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Weekly Recap #15: Japanese Candy, Museum Hacks, and Killer Bees


In our fifteenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Support for this. Bought gas comes from Goldman Sachs. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trans shaping markets, industries and the global economy, stain formed with the latest insights, from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our podcast at yes, a calm such covert nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms, Hello, hello, welcome back. We are on efforts, one o six outside ASL school I've been thinking about this week the other day we the story about a woman whose Instagram photo wise featured by apple in one of their campaigns, does she created a course to help other people with their? I phonography it turned into a consistent liable source of income for her to her thinking. Well, you know she was really lucky and how she was fortunate. Obviously she was a good photographer, but but there are a lot of good photographers towards really great that apple picked her
and then I thought well, you know if she was in the right place at the right time. How do you get to be in the right place at the right time? And the thing is there? Is this characteristic of Loch work good fortune but in her case her name was yellow sale wasn't just randomly taking pictures and uploading them. She had a photography project a public wine photo. She was really proud of everything, What day it wasn't for a year that she had that project. She actually been doing it for seven years. So yes, it was great. Apple featured her. That's not gonna happen for everyone, but I think I take away is These things don't just happen magically the position yourself for the success you want and then be, owing to take action on it when the operator becomes around. So in that story clo experience this good fortune, but she's, the one who made a course and offered for sale created another course So, ultimately, our success, it doesn't come from apple or,
anyone else, she is responsible for it and she can take pride in that. So think about that. Ask yourself that question. How can I get in the right place at the right time? and are you two position myself for success? well over here we have just finished weak fifteen of the show at a quick trip to Chicago, and I'm back in Portland Oregon. I have another trip coming up next week that I'll take you along for the ride, Today we have listener questions and look back at the week. We just finished. I Chris Lenny For example, when I'm calling from Vancouver Canada asked we love your shall end on the path of starting my own side hustle, my quest. Is I've got a bunch of things that could be thought. Kids, toys, books and we do not really have the energy are motivation to figure out Ebay and I'm wondering if you could recommend a service where there is essentially a middle person.
And since you seem to know so much about all this kind of stuff, I'm turning to for advice. Thank you, son Chris for everything you do. It has been just very inspiring and I'm taking action for about. Thank you so much for listening, That is awesome about your site, hustle. I look forward to hearing what develops for those who are familiar is about references exercise. I have called personal financed day where I think a that book born for this. I called it. O money day where you gonna take half a day and go through you're different accounts and see why due to eat or save money or make more money, not sure we have a quick and easy life to that exercise. But if I can find one but in a show nuts, and so too My question she's got someone So if she wants to sell closed toys books, whatever she thinks, Ebay might be the best source for that which makes sense, and she doesn't want doing it herself, which I also totally get something love everything about listing stuff. Ebay or wherever dealing with a communicate.
Shipping, other people, probably like Isabel, really dont- want to do it. So in this case it sounds like what you need to do is connect with one of those people Who is good at it and does enjoy it now hearing Yes, we have a service called task rabbit where you can hire me for a very short term basis to run era. For you are clean. Your house are due sorts of other things. It's not really that complicated it really is kind of basic administrative work. You want to find somebody who is familiar with the process, because, if you haven't done it before it can take a while to learn you're in Canada Course, so it looks like the closer we're going to me is asked for task dot com. It looks like this, focus as a bit more on handyman kind of things fixing stuff around your house, but I see I do have a category of general how including organization Receipt Filing data entry. So I wonder if you could find somebody threw this platform who had worked for a few hours and presumably be well worth it.
Forms of the money you get after selling your stop in paying them as well as just having that stuff on your house. So I don't know for sure that's the best answer, but I would take a look at that and maybe in Vancouver there, some other specific service as well the buck. Hikers this Acerra from Wisconsin I heard about you had cast through the happier podcast that Gretchen Reuben does, and I listened you because I love to learn new things. I have also been involved in a few side hustles in the past and have had quite a few ideas. Interest, but there is a particular side has all that I happened to be very passionate about and it one that I tried a number of years ago, but with various obstacles, the biggest one being a very demanding corporate job. They involve lots of travel, which I too love quite a bit and continue to do, but now that I'm in a much different place in life. I want to try
that particular site hustle again, and my question is regarding the loss momentum. How do you reignite bad excitement? Have people kind of route for you, instead of just you know nodding there. And saying area. We heard that long ago, think so much and look forward to hearing your answer, this earthly so much for listening. So my first thought is You sound pretty motivated, like you been able to start different projects in the past. You like learning new things, so the question of recovering that momentum, as you say, and it might be too next to this, there is that public aspect people cheering on that. You mention, The aspect is: maybe something is different in the industry or the field or whatever doing the far for that hustle C mon, you to change your mind, sat in your approach a little bit as well. Especially since, as you mentioned it fizzled out before so I think it helpful to go back to something with fresh eyes, with a different approach: It is more important for you to be motivated about it down. For anyone else be, but I certainly
re having people sure you on his great, so maybe as your approach it differently as they see you're, making this chain you ve learned something and therefore the results are gonna be different as well. Maybe I have a better chance, of them coming alongside you without fresh approach. So when we look back on this week, a few things stand out. First, I was thinking about that question of the Iphone photo from episode, one or two. I believe it was, but also before that we had this story, a Renegade museum or are a guy who goes on a museum tour with a date and falls in love, not with a date that didn't work out, but with Metropolitan Museum of ART in York City and goes on to cry. The series of unconventional kind of rogue museum tours into not. Just aside, I saw but really a big business earnings,
like two million dollars in just a few years. Let his story be a reminder to you that your hustle can be something that is actually already existing and even freely available elsewhere. So he wasn't the first person in the world to think about doing a museum tour. You can walk into the your part, a museum of art, and there are tourists happening. There are other people who have done too. There's some of them ass? I sat or free, but Nick that I was able to be successful because he put his own twist on it, created some differentiation. So that's what it's really about with a lot of these projects. It needed the most original idea in the world today you ve never heard of it- can just be about value, which means helpfulness. And differentiation. What do you do that makes this project your own so like the story of episode, one one that was about Candy Japan, decryption service actually went or to give sets myself the curious when no show up. I just think it such a fine idea. If anything, I was surprised that the price who has just twenty nine dollars a month because he's
Shelly sending out two different shipments from Japan. To anywhere in the world. I might have expected just one shipment for that price, which is what most subscription boxes are, but anyway, the benefit with that kind of project That really is in sticking with it. For a while building too Sustainable Foundation, a certain number of recurring subscribers and then nurturing it over the long term. Those kind of projects don't usually succeed right from the beginning, but if you can get them to work, then that's great you know exactly how much money you're gonna make each month and what you need to do for it the last highlight I want to mention. We had this episode, or one off far about Nicole in Texas. In the coal is a beekeeper This episode was entitled show me the honey, Houston beekeeper buzzing four thousand dollars a month. Someone say you know it's a good story, but you'll have to overdue the ponds so much. You know tone it down and I totally agree, but say to that person is, don't get your being about it. You know we're just I have some fun on the show did mean to surprise This is not a sting operation, so that episode was
The bee's knees for you, maybe a like another one and definite. Telling you to buzz off, I'm just saying think that story really hit the sweet spot for a lot of people, so maybe just let it be so. On that note a whole other set a fine stories to look for it. You coming up next week, I may tell you. Another subscription model, like Candy Japan, but this one focused meal planning service, I got something in it in a space, something in the woods. The space and several others we pretty much publishing in real time here, so I tried it had wherever possible. But the show really is constructed week by week, based on your feedback, the story, They come in from lesters what I notice in the workshops and on doing so, I'm excited about what we're building together and I think you'll like it to stick around. Now before we close things out, I would be remiss if I did not think some of the other people working to make Let us all school possible. The show recorded on location, world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. It is then take
my horse and carriage to Brooklyn New York, where it is produced I deeply studios my productions, is Jason Daily on Haiti. As an Laura Mayor show notes. Whitney Koranic, jovian friends. Beautiful design of the of swill school identity and website this week. I have Thank you on behalf of Livy. Whenever you send out a newsletter, you have to include a physics www address and next to me, the bottom of my newsletter, which you can subscribe to and receive for free on antimissile school dot com how to address their and it says, send postcards in cat treats to this address. But I got a postcard but I don't think I've ever gotten any countries in the mail until this week. I want to say thank you on behalf of Liberia, The little girl about Alison Carmen key in the UK who made some kind treats all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, so I thought that was pretty good. Thank you. Alison. Our life advice this week comes from Drake better. They never, but never late is better than we scientists for school
part of the armored imprint curated by best selling author Gretchen Ribbon onward is a collection of podcast full of concrete actionable ideas for how you can make your life happier healthy, more productive and more creative check it out the onward project, Doc at last. I want to thank you the listener. Thank you for being out there. Thank you pretend friends about the show. Thank you for supper. The sponsors. One small and easy thing you can do to help. If you haven't already is to judge take a moment and leave a quick rating and review of the show on Itunes and now help other people discover it wherever you are in the world. You are the reason I make the show it's not just for the catch rates or Buzz worthy honeybee episodes told you when we started on January one. If you make it we retain, I commit, supporting you? However, I can, I will be here every day or make sure You can create a new source of income, whether you're doing it first time in your second time, your fifth time now that I am hearing you on from day, one o six and beyond you can always send me a note directly outside school dot com. You can also
The new hotline, eight for four nine hustle, leave a message your comment question and in we episode I mention that inspiration is good, but action is even better. So I look for Hearing about the actions you're taking have to see you tomorrow, every day next week, then you have it goes online every morning at six o one a m eastern time until we meet again critical about precisely school.
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