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Weekly Recap #16: Meal Planning, Swimsuits, and Snuggling


In our sixteenth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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What's up Oh greetings. Welcome back, I am critical about you're on This is what we have just finished weak number, sixteen amazing long Listen there's! No, that aside hustle is a project you create to earn money apart from your day job. Suddenly about earning money. It's all about creating more freedom for yourself, so, whether you your job and you're trying to make a big change or you love your job. You have no plans to leave, Everyone should have more than one source of income and the whole point the show is to guide you along that path. To your first, your second, your fair, your tenth hustle. Now, don't you? the question from a listening via the other day, the whites do you know of a way to research? idea will work before getting too. On the path. How do you know if it's feasible? be successful. If there is a demand for it, not only Ferko, and but my answer, is you really don't until you try
This model beside us will score model is all about experimentation. It's about taking action quickly, Much more about that then advance planning, validation, some tradition, Japan things you may or may not be familiar with it. There were some guy indeed way, everybody would be doing it, but what's good is that you don't necessarily have to take a lot of risk. You do have to experiment, you know take action, but the risk is very low in this we accept a stories, for example, for out of six, were able to get started with very little money, all about using your knowledge figuring out, skills you have that can be transferred to this kind of come generating project to testify? ask yourself what if it doesn't work, what if it fails, etc, but I think you should also ask yourself what, if it works well, Idea actually takes off what were they for me and my life, and I also heard from above people on the new hustle hotline, As a reminder, if you have a question or comment for the show, you can call eight for four nine hustle and we might feature it right here, so to speak,
that lets die right into a couple questions. He care love you shall I wasn t, because I'm an entrepreneur myself, I'm calling being examined. On twenty four years old, my boyfriend and I have I have created a business called fuel fudge and it's organic Cooper, food pact, cocoanut oil based, but always a mouthful to and you have any advice for you now: creating an elevator paths and just getting you're like products just out there. If you do, I love to hear thanks. I believe that collar was Amanda. Thank you, Amanda. Your business sounds awesome. So two points here: it's called fuel fudge I think you describe it as something like organic cocoanut oil based fudge, which is indeed a mouthful, but I wondered is what does it do for people? How does it help them like? It sounds good, organic, cocoanut. Ok, How does it help me- and I think you are to have the answer for that like I was looking at Instagram account, which is fuel dot fudge, and there you mention its energy-
sustaining fuel, no more surgery, pray catch as an alternative to unhealthy sweets. I feel, like you're, already on the right track to thinking much more about benefits, not just what it is How else can affect people's lives and ask for? the word out. Well, it's an organic products. I wonder how the work had spread organically and that tends to her then from communities of the people who could benefit from this, the most thinking ask yourself like: where are those communities both online and offline, when I thought about offline, I mean- thought about running races, triathlon funds cross bit gems, like wherever people like that gather and most people gather online to one thing. You moment got. There's a subscription service called Stride box, dot com that, since samples in the mail every month to a group of active runners. I wonder might be worth seeing if you could get your product in that. Does my quick thoughts love? What you're doing? I will check out fuel fudge, dotcom my money coming from all higher
love, shall really gives me hope that I can find this. I have put my question: no, I'm not I'm not a professional. I have no special girl and I am really struggling to find the guy had a little work for me. Do you have any thoughts now, just a regular folks, up Who don't have one code in artistic ability or are on had access the method? you're on stuff, like that, I really appreciate some Pakistan regular guy trying to put together a hustle love the shop. Thanks a lot by Hey Jane your awesome. Thank you so much for listening you not just for the record. I don't web cutting ability or, much in the way of artistic scale. Either I'm a high school drop out, Eventually, I went to college kind- I found my way, but I really don't have allowed technical skills and the stories that a feature on the show they really are just regular
box, or at least that's my gall, and they might have some specific skull that they then kind of for their hustle, but for the most part Don't go out and acquire a bunch of new skills, so I would refer you to episode. Forty eight, which I believe is title Ex designer doubles or income with next level. Taro cards in a beginner episode, I mentioned, are really simple exercise that you can do or anyone can do. This exercise is really good if you're not sure what your skills are short version. Make a list all the different ways you spend your time when you have a choice about it, so that includes Hobbes, our music sports. What you like to aid you you doing online and if you had a wide in day. How would you spend that day? can I give you all the answers you need, but very often some kind of focus can emerge from it. Process and the answer may be in combining two of those things in some kind of unique way to check that out its episode. Forty eight, I hope it's hopeful and thank you so much Jane for listening,
So when we look back on this week, Few things that kind of stand out to me key theme here, it's just about what kind of work you do about how you do it. So we looked at a professional service which just happened to be snuggling. We looked at and e commerce website. Selling swimsuits online a subscription service where people pay for weekly the peace that are sent by email, product manufacturing Social worker, who makes jewelry and on Etsy for about two thousand dollars a month, a blog from a chemist who starts Tutoring but then builds is very popular website. For ten in the world for chemistry, makes a great income it is well- and lastly, I storefront Jim about guy who hates exercise and devices, this method of only working out ten minutes a day so again, service E Commerce subscription product blog, and storefront jam, which we could say as retail to take to these examples running a blog is very different.
From operating a jam with clients, that one is necessarily better than the other, but no matter you are. You would probably prefer one of those things, some people, one people the other, so it wouldn't know yourself and to choose projects that suit your strength, so often different ways to pursue any particular business idea. James, the guy who It's a chemistry, blog he's, throw he's been able to transition to this passive income model of selling and earning money, while he sleeps that isn't awesome, but it's also cool. For some reason that business didn't exist. He would still be to make a substantial income either full time supplemental for the kind of to day. It was doing before he started focusing more on a website. So as we go forward explore different ideas, always be thinking about not just what kind of work you want to do, but how you want to do it Rights are coming up next week, a bunch of awesome news stories, there's a graphic designer turned aside hustle into an eighty thousand dollar your project shop, a volume
I who manufacturers handmade wooden desk accessories, something that emerge warm homemade, cookies being delivered to your home at night. Basically, the greatest thing ever some other stories and more or less nor questions that were going out in as we go along. There is so much more to come and I look forward to sharing it with you. Before I sign off for the week I went to give credit where credit is due. Sicel school is recorded. On location, world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. It is then transport to Brooklyn New York by Concord jet to be produced to the patently studios my production t, marriage Jason daily on eighty? as Laura Lorry Mayor on show, notes and magic, or by Whitney Koranic my cat Libby Gill, about charge of chasing got intruders and Yarn Oliver, the house. We do not have no smuggler on staff. Nor do we have a professional smuggler life advice We come from the band rush. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Well, deep thoughts. We saw this school are part of the onward imprint curated by vessels their Gretchen ribbon Palmer, is a collection of vodka
with actual ideas on how to make your life happier healthier, more productive and more creative check it out at the onward project come last, but not least, pay how's it going over there. That's right. I want you, the listener, you're the reason make the show that is free. Listen are supported with just a single smart Four episode. If you're going to show you like to say thank you to me or the production team in a way that cause you're nothing. But a couple of minutes of time can be really grateful, accurately quick rating and review in Itunes, Thou super awesome and it will help other people discover the chef riverside. I mention inspiration is good, but action is even better. I want you to action, I want to hear about you making extra money creating more freedom for years. And also having find a site Is an investment in yourself and your future economic? something you look forward to ass. For me, I, like making the sheriff every single day, I'll be back tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that, episodes go online at six hundred one a m eastern time every day, I'm Priscilla
This is not a school.
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