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Weekly Recap #14: Citizenship & Calligraphy


In our fourteenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!

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I decided school listeners. Welcome back, I'm critical above and guess what we have just finish: weak fourteen and this is episode number. Ninety, nine by my calculations, nothing followed by one hundred, so we have almost completed our first hundred days. Help you have enjoyed the journey. I M very excited where we're going next, I have so much. You're. So many things we ve been working on behind the scenes that will be rolling as we go along this weekend in us. Taxes, but wherever I go working on a shout every single day and by the way we in all new hustle hotline. So if you like to leave a comment a question for the show you. So did on the website. But if you're on a go, it super sent now, you can just use your phone pick it up and call eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and eighty eight eight thousand four hundred and forty nine for eighty seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three that will go to a voice, mail box and just as we do, Kurt Lechner questions in a weekly recap going forward
if each of them even more, if you are to the show. Welcome, encourage you to go and download. The first batch of episodes will help you catch You can listen whenever you want it a foundation for the rest of the year and on our agenda for today listener questions. Recap of the past few days and a look ahead to next week. I didn T think exists and an obsessed with sight So school had listening since June, reversed until everyone about it, when the already one Julie, sharply at sea and have had their first cell and others what you gonna could work. At my own idea that a candle lunch in May it's getting pretty well used. My question: I'm definitely a numbers person like to have all made that's in a row. He please address the business the starting a site has sought to create a separate business. Only email for a service that dumb wrote a separate checking out was the payments Alfie. How do you set me up for success from the very beginning? I'll just simple birth steps. Thanks
much see: undulate World Domination Summit Dionne. Thank you. A rock star, so glad you are enjoying a show. So how do you get ducks in a row and set yourself up for success, India is on the right track here, because she meant and getting a business bank accounts. I do think that's important. It usually very simple, It's not much different than opening a personal account. Some banks, you do it online and that we have clear separation your personal finances. Aside from that, whatever ducks you to have in a row kind of relate to the specific project, Encourage you to make a list of ducks that might include your basic sales page or offer page It might include your email, less sign up whether it's worth converter mill shampoo, some other service and, as you said through the exploratory process, which it sounds like you're, pretty good at some other necessary tools and resources might emerge. So then you can put them on a list Adam to your set up and be paper success, as you said, but, of course, as always, a kind of encourage people.
Not to focus too much on the logistics. Do you want to know you're a numbers person? I respect that would just encourage you to keep them in you have your attention on the actual project, you're developing. What is the product? What is the service? how you gonna help people or make someone's life better and in how we gonna get paid so things In the end, if I don't see you in Houston, I will look forward to seeing you in Portland Aigrettes love the show. I do have a quick question, I'm just trying to figure out how to. The licence, intellectual property, to use portions of images that are owned by big company. He's in designs, I'm creating to sell on at sea and I M sure how to do that I've done searching- and I feel like I'm too, politician the big con, but so far I can't figure out how many lives you could give me a less will be great- takes action math, thank you for listening, and this can be cut it off. It sounds like you have some specific use in mind. If not, I I would say why
to use, corporate images are somebody else's brand and your endeavour because they do on that intellectual property. They do people out there monitoring at sea sites and when I see people using their assets, they'll send a request to add for I take down notice and then yours. Be out of business, at least without project, I know that's not what you intend, but just for anybody listening now, a licensing, specific intellectual property, There is one blanket organization that can do that for every corporate brand or even a lot of corporate brands, I think I have to know a bit more about what you intend to try to figure out what the best strategy as to how to proceed. Does any other way to do it? Do that? If not let us more about what you're planners and what we can help you So when we look back on this week, a few things stand out for me by far my favorite episode about the woman who helps emigrants prepare for the? U S: citizenship, test through Youtube videos that was episode
for if he missed it, doesn't pretty awesome that she's doing this public service. She started a volunteer was happily doing it for free, but then made it. It all up? One of these videos, which became very popular and through the good, retiring partnership with Youtube. She's earnings one thousand dollars a month for the thing that you have done for free and people who benefits from these videos don't pay for it at all because the whole revenue model is about that sponsorship- that advertising it's gonna like Sicel school. In that way, really love out. I think it's given several of our listeners. Some idea, as well, we also, the story of the clothing store salesman, who invented baby harness, earns model two thousand dollars a year. The crew Spain or actually to craftsmen created a multiple six, bigger hustle from handcrafted leather products, lorries were followed by three others category. Instagram Calligraphy, her Samantha, to be essential oils podcast, as the person we talked about pocket thing is a hustle. I dont want people to ask. That several do some more going forward and in life who converted his
finish basement into applauding studio for his wife. Now. Those projects, those last three are profitable in the thousand dollar two three thousand dollars a month range and I try to demonstrate a variety of stories on the show wide ranging and comes, I want you to think that, start to side. Hustle make six figures: that's really not how it works: you listen to the stories of the people who make six figures are more. You know that usually and overnight success. If I could almost never is I should think it's a wonderful when someone six hundred dollars for the first time on their own, and I ve been an employee. They never had income coming from anywhere other paycheck but it really awesome when it happens. So you see It doesn't have to make six figures, but at the same time I don't want to think that site Us only about a relatively small amount of money. That's, why have both kinds of So it's on the shelf now coming up next week, speaking of it Raise the governor bag gonna, kick things off tomorrow with a renegade museum tour guide who side, a grows to two million dollars? It was not enough
success, but is legit and awesome. You'll also hear about the kid Japan Subscription Box that sends hundreds of people. In a? U s. All sorts of different kinds of japanese candy This also hiring project, I think, is something like fifteen thousand dollars a month, You also hear from someone who uses her Iphone photography skills to build a new source of income, de. I, why magazine publisher and, of course, so much more, a new story every day A special extended episode once a month revive into a deeper topic and probably some surprise us as we go along. You never know. Maybe I'll get some candy from Japan. I said before I sign off: I am not the only person working on the show, I'm a voice, you but I want to give credit where credit is due status or school is recorded on location at world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. We then taken across the country by but wagon to be produced Brooklyn New York at the patently studios my productions, Ms Jason, daily on AC about as and Laura mayor. Cortlandt, I'm assisted by Whitney Critic,
makes the shone out and fixes things when they break just pretty much every day. Dishonest. Cool website was built by Nicky his all his action. With me here in Austin this weekend, along with Whitney we're having a party my cat a great deal about is in charge of the department of under Shipment, Google is our search engine coffee as our beverage of choice and we the school are part of the onward imprint found. By Gretchen Ribbon, who apparently made a colouring like this way in her spare time. I don't know action does it, but you should check out happiness project, many posters, your local bookstore or preferred online retailers, but absolutely not least, I want to thank you. Listen wherever you are in your car exercising at work, This must be doing something else. This is a free, listen the Porter show, if your enjoyment, Let me now tell your friends and also take I want to leave a quick rating or review in Itunes. That would be amazing, in episode number one. I said if you make a commitment to make this part of your retain. I commit to supporting you follow, in your quest to create that new source
and come. I hope you agree. I kept my hundred campaign, and I assure you much more is on the way be sure you're sick. In Itunes or every listen. If I cast my email address is Chris outside school dot com. Call the new hustle hotline at eight for four nine hustle, I hope your enjoying the show. I hope it leads you to take action and what you hear any ideas that you come up with, as you learn to think more creatively, just a big part whole concept of the shell hobby, every morning, starting at six o one a M eastern time going up there, and probably not either. That's three m. Where I love you are our hundred days and counting on critical about precisely school.
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