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Side Hustle School is made for you! Let me know what you're working on—come take a quick survey at SideHustleSchool.com/report. Our hardworking, hustling crew (even the cat) would love to know how we can continue to improve. 

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Oh hi, Chris, just a quick little checking message. This is separate from our regular episode today I swear it, tat by and see how things are going for you, so you can consider this kind of So the union message a little check in as you. The mission of Satisfy school is to help you create an income generating project without quitting your job. And I really want, unless there is to be able to do that like it's. My hope that the show doesn't just entertain you, but also obscene guys you, along the way more than Here I go. I said I want to have a whole collection of sawdust stories that come directly from listeners. Guess what now we do bridge. At least twenty percent of stories featured each week, our home grown slots. Some, but I am sure that you are not left out especially been listening for a while, so based on others. We ve, seen million download the launch of a new programme side of society earlier this year. Lots of great feedback and comments and requests stories from listeners have already begun to make some improvements to it,
serve you and my hope is to make a more more improvements. So here's the thing when you let me know how things are going for you and what your greatest struggle is. That will help us me Our hard working, hustling production crew continue. Refine and make more more privilege. I too. This is really set If you get a chance, come over to satisfy school, dotcom, Slash report and there's a way for you to complete a super quick survey. Right. This is a really simple survey, theirs For sale in your info, I can be shared, there's no like marketing strategy. Here we really want to hear from you, ok, and we have to say what but the lesters so that satisfies Godaddy dot com. Slash report are e, o r t take a quick moment. If you can Let us know how you doing important of our thanks. So much for listening. We really do make a show for you. The best is yet to come.
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