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Side Hustle School is made for you! Let me know what you're working on and what your #1 struggle is. Email or send a voice memo to podcast@sidehustleschool.com

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Let us go is brought you bite, you wait. What that's right out of school is brought you by our amazing listeners. This is a check in message where they see how you doing over there, what you're struggling with and how you may- progress on your site herself, especially for listeners this show is different from others. You may have heard its intended as an interactive experience, not just entertainment, to make sure it is valuable and helpful to you so quick action point for those who identify dishonest school community, I would love to know your number one question or struggle, and you can send me a quick note at podcast. It satisfies school dot com where you can also recorded quick little voice mama with your phone in an email that two podcast etc so school dot com. You too, writing or saying a lot would just like to know number one question or struggle is at this point, and those responses will guide me
planning so that I can make sure this is the best possible resource for you. Also. Today's message is a check in for me to you as well. Accountability is good, so here's my report to you. A number of books have asked me. How is this show created, and I think some people the impression that I'm recording months in advance or are we actually got the whole year complete? Somebody asked me in an event recently. He was like how long did it take you to record authorised and sixty five besides and I was like well, I don't know because when I started I had for them complete and now run episode tuner in thirty or so, but it is being recorded in real time like I try to work at least a few days out to make life easier for our production team but when I say on travelling each week in going from city to city like I really am recording an episode every day around the world they travel and leave them since that I bring in a way I try to crack. The narrative is in response to what I see people talking about the emails. I get the feedback I get when I do me,
till. It really is a living active experience this week, I'm in California in New York before that I was recording from South EAST Asia, weaker took, I was transiting through Dallas and I How to record an episode? I wasn't able to record that morning before I left my hotel, so I snuck into a kind of a quiet, little place and recorded an episode, and everyone looked at me strangely, but I tried to think about you based on the content and on the way, I'm running my own business as well. In addition to the show, I write a blog, the art of nonconformity, I'm a few other projects. And the main thing I'm doing- is getting ready for a buck launch on September nineteenth, that is the site hustle book and a couple quick points on that. If you would like to pre order that but that would be super awesome. Pre orders here author is a lot, makes a huge difference to kind of debut. In the first couple weeks, with a lot of sales lot of enthusiasm- and I put together a free report based on some of the most pop Archives of the show caught forty eight hustle ideas to get you started and if you presented a buck from any bookstore any seller online. Your local bookstore, wherever you can send me
seat and get that report free. So if you like to do that, just go to cite hustle School dotcom, Slash book, that would be awesome and much appreciated and the why you're on the site, I just released the first batch of towards dates. I play a hundred city tour, hopefully to meet you somewhere or at least made a lot of people and sign up for that at sight of school, dotcom, slash tour! If you don't see your city listed, maybe keep checking back because are gonna, be adding a bunch more and you can also add your city at the bottom of the page and just like I did what the workshops, the places I go, largely determined based on reader demands on us in demanding, but more like reader request. So that's a promoter, that's the truth. Sign up, I'm also working on some other stuff with the site, hustle society on a more detailed uptake. Forty about that soon, and just to recap, this brief check in First of all, how are you doing? Let me know semi a quick note or a quick voice, note at podcast its high, docile school dot com You dont have to ride along thing or say along thing, just include your number one question or struggle. Secondly, it is true: satisfied school is weaker in real time. Hearing your sick,
stories and your struggles and your questions in your and what you're working on all that stuff really doesn't in this process. The book is coming on cept, nineteenth. If you priority, you can get a free report. Forty eight hustle idea to get you started just upload your, received at sight of school, dotcom, Slash book Why are they sign up for the tour? The first batch of cities is out and I look forward to continuing. The show every day, I'm having so much fun. I'm learning a lot along the way. He's gonna be an episode every day. There's gonna be a purpose to it and I'm coming to your city, or at least close or at least I'm going to a lot of cities. Object I'm sure you are, and I want you to make this site hustle thing a reality for yourself and that's it for now. Inspiration is good. Well, you know how that goes. I hope you haven't a great deal over there, don't stop believing.
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