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WEEKLY RECAP: Baseballs, Rocket Science, and Personal Shopping


In our 31st weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: a listener asks about her dog’s Instagram account.  

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey what's up what's up, this is critical about four sided school, bringing you these ready. First weekly recap so much happened since we started way back in January, this week's Moscow has featured on market watch, think, there's a lot of other coverage coming up, especially in the fall with the site. Hustle book launch an excited about that, and it's not because it's fun to get press it's more, that a lot of this is happening because of you are energy cider school listeners all over the place? A lot of you guys are starting projects, and I hear every single week now people who started their sight hustle since the show began in January. Some of you have with me, since than others are totally new and unjust happy that people are investing in their future. That is what aside hustle is all about If you are new, welcome, decide us or school. This is a Lee Podcast short action, packed to the point
about helping you create a new source of income without getting your job. People listen to the show are pretty busy. It got all kinds that's going on in their life necessarily want to become a quarter quote entrepreneur, but they reckon the value of having income outside of their paycheck I've got a lot of sub planned, as I said, especially going into September. It is now three days to go until the side hustle book comes out. I think I said that last week. I am really not ready for it just being too transparent with you here, there's so much more than needs to happen. So I to get my act together for those of you who have said you need side, also accountability. Maybe I need some too. I do have the Where's batch of cities confirm for the tour have a, four schedule yet because there is still a lot of jigsaw puzzle pieces to put together, but I know will be starting on the West Coast week of September nineteenth in LOS Angeles in San Diego, in Portland Oregon, maybe in Seattle that weak, if not there, definitely later. Second, copy on the EAST Coast, Washington DC with Gretchen, ribbon thought up with her as well. I think in New York.
We shall be having to London doing so. We'll events there are several days and of course, many many more cities to come, but that's what I got so far course as soon as I have accounts- or you will be the first to know us, Working on that side of society project that I told you about last week and that should be coming soon, like really because time is short anyway industry cap. I've got a look back at the episodes of this week. Wanna say thanks people now have two great nor questions. Thank you guys your questions. By the way, I've got a backlog of questions to answer, but I will be taking myself out as soon as possible, so further ado, let's hear from our listeners
I guess it's a lesson for Minneapolis Minnesota. I've been listening to the show since day one and I absolutely love it. I'm a writer by trade, and I have a corporate job love that job, but I figure if I can make some money, amongst other things, that I enjoy doing on the side. Why not so I've already started tutoring business? I do that charge per hour. That's going great, but I recently started blogging through the voice of my dog and he also has an instagram and that's going really well. I've only had a couple weeks and you already have a thousand plus followers on integration in his blog- is pretty popular too I'm thinking of adding insult affiliate. I've already signed up, but I'm wondering, if it's better, to have products that are related to Peck care, because it's a pet blog in its through the voice in my dog or if I should look at by selling items on Amazon and strategically placed those products and more expensive products on my blog. So anyway, I love the show thanks so much by what an ocean project congratulations, elusive. I love this and it looks like
Instagram account for your dog, true by you, of course, is feet, Maurice Madison, it says on the biomed. Friends, call me morphs but for other listeners. You want to check that out its Murphy, Maurice Madison Medicine, with duties I'll. Look it up in a show, not enforced, Question actually do think it's better to link mostly shoe pet care or pet food products on Amazon on, since this is essentially written in the voice of Murphy. Ok, and it just seems much more relevant than linking to kind of random items that just happened to be expensive. However, here's the with the Amazon Associates model you're, not necessarily missing out, because if people click through and then make a purchase, whatever they purchase your and earn commission on so present, Lay at the model works. You gonna, see commission from pet food and pack your products a people shot for, sort to stop on Amazon, so if they check out with other stuff you're gonna get commission on that too. Thank you necessarily have to game at you. Dont have to like set up links to macbooks and diamond engagement rings or whatever. I think that works Wait if you have a blog about macbooks or a blog about diamond engagement rings
but, as I said, you want necessarily be missing out. So that's my good luck to you and Mars. Acres, this adjusting I'm having a lot of trouble in the I d a phase of coming up with a side hustle for myself. In the reason I want to start the sign us would begin with this, because I want the option to be able to work part time rather than full time, and I want to start investing my future into something that is of my own doing it. My own work and I want to be able to add value to the world and see that values you know got back to me in some fashion. My goal is to make roughly twelve hundred dollars a month and I'm working on trying to figure out how I could do it. So any suggestions with white welcome. Thank you. Thank you just don't. Let me try to This question for you, and undoubtedly a lot of other folks out there who probably have the same question
in your voice, mail, you articulated very well your motivation for having aside hustle, which makes perfect sense, and a lot of other folks feel the same way. You asked a goal set for your site, also, which is great, and it seems like listening to the show and taking the time to call in for these things yourself you're willing to kind of see it through you're willing to take some next steps. So all that's great what I didn't hear the message was anything about you in terms of background, your interest, your skills, what you do your day, job, etc, and when I, these conversations with people? Those are the items that I try to kind of partial out and understand a bit more because it's been. Likely your site, hustlers gonna come from some combination of those things, so I would encourage you to do a couple things. First of all, make an inventory of your skills when I say inventorying just talking about a list so done. Everything that you know about everything that you're good at could be some kind of tat. GA scale. It could just be some kind of topic or hobby, something that you know a lot about that people ask you about and make sure you Pretty comprehensive list, if you did, right down two or three things:
suggest that even I dont know you, that list is probably complete probably more that you know about and if you aren't sure going asked your friends, don't ask what kind of business you should start because they don't know Ask them hate! What do you think I'm knowledgeable about like I'm trying to this thing out for myself, but I dont really now. What do you think? I'm good at That may be a good starting point to explore and the second thing is, as you listen to the show. You probably know that feature, a range of stories that by design and they fit into differ categories icon, website we actually collar code them. Don't not. Everyone's gonna resonate with each story, but my hope is that as you listen over time, there's gonna be some stories that you relate to more than others, pay attention to those stories in particular because it may It would be a good clue for you and something worth exploring. We could talk this for a long time, just as anyone else out there was wandering. The same thing that's my short answer for now and in one way or another, the whole show is designed to kind of help. People figure that out and then, of course to take the steps they need to make it happen
but he was well. Let me know how goes. So a quick look back on this thirty first week upside us all school here we are so to eighteen. We began with ever so. To twelve all about a high school student who earns In ten thousand dollars selling autographed baseball's, if you did That story. I would encourage you to go back and listen to it because I really like it for two reasons: one sister, a story of an ambitious high school student kind of making summit haven't bore himself by two really creative, how he did it because he's doing this arbitrage thing where he's by baseball memorabilia of minor league players, for they get into the major legs. So is essential making bets on people and become famous, or at least more well known, the valley, that sign, memorabilia increases and is able to profit from that
for smart. I wish I could buy sign memorabilia from this guy or at least some kind of stock option on him, because if he can do this now, I can imagine are we doing in a few years then we had a story about holiday body butters so that three times past that big, A thousand dollar might cite hustle looked about it. The brow of that which I do think was key to that success. Joe seven was about how to friends in Europe. One in Germany. One in the UK You're factor and sell customize funeral earns now thought this was really interesting because it's a way to honour loved ones who have died. They essentially in a whole new place in the industry because before they introduce their product, funeral earns on the market in Germany, look the same and were kind of boring and generic, and they developed some creative ones, indifferent colours and with lots of different icons just away, as I said, to honour your loved ones, passed away the great mission that they have by itself, but just a quick business note funeral industry, like the wedding industry, is a pretty business, and it's a high margin business,
that they are selling these earns for much much more than it takes to manufacture them. And that's not That is the way the industry works and thought in her to go back to Justin's question when you're in to choose which site also to pursue whenever possible. Try to find something. It is high margin it will allow you some room to grow. It will also allow you to make some mistakes, but still be profitable another to get things. Next up a story of a rocket scientist who creates an herbal aside income. Reminder to everyone. You dont have to quit your day. Job like this story, because the person turd actually wanted to quit her day job, or at least that was her initial vision. Without for while she realized first of all, she still Lecter job. It was stressful, She found a way to accommodate that and secondly, it would be better to do this project on the side. So when you are to start something and quit your job next month or whatever theirs, pressure running on that and if you can, that pressure, however possible you probably be, I stressed out and you might be more successful because you'll be able to make better decisions without that pressure. Just my sense, of course,
two final stories, dutch personal shopping service for kids measures up, and then we from the Netherlands to Hong Kong, where a man its charged up about power, doctors and raises three thousand dollars on Kickstarter for those of you who are interested in crowd funding campaigns, I had some notes about that in that episode, so all these stories, you can see different approaches as well as different goals, but even then. Different paths, they all kind of lead to more income more option. And more personal freedom for the people who started them and that's what it's about that's beside us away coming up this week. Another relentless set of stories it's gonna, be one every day. Just u way in a television casting producer who makes monogram scarves earning twenty thousand dollars a month from it also a fashion Easter who starts a boutique after getting fired while pregnant and a sign inspection writer who plots a unique path to profit at a story, different vanity writer, I think a week or two ago. Well, this is other guy who's done it and been able
make money from it, but What different approach So I look forward to bringing you, although stories and more friends analysed as you are the reason I do this, I make the chevalier you on January one our very first episode. I said if you make the commitment to make this part of your chain, I to commit supporting you and your quest to create that new source of income. Have you thought for a while, but you haven't turned into a reality yet well. This is the time this is your year. Because out the week I wanna say thanks to the folks you make this show possible. Does include you, the listeners Europe part of it, but we also have. Production team the voice of the show, but it is a team effort production led by Ac Valdez in Washington DC we during a deluge ribbon in Brooklyn. Shown us, I wouldn't koranic and of course, my Liberia, gullible she makes but three M Pacific time to make sure the episode goes online. At six, a M eastern time. That means three hours earlier for us in the West Coast.
Fortunately, even though Libby sleeps about twenty hours a day she's must always reliable threeam psychosocial is part of the armor project led by Gretchen Ribbon changing your life for the better check out her pocket happier another new show on a network happier and Hollywood final, shows an apple pie CAS or where every listen to shows this week I have heard AC also did a tutorial for US learning, how to leave a review or rating especially now hi casts also known as Itunes. I know it Turkey. So I just want to say a huge thanks to everybody has done that or if you have it not if you will do it? That would be super awesome. You say good things about the show and tell your friends about it is how we ve grown since January, the best to come, and I am grateful to you. Episode. I say inspiration is good, but action is better. I look forward to hearing you taking action as promised, back tomorrow and everyday next week, keep learning Investing in yourself, I'm Priscilla
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