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#981 - WEEKLY RECAP: Planning Ahead for a Big Q4


In our thirty-sixth recap of Season III, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: an audio update from a previous case study!

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What's up brains, listeners, community, sawdust school? Thank you so much for being here, my name is critical about. We have just finished with number thirty six season three this week. You're, a multi, making empire cosplay costumes with three printers and more Also this week we have labour day in the United States, which the onward project, like Gretchen Ribbon, has now re purpose, as Hashtag happier Labour Day If you miss any of that, just go and look on social media for that hashtag happier, Labour day, you'd see a bunch of posts, comments, photos, etc, premises. That work should be something to be celebrated and enjoyed not deferred or avoid it. So if you hate your work, they happen to be situation, where you hate your job, where your work or whatever you do, it's, not your fault and most. Clay, you're, doing the wrong kind of work back. We could even say it's not your job, spa
it just may not be the right match, may not be the right fit. I guess it could be your jobs spot your boss spot. The point as work should be something to be celebrated If you're, not your work, you working to find a way to make some changes one way or another, whether it isn't it term medium term or at least in the long term, not in the spirit of being proactive talk about something it's important to a lot of businesses, especially E, commerce, retail and any kind of business business side also etc. Anything where you are selling a product? They could, possibly even by the most remote stretch the imagination that could possibly be given as a gift. So what am I about I'm talking about the fourth quarter of the year episode, ninety one, if your listing in real time it is the eighth of September and so Actually, in regards to holiday sales promotions, I know we have a long time to go until the holidays themselves. You know you like you talk about? The holidays now wasn't understand. Our promotion and planning, because if you want to play an effective promotion, you need to plan
that doesn't. Do you any good for me to pop up the week before Thanksgiving and say: hey: have you played your black product promotion? Have you thought about what big Bacardi sailors, because, if you're most of our listeners. Your time is limited by the show is so short every day, but at short, because I know your time is limited and plan the right kind of product promotion or any kind of interviewer holiday promotion, etc, sale whatever it is. It will take some time and effort. So let's look at that a bit. Why is it so important? Well, statistics, but generally speak Most estimates are that the range is twenty to forty percent of yearly sales for small and middle sized retailers take place within the last two months of the year. Of course, there are some contrasting opinions on this. I went looking to make sure my statistics were correct and I found one resource that was like theirs Such thing. There is no such thing as a holiday bump, and you know sales are distributed throughout the year, etc. I'm pretty sure that's not true. For a lot of businesses. Some businesses- some industries- may be completely unaffected by this season.
Naughty, but on the other hand, some may seem more than forty percent, so it is a big deal and the point is around this time of year. Customer began to get in a shopping loot and they expect some kind of promotion, especially the period that begins around Thanksgiving that doesn't mean you have to give away the store. It just means a reason to get them in the store if you are selling anything or fear, it's a launch anything Evan Ex three months. This is important. This is something you should take advantage of and plan for it, because it's make your life a lot easier, it's going to convert more cost where's, and hopefully it will make you more money. So what can you do right now, but a couple of practical things what to start with can plan your holiday offer, you complain your boat, Your promotion, your sale, you're discount, your extravaganza, whatever it is, identify it now be thinking about what it could be and make it your best offer of the year. If you're gonna planets promotion. As I said, customers will be in a buying mood. This is a good time to do it and lots of other businesses.
Are our making really competitive offers? Ten percent twenty percent? Fifty percent off? You know that the best offer that you can possibly make? This is the time to do it, and then you want to set a date. When I decide ok when it max you gonna put this offer out, is it going to be Friday, which is the debtor Thanksgiving, is it so called cyber Monday? That is a terrible name, but people are still using that twenty years after we stop cyber right, that's the Monday that follows Thanksgiving. I should think any time in that window is good could actually began a cup. Days earlier missing is to make it three to five days so offer your promotion. Whatever is it's not just one day? It's also not too long either, but just one day people could miss it. If it signing up for sixty days, and it's not offer recent way. Discounts on a promotion, I should say, Giving in twenty nineteen is never twenty Eightth. That is the Eu S Thanksgiving. Eyes that Canada has an earlier one, but for the purpose of artists
November, twenty eight and then going for the next two weeks in terms of good holiday season promotion time, then, as December progresses like there's natural pause for Hanukkah, which begins December twenty. Second, I believe in twenty nineteen goes until the thirtieth. Of course, Christmas, Eve Christmas and then, once all that's done it's just in time for new your sales. This is a whole period. I'm talking between Thanksgiving a new year's in MID November, to early January, it can be really big. So you got a slut. Your offer set your date. And then, at a certain point, problem, right away, but maybe a week or so in advance black bright air. Whenever it is that your promotions, gonna, go out, you wanna tell people it's coming. You went to email, your lest he went to Harvard you can. It was your customers want to say, hey. This thing is coming up. You want, then prepared to buy. Because even other in a shopping mood, there also hearing from lots and lots of other businesses want to know. Hey you out. We ve got something special for you, but nothing. You can do tat
Rynch, eight, eight or stand out or otherwise make it noticeable so much the better. So does it things for you to think about now, make it your best offer the year. What what is that promotion discount going to be set your date for it? The date range again, I think, five days. Is it good range and then prepare to tell people it's coming not to do that now, but to prepare for it to think about the email. You want to write. Think about hydrant, update your website copy, any special graphics images, and so on. Just give you two examples of how powerful this can be It's a simple thing: the season, this kind of promotion, doing assail in the year Scott Keys, who we picture before Scots cheaply. It is actually in the wonder titles book, along with a kind of have to introduce you to in just a moment here an audio update from somebody else was in that book, but every year, Scott does more than a hundred thousand dollars from a black Friday promotion and
his business is doing really well now, but I mean a single promotion more than a hundred thousand dollars. I think he brings in something like a quarter to a third of its annual members, which are his customers essentially. Through that promotion every year and then not quite as epic as that for a number of years. I had a business called unconventional guides and we would always do a thanksgiving sale wasn't very elaborate, wasn't really sophisticated. Wasn't that no developed or anything it was just like, but a little bit of effort and let it be like this is our one once the year and that would be really significant. We now do something like twenty thousand dollars. In addition, revenue like that, we weren't expecting eight thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars, and it just can't depended. But the point is you want an average mine We might not be doing twenty thousand dollars in that business, but then, for that one sale we knew we could count on like a really good bump at all from just in a couple of emails. Basically, so you got a business if you got it
something if you're selling anything at all, if you preparing to lie something for sale in the next few months, think about how you can take advantage of this time period. This concludes my publics, announcement, and now I'm gonna bring you to an audio update, featuring Brian Thomson right after this quick shot out to our sponsor
here's brain of lake he's coming to us from Boston Howdy. This is Brian from Austin Texas, my sight hustle permanent one, forty, not Tom, that laser engraved tweet Sunda plaques with featured on episode. Ninety one after a good run, the orders dried up, but, as you can read in the one hundred site, hustled book, I launched a new site lasers, make an awesome, dot com and started a laser grave in all kinds of things for events and brands. Last year, I decided to specialise in three items that I make really well: custom, posters, wooden name, tags and wooden nicholls that bars and coffee shops uses free, drink tokens. So I had a landing page for each item. Can then about page? So thanks to Essie out now I get bored
from across the country and other tweak to the site has really helped added a formed. Might Warder page that collects more details so, instead of e mailing back and forth now I have everything I need to create an estimate up front about twenty five percent of those estimates. Converter orders some weeks. It's a couple hundred dollars other weeks at zero, but then I'll get a big order in the thousands this year, lasers make an awesome his averaging just over a thousand dollars a month. It takes the pressure off my main income as a freelance copywriter and gives me the flexibility to work on being a better fathers to my two junior side, hustlers Avenant Ella, who help with deliveries in shipping. Next, I want to experiment with pricing to see if I can convert more orders, so my advice make small tweet and make an awesome awesome. Thank you. So much Brian appreciate that date and I actually had the honour of meeting those junior side hustlers at a book of
I did and Austin recently really closely. The whole family and is also pretty cool, that this site, as you know, is doing a thousand dollars a month on average to release. Pressure on its main source of income like he said, which this is goal of many of our listeners like this is this is like a primary goal of so many people out there and we got lots of folks who want to go for a time. We got lots of folks you once you like while in we also have a lot of people there like men, would be pretty COS a thousand dollars a month? You know to pay off some bills or debt or save for the future, or just I do not have as much pressure on my main source of income like Brion said so that super cool I once again his website is lasers, make an awesome, dot com dude very excited about all of this to come on a programme including an episode. Me up tomorrow, that I am especially excited about its all about a dance teacher, a dance, a tap dance teacher, in particular
launches a toe tapping online course on this. Doing really? Well, a pretty niche market right, toe tapping tap dancing. It is just a great story, said on a previous, too much just be sure to come back tomorrow, HU it, along with all kinds of other stuff. It's coming up on the calendar. I feel very fortunate to be able to make this point. For every day and since you're out there, as we conclude the wig just want to say you're. The reason we make the show, if you make the commitment to make this part of your team high, to commit to supporting you in your quest to create that new source of income that side of so that you have thought about for a while, maybe haven't This reality until now, He had on our own to think about how we make some some critical end of year improvements to help you and your well and begin planning for a big new year as well, but to be fair, I already talked about Thanksgiving, so you like our nearest like so far away. Ok, they're enough! So right, don't say thank you producer, Chuck Reed community liaison JET Chad Chang other folks from kittens thirteen are cat hurting
heart any official show cat not related to the cat, heard her Libby Gill about we're all part of the project curious by bestselling, author Gretchen, ribbon check out her show happier as well as you're in Hollywood and the programme from less urban. Do the thing: if you're in show, please tell your friends about it, show them how to subscribe. If you know somebody who needs another source of income sent him to us will do our best to take care of them, hope, you'll join me tomorrow, every next week the more stories and ideas consider this a short investment in yourself. You can subscribe wherever listen to pack ass. My name is critical about, and this is How does this work. From the onward projects.
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