicle adsense from her couch at home, Daniel now invest about six hours a week and credit video about two hours a week to respond to questions from subscribers. Decent basic I've been work. Even though a number of competitors have sprung up she's, able to stay ahead of them by providing the most up to date, information about fees, regulations and process. Her kid I bet older now, but Daniel. She hasn't wanted to go back to full time work, this access Success has allowed her and her husband to make some large purchases as well, art savings accounts for their daughters. It has also allowed
now to help our community financially by purchasing book, household items and clothing for new Fiji families that arrive in the area. Daniel has become a crew later for side hustles, she says love, sharing your experience and she's hard at work. Singer. Friends, especially other stay at home parents that starting an income generating hustle while giving back, is entirely within reach So what an awesome story, but I you to go. Take a look at our Youtube Channel caught as a group, a link it up today, the site. So far, her videos have more than four million views. This is obviously been and resource to a lot of people, It's also a shining example that you can make something that is helpful. That is useful, that benefits others and still get paid for it and not that. But, as you can see in the story, the people you how Don't necessarily have to be the ones who pay for it. In this case, it Advertiser supported model, so the advertisers or third parties. Today, change of information that takes place between Daniel entered users. It really
a win win solution, and I, for one, am so glad that she's doing, if you like the story, Hope it helps you think, about your own story, but gives us motivation to keep working away as always Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. More about this meaningful project and also, if you like, see how you score on a? U S: citizenship, test, conversational, school, dotcom, slashed. Ninety four: we will link up all those things. There are many more stories on the way. Thank you for Your awesome on critical about precisely school.
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