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Weekly Recap #6: Pole Dancing And The Expat Life


In our sixth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School. Also: listener Q&A!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Side are school listeners. Welcome back, I'm critical about, and here we are at the end of weakness, sex over here, I'm in the midst of this article school workshop series just finished up the first round. As a matter of fact, I have more report on that. Forty soon just finished up Vancouver and Seattle and today I'm back in my hometown of Portland Oregon and we'll put together some photos in a fund video. So you can see more of what it's all about now. Speaking about some. But ask what's coming next in the workshop series. Well, I do have to be an probably eight to ten more cities in the next couple of months. As soon as we know what they are well announced them on the site. I just put a couple others up the other day. If you're not one of those eight ten cities, while later this far major tour to dozens of different cities, and I'm really excited about that Over the past nine years, I've felt my blog first are non conformity, and now sawdust will school all on personal relationships. So if you
I have not had a chance to meet yet I love to be able to do that for the years over before you today is recap, got a couple of listener. Questions that I want to answer now. As a reminder, if you have a question for the show, you just go to satisfy school dot, com and there's a link that says conveniently something like. I have a question for the show and when you click that link, you can record your question using your computer's microphone and we may feature here to help other listeners as well and today I first question comes from Japan and Jan Vermont. I'm taxes, I'm considering starting aside hustle, but I'm not sure I wanna go out alone. Is it a good idea He had to have a partner. What are some days and towns are collaborating with a friend, Roger and great question. Thank you so much for listening Should you start your site also with a partner? This is one of those questions where it's hard to just answer, yes or no, because obviously some people do it one way and some people do it the other way. I would say, generally speaking, if you're out there,
you're, trying to figure out what your ideas and hydrogen to pursue it and you don't necessarily a partner already identified, or you not talking these things through with somebody that you plan to start a business with then all things being equal. You should started on your own. And maybe I'll get help from other people along the way. But it is your hustle if you are working as with someone else, that's just fine and can be successful as well, that you go to genes point about dues and dance I would say, wherever possible, try to pick a partner who has different strength than you do, try to fix someone who's the things that you are not, and vice versa, and wherever possible, how you can divide areas of responsibility. So it's not just kind of two people working on the same things all the time and then last but not least, even presumably this is a friend you're going to do it with It is very helpful to have a very simple basic contractual agreement between you, just kind of agenda who owns the hustle. Is it fifty fifty? How will you resolve a conflict? Should it come up What are the general areas of responsibility that each of your work on and, of course, opening up
as you may need to get more specific and detailed and formal than that, but that's the quick. Sir, if you can do it on your own, I think that's great. If you're already working toward They were someone else. That's fine here, but you wanna be intentional about it and are second question today is from Ben. This is a question of a fish tank bank, come as wondering. Why would someone ago on that website? It's not even I wanted. Ones under law, rather than just go on Ebay or Amazon, or something and find fish tanks there and look at the reviews for those ones, then awesome question. Holy makes sense. Why would wonder that and if you the show Ben is referring to episode to all the way back when we started. We elected this website called FISH Tank Bay dot com and this guy in England, who makes something like it might get this wrong with someone like sex that are too, a mindset hundred dollars a month from this blog has that contains reviews of fish tanks, and he said at this website a couple of years ago and hasn't touched it recently, but it can
and used to earn that level of Amazon dot com affiliate commissions every month. So you you're more details on that story. Episode to, but to answer bends question showed. The thing is the way, some of the shot like I'm pretty condition to go directly to Amazon, DOT, com and Ben, maybe as well. So if I may- to buy a fish tank, that is probably we're. Gonna go first, but lots of other people. Their first gonna go to Google and just type in a certain phrase, and they might type in a fish tank review, but just as likely they're gonna type in something else. They might mention the brand name of a fish tank. They ve seen they might mention the size, the fish tank, they might mention a certain kind of fish fish tank for guppies fish tank for goldfish might be some other related phrase. Throw me say that fish tank bank dot com ranks well in Google. It doesn't This surely have to rank well for the phrase fish tank. It could be anything else and so then, when people click those links and they go and re does reveres that guy's. I recall was really
sure about his subject and that passion kind have shown through provided lots of detailed information. Then it is only natural that a certain percentage of those visitors within click through Amazon and ultimately make purchase so again, even if a large percentage of people goes directly to Amazon or whatever the site is there still very much is a market for nature of use, its especially in areas with low competition like fish, exe file that Opel Benthic so much listening? Support for this pod comes from Goldman Sachs through long With G S, a five hundred million dollar investment strategy grounded in the belief that teams with diverse leadership, DR stronger returns, Goldman Sachs remains committed to facilitating connections and increasing access to capital for women. Black lucky necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS, DOT, com slush launch with she s hearts. Roy look back on the episode this week. A few things stand out. We began with episode thirty six, which was out there
this pole, dance studio, TAT grew into a six figure business with multiple locations and that story. I really love how Sarah, through that business over. I think it was about five or six years, so it was not one of these projects. You hear about that. What success all right off the bat. It wasn't an online business. It was something that she really the kind of poor heart into, but she did and it took hard work and dedication, but now it's a huge success
no. If you heard that episode, she did eventually quit her job to go full time into that hustle, but for quite a while she continued to work or career as a senior designer and creative director episode. Thirty seven was about the american expert who coaches families who move overseas or who want to move our seas now here, Jeff is providing a specific kind of coaching and that's really key, because that specific kind of coaching is almost always better than being a generous coach. If you're listening this in your interesting coaching, be aware: a lot of life, coaches, marketing, coaches, fitness, coaches, dating coaches, etc. One of those people tend to struggle because it's not really clear what they do. It's not obvious what the benefit is why someone should hire them. What results? They're gonna get all that kind of stuff.
Is something like what Jeff is doing is very clear, and I also like how he's thinking ahead because he realizes he's reach the natural price cap for his phone consultation services, and you can only do a certain number of those each week. He has a day job. He does other stuff. He has a family, so he's chow He got up and is developing a new model not to replace that service, but to complement it and ass. We go on and we look at more successful hustles, it's often very possible to do it is doing, whereas you take an existing service and create a product eyes version of it or vice versa. You take a product and you create a service. And an episode. Thirty eight, the very next episode kind of began to preview that idea. That was about a tour guide in the canary islands, who prince and sells astronomy bucks to tourists, so she still doing or targeting, but she also has this product this book that she sells as well episode. Thirty nine was an early look at software.
The service just called SAS and recurring revenue to be looked at this life snoop service that helps parents monitor their kids internet use This was an early stage hustle. It wasn't making a ton of money, but I want a profile because I think it s potential to first of all- and I want you to and to think about recurring revenue and, as you build your hustle think? How can you get paid not just once, but over and over which is an increasingly common model these days. So it's not like you be the first one doing it's not like it's something totally strange and weird episode. Forty was about Chicago psychotherapy it becomes a ceremonial wedding, efficient, Jeffreys, a marriage.
Flora train psychotherapist, who tends to work with couples experiencing difficulty by nature. That's what a marriage counselor does, but a wedding efficient tends to work with couples who are very excited about beginning a new life together. So Jeffrey was also excited that he had found a way to experience both roles once he started his efficient hustle. He wasn't always working with people in difficulty and trauma use also working with people in harmony, beginning something new together and lastly, episode. Forty one, the: U S, postal service, male carrier, who makes clay imprints of children is gonna like this fun story. It's a physical product. It's a work of art! That's market to new parents and expectant parents: it's not really recurring income in the same way that a service is that you pay for each month, but its recurring for Alexandrina INA, the person featured in story because ass she learned once you buy that clay, imprint your first child? Well, you're gonna have more children, you're very nationally, gonna, buy that as wealth and you're just going to refer that
Are people you know for having kids so, as you can see, as we can for the first quarter of the year and different approaches, and definitely some very different stories, but several themes that continue to guide our journey not coming up. Next week, I've got some. Governments for you. I've got the story of a down and out writer who makes less than a Mcdonald's employed, but creates a course. That means a hundred thousand dollars in less than nine months. That's pretty cool, there's. Also a designer who sets out to reinvent particular item of having most women where every day and often find uncomfortable and not kidding. I've got the story for you of someone who drop ships live crickets across Amerika Stuyvesant,
every two weeks on the show there should be some kind of animal story, so we have covered saddles were bad chickens in episode. Ten european beef or dogs episode seventeen, but somehow your host has left more than twenty episodes go by without any featured animals. So I apologise for that, but I assure you that this story about drop shipping life cricket make up for it several times over? If you are actively listening to the show, I want you to know you're the reason I do this. I said when we started in the very, episode that if you make a commitment to make this party routine, I to commit to supporting you fully in your quest to create and all new source of income that site also even thinking about maybe even working towards. But how it turned into reality or that hospital you already built, and you want to come to take to the next level. So if you're subscribe, episodes will come straight to your phone tablet or computer, you can listen. How do you like on the websites out of school dotcom directly in Itunes and whatever,
air service you prefer and being about if you're enjoying the show. I only ask once a week, but if you're enjoying too show be very grateful, leave a quick rating and review in Itunes, in particular, for your favorite service. If it's not that that will be super awesome and will also help other people discover. The show you can find show knows resources occasionally other surprises every day outside us with school dot com. You can also write to me their submit a question for the show or, if you know story that we should feature you can tell me about it in every episode I always mentioned. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. I want you to take action. I look forward to hearing about you doing that episodes uploaded every It six out one. I am eastern time I'm critical about this is out of school. I have to see you every day next week.
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