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EXTENDED CUT: Six-Figure Drone Pilots


Can you really make six-figures using a drone to take pictures of houses? These people do, and most of them didn’t have special training before they started. This special episode also discusses how to spot other opportunities like this one.

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Support for this package comes from October, a secure solution shouldn't yourself, you keep up with the ever changing technology landscape. It should help you thrive artist. For a zero trust security strategy protecting all of your data in places that need it lay cloud mobile and legacy apps secure starts with identity, since which time the leading and defended provider of identity, for the enterprise, to learn more about improving your security strategy at after dotcom slash the answer. That's ok, tag, dotcom, slash the answer. Can you really make six figures a year using a drone to take pictures of houses? The people tell you about an especial episode. Do exactly that in motion didn't, have any special training before they started. They actually work refers and they weren't drawn pilots for the most part, especial episode, hostages, is how to spot other opportunities like this one. So hey, what's
welcome. This is critical about, and today's episode is a bit different. It is an extended cut. Our fifth extended caught exceeded episode of your number two but his number seventeen and total, if I'm not mistaken in recalling a six figure drawn pilots So it is all about a topic that is both specific to the time, I'm recording it and it should be like about no matter when you happen to listen. So what I mean is it talk about an opportunity. A number of people discover to make a lot of money using this particular interest to this particular scale. Drone photography and that's the topic that specific to this time period working at a late summer, early five, twenty eighteen, probably relevant. Last year or so. But even if you Listening later, the so in general is still gonna be relevant, because the more important thing you can learn is how to spot opportunities like this one in the first place, If your new, or also because it's been thirty day since our last one every month, we have the special episodes diving into a particular topic. Often a topic from one of our listeners or similar.
Listeners we're all sending in similar questions, sometimes like today, it's in response to some in its happening in popular culture, where I think there's some observations to be made about. That's because topic, but awesome more generally. What can we take from this white observations? Can we make that can help us perhaps somewhere else even if we do want to do exactly what these people are doing so far in previous exceeded cuts. We ve had all kinds of topics including one on nine starter platforms, different websites- you can go and make a profound account and begin making, right away without it. Bestowed on how to price your product or service. We Eliza questions about that. How do I decide what the price should be for this thing? I'm making never done that before episodes on how to get a book. You had a market, your bucker creative project, lessons in podcasting how to choose, different ideas and, behind this a million dollar Etsy Shop, the links to all those episode the growing pendulous, an argument check out the now. It's because allow them have detailed notes, links, resources, all kinds of free stuff about away all this is free more than a second. No thanks to all those are its article: school dot, com, slash, extended, again side. Of course, good outcome, Slash extended
also, you can see the notes to this episode, including a link to the article that I'm going to mention. So we will jump in. Days lesson, which is all about six figure. Drone pilots right after this quick message from our sponsor- and I must say thanks to our sponsor I really appreciate them. They allow me and our production team to bring this episode and all the other extended cuts in all of our daily episodes. To you completely free. They shall have a short, valuable offer, so here's a shudder to them and I'll tell you about this fascinating world of drone photography. So I register, article recently on market watch which link up into shone out, and it was all about this industry of people earning a lot of money for drone photography. If you have a living under a rock the past five years, drone as a flying device that you control the remote control and you can kind of rig it with a camera to basically gluttonous kind, take aerial photos stuff and some of the people who were profile had never done photography before getting into this
nurse and some specifically learn to fly drones in order to profit from this new industry, so, in other words, that is, the most people getting paid to take photos, houses for real estate agents or stadiums. Other places whatever it was. His son, as though most those people were professional photographers who learned to fly drones and it's not as though they were professional pilots or drone pilots who learn to do photography. A lot of them learned both skills as they explore this opportunity for instead of using the skills they already have, which is when I talk about a lot on the show they focused on the opportunity instead and they said. Ok, here's the opportune what are the skills? I need not to make this happen to make this work for myself, so it really interesting to see how different people are doing this in different ways and that article showed sample a guy from Colorado who was working? As a waiter, and is now on track to make something like two hundred thousand dollars this year again doing drawn photography
so showed a woman from New York who is on track to make forty thousand dollars this year part time working about ten hours a week, and she actually has a specialty instead of doing real estate, photography she specializes in providing drone lessons as part of Araby and bees Experiences programme. European Bee has a thing now we're in addition to running a place to stay. You can also sign up an experience like a wine tasting or apparently a drone flight lesson, which is what she does theirs So a guy in Denver who said flying for big name, companies can net me thirty hundred dollars a day. Three thousand five hundred dollars a day. The article also went into some of the average start up costs for these little businesses in Mostar cost our moderate. It's not free, it's not a hundred our start up. In most cases you have to purchase a drone at least one of them, a your biggest investments, proving to be a good camera. If you don't have a camera, you asked me a licence from the FCC and insurance should not. Something is completely out of the picture for most people who are interested in it, but also not an insignificant amounts of money
get going, so I dont actually think that most of our audience is gonna, go out in and drop everything to becoming a drone photographer, but just a couple of next steps. If you are interested in it. If you do want to do something like this, I would say first while read again article which economic link up in the show notes, sorrowful, Skoda, com, slash extended and also be three check out episode. Five hundred of the show about a married couple, who goes from a crashed drone actually crash their drawn into a New York City Street, or maybe with a car in York City Street, to a soaring site hustle, making multiple six figures showing people? How did you drive a tiger fee, some interesting resources from there and in last on if you're going to do that, if you're interested and not be sure you pay as much attention to the marketing side of a business like this, as you do to the technical side What is awesome as it is that some folks are out there making two thousand dollars a year, forty thousand dollars or part time or whatever the number Is doing this. I better So a lot of qualified drone pilots out there who aren't really earning much money off because they haven't figured out some business basics like creating a website and publishing an offer
all the things I talk about an aside or suffer from idea, income and twenty seven days- and I want to say to technical skills- are not important, but the business marking side of this house is critical. Then being willing to follow up on leads and so on all that kind of stuff at the end of the day- and I think somebody even made this point- that article mostly time spent in this kind of work isn't actually find drones its everything else. You need to do it all the business administration to support something like that, so to take up a points there, really article checkout episode, five hundred and make sure you pay attention to the marketing side of this least myself as you do to the technical side. However, like a sad, I'm assuming that most, where lesters we're not gonna drop everything to go out and become a drone photographer give notice it your job tomorrow without giving notice? That's not your plan. So that's why, when us and most of the analysis here, looking at the bigger picture from a ten thousand foot, for you see what I did their drunk photography, because happens when stories like this come out. Is that everyone says? But why did you do that?
The story goes by rolling everybody sharing another facebook and like this is the business opportunity of the future, if only I die, invest in there then all of a sudden, I'm gonna be able to make tax dollars whatever it is. The reality in most of our are smart listeners like yourself puppet, this already by the time everybody here, something the market has PETE, It will be a lot more people entering the market. Therefore, the costume, the market will go out, and the prophet potential that market will go down. In other words, is gonna, be harder to enter the market because more people are there. You'll have to work hard to stand out, can have better equipment, it better website a better offer and so on, and you have to work harder to get your clients and probably be paid less because services in great demand in their only a few suppliers? That's when the suppliers can charge a premium price about it to put my money in it and when it comes to investing, I don't think you should put your money into things. You don't understand, however, that said if you had bought even a single bitcoin years ago, when they were five dollars, age or fifty dollars, each or even a couple hundred dollars, it would be worth sixty five hundred dollars,
ample crypto currency. Now I do believe that there are still a lot of opportunities in crypto currency. Today I don't do anything with crypto currency, because I dont understand it should be very Was there and I understand the concept of american emails about this? I know I understand the concept. I understand what the point is. I understand blockchain and so on, but I dont know enough about it to put my money in it and when it comes to investing, I don't think you should put your money into things. You dont understand. However, that said if you had bought even a single bitcoin years ago, when they were five dollars, each or fifty dollars each or even a couple hundred dollars, it would be worth sixty five hundred dollars today. So one Bitcoin four years ago, where sixty five hours today and if you listen to this two different time, it may some other figure, but just how many bitcoins ion. Sadly, the answer is zero. I used the phrase gold rush in describing a phenomenon like everyone trying to sign up to fly drones for money or everyone. Don't know anything about that coin, trying to suddenly make money by mining outdoor buying and selling it whenever these opportunities or not last forever. But why last at least before peaks?
way out. There is gonna minor, got whether literally or figuratively, and we see these friends all the time in a row aside, hustles, it's it's a big reason: why try to make the show is evergreen as possible said everyday. I'm telling you about a different opportunity in that specific opportunity may dry up. It's ok because there's nothing less than their that if he listened a year out two years out, I would say that there are at least seventy to eighty percent eyes that it still somewhat relevant okay. So since you I'll, be able to buy Bitcoin for a reasonable price today, and we have established that most of our listeners are puppy not going to become drone pilots. What can you do? Let's look at a couple of other examples, a cup of other examples of trends that turned into successful site, hustles that we have featured on a shout episode. Two hundred and three, the Fidgit spinner cookie. That brings in two thousand dollars a month. This woman, it we featured there's a little bit different than that. Drawn pilots who had never found a drawn or taken photography, this woman was art,
making and selling cookies of unusual shapes and sizes, and when this fidget spinner Trent hit, which again, if you ve, lived under a rock fidget spinner, just google it it's a thing. Her cookie ended up getting all kinds of national attention and then she followed up on at attention, which is a super smart, because its often like you have this opportunity. They opportunity comes, and it is locked, it's good fortune. You can't make it happen, but then what do you do in an opportunity? Lancing, your lap, so she followed up, for example, in the team, will see your retweeted one of the stories about her. She could the PR office of T Mobile and asked if she could send him a batch of cookies. They said yes and when she did, he shared about them even more so super smart, fidget, spinner cookie, brings in two thousand dollars a month. It's a trend, she's already doing something in that industry, while the cookie banking industry, let's call it big cookie, I guess you could say
you're gonna- put these two things together and ends up bringing her an additional two thousand dollars a month in business, for I don't how many months, but for quite a while. I think other examples episode to seventy eight snapchat filters for weddings led to fourteen hundred dollars a month snapshot filters again. It's a thing. If you know by Sacha, you know filters are, if you don't know, Snapchat is a social network. These geofilters are for snapchat users. If you're having a wedding or some other of dancing a specific location, you can get a customized filter. This is a guy. I believe it was a couple. It's been a while somebody out there is that making these custom snapchat filters and then sells them as a service one more number five, thirty stoner culture emerges, rollout ten thousand there's a mite impassive income to us is probably the biggest success of all three sky into creating marijuana, themed emerges and in getting a licence to create merchandise? For them the merchandise is sold in all these gas stations and convenience stores all across Amerika. Then he creates an apple Well, if I'm not mistaken again, it's been a little while, but that goes
and earnest up very high passive income month after month. These are all examples of a trend that someone has followed and monetize in somewhat. Ok I'll get a couple of principles here in a moment. I just thought of a more quick ever so that we just did very recently episode five. Ninety nine, the The Cairo queen earns forty five thousand dollars selling spread about granola. I want to say that everything she's doing is a trend because she's actually building these long term relationships with her followers, people that are following run instagram, but I do think perhaps that food product, that kind of thing is something people are interested in for a short period of time and she's capitalizing on it. Okay, so let's talk about some principles. I'll give a couple of of actionable items are some things to consider. Think about then I'll talk about bird hunting. What do I mean by bird hunting was taken?
play about that before you wrap up for the day. So first, if you're, looking for trends, are you looking for opportunities, whether it's a short term friend or something that's here, to stay? It's just kind of emerging understand it not a retrained or new pattern is monetize of so much. There is a market for whatever you discover and how do you do that when you might, I know for sure, but you can ask yourself: is a clear connection to something that is bought or sold or could be ok, so, in a case of drone photography, a lot of these peoples lions? Are real estate agents or other people in the field of real estate, broadly speaking, and they need Photography done obviously real estate industry consists almost entirely of buying and selling or trading or promoting or reselling but yeah. Basically, it's like buying and selling homes or commercial properties. So you know that there is there? You know that there is a potential service, at least
Other things I mention. Maybe it's not as clear about like the Snapchat filters thing you think, while our people buying snapshot filters, if you're familiar that service, then you probably seen allow these filters. You can probably tell ok. Other people are using these custom filters is gearing. See that I'm gonna make money. If I pursue this, of course not, but is there a market for it? It seems so so you have to make sure that there is a market for whenever it is you're deciding to do our work for industry or opportunity or tenure pursuing. Otherwise, it's really not worth your time, because it's probably not going to lead to much next and how's this for a tip beyond the right place at the right time now I know you're thinking like great tip, I'll be in the right place at the right time. It's like saying when the lottery, but now the thing is There are lots of right places and there are lots of right times is on a single right place, a single right time. I think what you need to ask yourself is just like the previous question: is there a clear connection to something it's bought or sold, or could be ask yourself: what are you sitting on right now? What do you see
happening what's happening in your life. What's guilty, you have. What do you think is interesting or different, or even weird happening in the culture that there might be a chance to to make money from okay? So, for example, that's almost like a counter example here. Come on bird hunting. Another article I saw recently was about the invasion of electric scooters on the streets of major cities, especially in the: U S, sure they're, probably elsewhere as well. I first he's my son. Then Santiago in LOS Angeles, another in Portland Seattle and presumably, as I said, lots of other places there, hundreds of scooters that all of a sudden or just part on the streets anybody can go and ride them, usually for a cost of about eight dollars, zero dollars and ten cents a minute or so, and all these scooters put there by these companies. They need to be charged at night, cuz, they're, electric scooters and so the company that may They don't have employees that got to do as they hire a fleet of contractors. Dislike goober left drivers to go and retrieve and charge them. When is called bird. That's where the bird hunting comes from, caught lime thoroughly, three or four others. You can sign up and get paid up to twenty,
there's a device to go out and pick up a scooter at night and in charge it and put it back on the morning. You not the more devices you collect charge them more. Money can make and so on, and that the art but I saw it, I think was an wired shows that some people I met A hundred dollars a hundred fifty dollars a day or sometimes more doing this, and some it's like high school students that are doing at, which is which is pretty cool. So why haven't? I talked about it wise, and this episode Hey everybody going registered. It become a bird hunter and what's different between this and drone photography, while their couple different things First of all of those people are not making a hundred joiner fifty dollars a day, most people that are doing at our making twenty five. Today, even last, we spending a lot of time driving around trying to find a scooter trying to get a charge. And then have to take it out in the morning is well, it's not really worth it for them, but also, I haven't told any right to sign up for it, because I think it's, the smartest thing you can do could be fine could be lower goodwill experiment if you never dunsinane like that before.
But with that kind of thing, you're not really building your own asset, which is when I talk about all the time and satisfy school, is not so much about going to work for somebody else. That's what you already do you have a job. This is about creating something for yourself. So if you sign up to collect these electric scooters just like, if you sign up to drive for a ride your a year, company are a freelancer. You are a contractor, but you're not really working for yourself. Now. It's gonna like this, this grey area, this matrix somewhere, you kind of trap Since you might have control of your schedule, but you really don't have control over your income like your income, is essentially cash because there are lots of other people doing this and its somebody else's system and the people that run the system can change the rules of the system at any. Given time, shall you compare these two opportunities, the bird hunting to the drawn photography withdrawn? higher for you not sending up with any basis system, you are potentially at least of your doing ass. Your potentially building a real business you're at the mercy of some other company or some other system. You have to deal with competition learn how to do those business thanks I mentioned, but there isn't any artificial.
Restriction, that's holding you back, ok, you could say you know, disguise the limit. Sorry that was just too easy. The point it with one opportunity you're in somebody else's system with another opportunity, you're making something for yourself. Ok, so not returned his monetize, both but withdrawn photography. It clearly was clearly is still, and you can be in the right place at the right time by asking yourself, whereas one right place, whereas one right I'm? What can I find right now, that's relevant for me or is something that I might be motivated to learn. I must come on those letters. Scooters by the way is that the ISA start up in a zero cost at the start of his wife. So interesting, okay, so if you are out there hunting he's electric scooters and charging that night, you might as well earn some extra money. If it's working for you, let me know and there's no investment to it. So it's interesting that way. I just don't think it's a great no business or a great used for most people's time So I will leave you with this question: what are you noticing or observing what being in the world It could be relevant to something like this some kind of money making project or what's happening in your world. What's happening around you, so you got two different things yet the broader culture
society, capital, ass or lower case us as you see fit, and you ve also got your world ok to that you're working on the skills that you have if you ve been doing any kind of deep dive in your own skills things that you're good at things you have knowledge is you're trying to figure out what you might excite also be. What have you learned questions you have I let me know what this is. Trusting or helpful to you, but, more importantly, nothing for yourself. What are you know singer observing what's happening in the world or your world. If you're sharing of outsiders to school on social media? I was crochet people who share the episodes and let their friends now about the show. I just use hashtag beside vessels, one word again if you'd like to see no and other links the things I mention in this episode just come to satisfy score dot com. Slash extended that's offer. Today you are a rock star hope. You'll join me again tomorrow for the regular daily episode. That's gonna continue to come out every single day, crazy how that works. Thank you again, mining!
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