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WEEKLY RECAP: Author Visits 100 Cities; Records Podcast Every Day


In our thirty-ninth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A and updates from the road!

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Support for this bought gas comes from Goldman Sachs. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trends, shaping markets industries and the global economy, stain formed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our podcast at yes, a calm such covert nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms? hello what's up and welcome. This is critical about here. If you, your host for side, also school and today is our weekly recap fun thing about the weekly It happens once a week we have just we number a thirty nine of the show when a jump right and because, while it's been a busy week, this is now week too the site hustle book has been out. I have been on the road and it seems this week has actually been more intense. For me. In the first week I came to the east coast. Five cities, I got in a plane and flew to London.
Arrived yesterday morning, went straight to a magazine event, and then I took a nap. It's true today. I am certainly cannot be her two and a half more days before heading back to the EAST Coast, Atlanta, Miami Phoenix and Chicago. And yes, if you're thinking Phoenix is not actually on the EAST coast, nourish Chicago, while that may each year I should have looked at a map before bucking restore. Fortunately, I work and record show from wherever I am at this Something really awesome happened, while several really awesome things happened, where the site has always featured on good morning America. That's the new side, also book anthem, footage from our powers event in Portland Oregon made it on the Monday morning, Primetime edition of Good Morning America, for millions of people which a super awesome postal linked to them clip in the show, notes, etc so school dot, com, slash to seven poor and also include that in the email round up that goes out. If you are joining the show, if you're just now, listening decided to school as a result of hearing about us and good morning, America or from something else I shared with the backlash. Well welcome. This
daily, show all about creating more freedom for yourself, creating aside hustle and income generating project without putting your day job. It's a chauffeur busy people who are in afraid to take action Speaking of taking action, I want to read you a couple of listener. Emails. I've been getting some emails from people who are already following the twenty seven day plan in the side of a book which are it's called twenty seven days from idea to income. It's kind of subtle, yet really hard to figure out what about unfortunate seem some people, are already figuring out where You two emails. The first one is from Brittany, Ready, says: hey. I heard crispy this past week and I have basically devoured side hustle. I had no idea what the contents would inspire and I am now three hours away from the launch of a new programme inspired by this book. All within forty eight hours of the book purchase just wanted to say you very excited to see what comes in the next forty eight hours in my life since the past. Forty eight have been so epic, amazing Let me thank you for writing an I'm glad. The book has helped you, but want to acknowledge that you have done our work so good job. Next up, from Valerie came out to our New York event. Just a few days ago, gallery said here:
Chris thanks so much for the event last night really enjoyed it and want to take a moment to let you know, I'm feeling inspired, I'm a woman, the very end of the book signing line who is working on the online event planning toolkit. I thought like to know that I took your words to just start, even though things are not quite ready and although the event took isn't completed. I told several people about it. Last night and lo and behold I got a private coaching client I M very excited, and I hope to send you an update about my success website. Hustle in the near future. That's awesome work Valerie There is a lesson to our view, be sure to come at the sight of salt or you never know you might get a client or customer for you new product or service. Perhaps one you have even developed. Yet anything is possible in just a moment, I'm gonna, do a quick recap of some of the episodes from this week. Couplet highlights and observations in addition to a quick preview of the weak ahead, as well as some thank yous to some people who make the show possible, including you, but speaking of thank yous. Here's a quick shot out to this week's Answer
looking back on this week stories, a number of things stand out personal effort, two hundred and sixty eight woman cells, hair grips earns fringe benefits, get it, but also four thousand dollars a month. So if you like depends on the show. You got some fringe benefits. If you hate them, will you heard about somebody making four thousand dollars a month can complain about that destroy it was really. Because she is cornering the market, on the intersection of no jug Orthodox Judaism cancer patients and drag queens. These are the three primary market to purchase your hair grip. But she actually started this site also focused on our first group orthodox sport, other women who identify with the jewish tradition and prefer to cover their hair. That's bullshit she was serving and she dies and continues to, but also to covered along the way that there are other people with similar needs. That's the funding a site hustle. Sometimes you can predict necessarily who you're gonna end up, serving. Even if you have this intention, it might go on far more than you initially imagines that for me when I started right, my blog by the way long ago.
That's right some point, but the short version is ain't, observing serving a whole lot more people and a lot of different kinds of people. Then I first many years ago, when I started writing about travel the next, so to sixty nine was about a computer teacher who turned two dollars of pvc plastic into a hundred dollars a month. This is the kind of project that doesn't, get on a time, he's kind of worked on it over the years, indifferent innovations, he began doing it, one way, simply taking orders for somebody else who is making these bows bows and arrows like archery, I was older- he eventually retired, to oversee, thus much for that. But then later he actually use Youtube to learn how to make. Who is himself restart the site. Hustle in a different way is for money. Restore, have been telling unto her about a guy. He learns to make candles also by watching you to enter into a very profitable brand, actually earning a lot more than eight dollars a month. If you're, just in hearing that story was episode. Eighty eight zero tonnes the opposite of the show. You can just go to cite hustle school dot com, slash the number that episode slow beside us. Well, schooled outcomes lies. Eighty
Then we had a writing. Do oh, who makes a vow to improve wedding speeches? it was about someone who is a technical writer had a degree in English and found a creative way too, freelance writing where she's, not just pitching magazines and newspapers, like a lot of freelance rider set out to do, but she chose to specialise and working together with a partner created the site go to Hell, brides and grooms, and best men and maids of honour is at the peril of that. I think so. Other people, in weddings to craft, beautiful, heartfelt vows and speed and by the way they are actually featured in that good morning, America segment as well. So I was pretty cool. There is also an episode to seventy two of a pr consultant who launches a local restaurant, weak lots of city these restaurant weeks. She lives in long Beach, California, and until she started There wasn't one, but she worked NPR Pr. She was connected the media. She knew lots of people, so she use Still. She already had ended up creating this recurring income source recurring project that takes place year after year last, but not now
a story about two friends who team up to create care packages for students called Study Box. That project is still off the ground, will see what happens with it, and I like to feed a range of different stories on the show, and just as I say that I realize I forgot one episode. You, seventy the spanish- which learner who earns three hundred and fifty thousand dollars helping. Fellow students, you just got to go, listen to episode because it's pretty cool what he's done episode two hundred and seventy. And I remember that just now, because I was thinking about that range of different kinds of stories here, you ve got to say who are starting a project just getting off the ground. We will see what happens with it, in the wake you had the woman who, showing the paragraphs, two orthodox juice, cancer patients and drag wanes earnings. Four thousand dollars a month: annual seasonal project with the woman who started restaurant weak. The other story, I mentioned, and in this one episode to seventy, where somebody's earning three and fifty thousand dollars in the first year literally so as well story better than the others, while Trinity thousand dollars is probably better than eight hours and minds, but The whole side us away is about identifying a goal. Thinking about this,
is that you have figuring out what you're trying to achieve with the away as that, once you put something onto the world, all kinds of things it happened, you never expected. People are always afraid at their prey, just going to fail and if it does fail, that's normal! That's! Ok, you're, not risking a lot of money. That's the whole site also model. But when you have those thoughts, I would just encourage you to also think what, if my side succeeds. What, if it takes up far beyond what I imagined. What if I'm gonna look back, you're from now or even twenty seven days from now and say my gosh, I am so glad I started, I'm so glad had these ideas for a while, but I can't do anything about them, then I finally dead and look what happened. That's my encouragement to you, as we close out this week, and looking ahead to the next week, I've got another batch of awesome stories for you going to tell you about it sixteen year old, who earns more than ten thousand dollars selling watches. When I was sixteen experimenting aside. Us was too, but I didn't I think that made ten thousand dollars shall take about that process. There's also a university lecturer who created two thousand dollars a month hustle by introducing kids to new cultures if you are a socially minded side, hustler you're, not alone, I haven't help people
can do well and do good. It's not a false choice, or if you prefer to flip that you can do good and do well. In other words, you can do for the world advance emission do something that makes the world a better place and also get paid for it for myself. As I mentioned, this is weakening or three of the tour coming up in London for Four days then find to Atlanta at the end of the week, Miami and next. Over the weekend, I neglected to tell you where you can. Find out about that. That was a mistake because When I was telling my itinerary, the top of the show, I should have immediately said, oh and if you get a chance to go to side, hustle, school, dot, com, slash tour and you can see like they were, I'm going and you can sign up for tickets most cities there actually free in some cases, maybe a small charge so check that out school dot, com, slash, tour and sign up. If you do see your city listed, we are adding more cities. You can also act. Name at the bottom, where it says, don't see your city again, we try to be subtle. I say: don't see your city enter your email address here and tell me where it is. That basically means, if you so your city, you can enter email address, tell me where you live and, if I add that stop at some point, you'll get a notification.
Also be telling you more about the twenty seven day plan from idea to income in twenty seven days and clear. Humphrey resources. You can get just for owning a copy of the book in any format and if you ve already purchased the buck you qualify for this to you not left out. But just so you know if you haven't picked up the book yet in addition to that, twenty seven they plan there, some additional staff and on creating for you that you have access to when you register it on the website. Well I said it has been an action packed week, at least for me, I'm in a wrap this up in to our new listeners, welcome help you make this part your chain, I do the show every single day. It short is designed to keep your attention for all the eighty. Shot their like me for You don't have eighty but you're busy, and you don't have time to listen to a sixty minutes or ninety minute conversation like some podcast. You nothing wrong. Those just by the way, I'm just trying to do something different here and for our older There's you been with me for a while, especially those folks onto Irving, coming after me in saying that listening, January. One will, you guys, are all Thank you so much wherever you are in the road, whatever you're up to Europe, into the show you're. The reason I make a show
the beginning of the year that I commend to supporting you and your question criticized hustle. We are moving into a new Yorker with a buck with the tour more high quality stories. Some other features that I plan to have talked about yet stop, is on the way and we're all in this together waste. I hope you're with me, I'm with you, because I think you jerk folks, who make the show possible China School, is recorded on patient all along the way, actually recorded in full cities! Last week, true story: it is then transport. To Brooklyn New York and Washington DC to be produced at the patently studios. Our production, led by a sea about, does it also features dahlia ribbon, show not survive when a clinic, judging has been helping me with the sigh tour I went. From single random house has also been helping out with a tour. It takes a village, It also takes a cat when I give a shit The official show cat Liberia, Gill about also known as holding on operations in Oregon is I travel. The world such as the school is part of the onward project led by Gretchen Ribbon. I've actually younger.
For nine years. I realize this week since we got to do to events together. We were talking about how we get to know each other. I found her blog many years ago. She's been an inspiration to me so is so fond of him full circle and do events in Washington DC in Philadelphia, she's Antwerp, putting her new. The fortunate sees you should check that out and what more quick thing Phoebe listening throughout the year. You know that I often ask for reviews during this time only us once a week and on a happy about all throughout the week, but it super awesome. If you ve, been enjoying a show, your listening. If you could go and leave us a quick little rating or review and apple pie, TAT just takes a moment. It does make a difference. And by the way you ve already done that that's awesome. I would also be grateful if you read the book. Would love it if you'd leave, a view in particular on Amazon forward. Good reads: dotcom. Those are two websites Lots of people in the book industry, look to you to see, refused and see what people are saying about books and just to be clear, you can. Anything you want like. I hope you like the book. I hope its worthy of a five star endorsement, I'm not telling people what to say it's just in your own words, if you think this is something
people should check out his well that's a lot and nuts. That's my only ask mostly I want. Encourage you to remember that Inspiration is good, but Action is even better. The father model of those emails I read at the top of the show one was from Brittany was from Valerie who aren't you. Listening this warrant just reading the book, they are applied. In their own way to their own lives. Not as us I want you to take action to ours. To tell your story to the world one day by one day I dont mean ten years from now I mean soon. This is your time Over here Emily do everything I can to keep bringing you stories for it and aside hustle, revelation epochs go online at six hundred and one a dot m eastern time every single day you are rockstar, I'm crystal about for side, hustle school.
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