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WEEKLY RECAP: Deadlines Are Your Friends


In our thirty-sixth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!  

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Hey there, its critical about with side also school got the weekly recap for you. We have just finished we'd, never thirty! Six over here. If you are listening real time. It is now nine days until the site hustle but comes out, and I think I said a week. To a guy, I'm not freaking out yet well. That was a week or two ago there is alive. To be drawn between now and September nineteenth and apparently not a lot of time, crazy how that works. So you more about that later. For now, I want to read a couple of listener emails. You also got a couple of list. A voice mail with questions, First of all, the emails you been enjoying these I'll, bring you more as we go along first one is a quick note from the dawn who writes in to say. I just been listened to every episode it took about a week, but I to pursue my side hustle in Austin Texas. I will continue to listen thank you for the amazing show Madonna Thank you for being an amazing listener. You in the back, Listing a word, congratulations and more importantly, I hope you do pursue that site us all
and maybe I'll see you in Austin. I my tour. The next thing I want to read it from Karen in California and she reference episode number one. Forty five, which was about this little business called spend, delivers this. It was really interesting because it was someone in rural main who created it. IKEA Shopping and delivery service, so for people who didn't live close IKEA, she would be They be their personal shopper anyway. Right and to say: hey Chris, I'm getting so much value and enjoyment from the status quo. Podcast through a common of hearing about, spend, delivers and my life experience, which included a year in Boston, or I realise that used IKEA Furniture resells for about fifty percent of its original value. I decide again action with mighty have reselling mostly IKEA furniture that I find for free, or that is undervalued, be a craigslist and selling groups on Facebook. So a bit of a twist from spend delivers but Going well so far the right thing. But where I live in Orange County California, is that there are a lot of colleges near I and numerous IKEA stores within driving distance, that means. There's a lot of used IKEA furniture floating around there's also a constant info,
so people who might once such furniture, but you don't have a car or a large enough car dont, want for New IKEA and delivery or want to do the amount of time invested into setting up their new living space. My extremism I tried a bundle pieces, for instance, set up of a new place which reduce even more time spent searching in acquiring and therein small Suv that can hardly surprising amount of stuff. So all in all, I think things will only get better as I keep pursuing my ideas. Karen. Thank you. For the note. That's a wonderful idea. I hope I can t is to go well and I hope we can feature on the show at some point. Okay, so let's hear from a couple blisters, who called him to the hustle hotline, by the way, just a quick, the hustle hotline eight for four, hustle or eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three don't be a stranger. If you're out there I'd love to hear your comment or question firstly, as we get into the butcher, I want to make sure I'm responding to what you need, as well as sharing your stories with other listeners. So, let's hear from two people who called in recently
first, I must say thank you, provide in the direction and inspiration due for aside hustlers, I'm in the pre launched stage of my new hustle sample home and field, my biggest struggle right now is content ideas for regularly communicating to build an audience. I'm looking at that type of content, other businesses provide, but I welcome other suggestions, thank you Thank you for calling and thank you for listening. In a vast as you launch Sampson Home in field, ok, suggestions for content. Especially with a newsletter or some other kind of regular communication that you're sending out to people. I think, is good Why they subscribing to your newsletter or whatever it is in the first place. What makes people The subscriber, let's be more specific and say what makes your idea customer or the people that you're too to connect with want to subscribe, like water, seeking from you. How is their life can be changed for the better. By paying attention to what you have to say. I think that's first in for eyes, and then it helps to make a list. What can you
with them. That would be useful, are helpful or otherwise valuable to them. Focusing on that principle What's in it for them, why they benefit? Maybe your letters eight things I want to tell people about and then break them things down and that's how you create your communications counter or your communication schedule Jessica to vary the structure of a bet, So maybe some messages are lengthy. Others are pretty quick Maybe some of them send you to a video Jessica, in a little bit and potentially meeting different people's needs. Thanks again and good luck. I Crisco for Amsterdam. My name is also Chris huge fan and follower of yours since the job like a cartel days. My current projects are to sell my girlfriends cute artwork on Etsy and society, six per pages Sir Grimace perspective, and that if you want to check it out and I also want to create a kid to support people to start their own pure coaching groups, suddenly something for you like me who are working on a site hustle over any project idea and who do
often get stuck in over thinking and trying to make everything perfect so getting regular advice, ideas, a brainstorming to keep on track I have a question for you along those lines. Actually I found so regularly over thinking and trying to make everything perfect or trying to find perfect information before I proceed, which leads to procrastination because they get caught up in my day job. I postpone the actions for the future and then weeks passed by were nothing happens, but then there are a lot of people who don't have that it don't over thinking. They just do it move things forward really quickly, so dear advice for us over thinkers to get out of these patterns and to just to get stuff than imperfect and fast. Thanks a lot- and I hope to see you soon in europe- for a site. Has the workshop tears hey Chris. Thank you great question. Pretty much all of us at one time or another struggle with protectionism or procrastination or
thinking or some combination of those things, and you mentioned two different projects, one for your girlfriend and one for yourself. What separate, he's a little bit the first one paragraph and at sea and society sex, as you probably know, it's very easy to sell sullenness platforms like there's a lot to be learned and you could master it and get better at it, but to get started you could do it today. Really is a very simple into a process to register on etsy dot com. If you have a product already which it sounds like she does so in that situation, if you are waiting or if she is, I would agree that your programme setting, because there is really no good reason. Why can't you do that? Not a second project is of a different, this kid that you mentioned, cause that's not as simple as just going to this existing platform and making a listing and then coming back the next day. What happened because a bit more planning and development Box here so for this. What I would suggest is to create a series of deadlines for yourself and, if you're struggling perfectionism, you just can't move forward, set a fixed deadline for some of these things that you, Deviate from like just decided,
is to be done. You know three weeks from now. Whatever the deadline is and if you can create some kind of forced accountability, The process, like you mentioned, mastermind some other people be involved in this. In some way, can you tell them This is coming in its coming by this date to your essentially make. I'm a promise that might help you step closer to that deadline, and if it's just you, I've been thinking about this myself with the book coming out next week, I really want like another week, another two weeks, probably Marshall Plan and get ready for it, but I don't have that because I have a fixed deadline. It doesn't If I'm ready, because it's gonna happen. No matter what so doing something like that creates a bit of pressure, but I would argue that it can be good pressure. Right, because we are struggling with getting something out. Then you might need that kind of pressure that kind of deadline anyway, that's suggestion to you. Good luck, hope to see you in Amsterdam support for this gas comes from C d, W and Adobe at sea w? We get. Your organization can be demanded
many times ass, I may office, they want their adobe update now with a dull. These value incentive plan deployed by the experts had seedy w. You can quickly and easily manage software subscriptions for the whole de Acrobat, an created cloud, all included guys come out. Don't hurt me satisfied. Digital work, yours? You need Adobe, and I d orchestration by C D, W people who get it find out more at sea, w dot com, slash Adobe or at a quick look back look ahead, episode to and in forty seven was about the target store manager. Who makes forty five thousand dollars a month from his blog, that a very popular story, as expected, ass think he's gonna. My go to example in the future. Whenever somebody says you can't make money from blogs, because this guy seems to be doing. Ok in fact, even worked a target for many years begin, is a junior associating college and then becoming an assistant manager and eventually it forced or manager, because he's
nurturing inside us or the whole time and growing this blog, which is about personal finance. It is now at the point where he's gonna quit that job in focus on this little project that happens bring in what half a million dollars a year. So oh that story and a lot of our listeners did, if you haven't heard it you go back and listen episode tune and forty eight the protein shake lubber chance crickets for six figure side hustle another almost livable story except you have to believe it because there are true survivor say something is unbelievable, is just an expression and if you ve ever wanted to turn your car its into cash and others. To dream about. When I was a kid when I know how release, you know how one guy did it episode to port? nine introvert built networking experience to help women. This was a project called women of Denver like a lot of our stories kind of evolved along the way this person started a project and she thought she was go one direction, but then ass she gained exe. Science and saw what she could do, what she couldn't do she made him. I it is now succeeding. Much more episode to fifty the soccer fan is, the odds, earns affiliate commissions. This is a very
new story, I also call it watch the space story, because this is I would love to know, what's happening three months six months from now, actually in the midst of putting together a process, to go back and revisit some of our stories, especially those that have said this year, because for the story particular I'm really curious to see what happens as it continues to develop and then to more episodes to close out the weak. It brother sister turned dad's medical practice into an online store dermatitis. This is now selling products online, and a managerial accountant who earns a thousand dollars a month hosting poetry slams. This guy, actually in dubai- and I just the combination of accountant and poet- and I guess so the combination of poet that makes money because that's kind of unusual to several Drawing episodes this week, the most listen to episode, was that first, one about the target store manager. Once again that episode to forty seven and you can. To any and all the archives of cider score in Apple pie, cast or where we listened to pack cast for directly the website cycle, school dot, com, slash episodes. Now I think you can type been slashed
casting also works. I ve talked about this matter There is actually a way to download a month's worth of episodes at once. She's going to listen to thing from January when we started, for example, or everything from last month, theirs it can be way for you to get out and at once as we roll into September and beyond. There is naturally a lot of great stuff coming up very close. Tomorrow. In fact, it's about a Toronto science teacher who creates an attach obligatory. Amplifier de Paris, with a smartphone for peace sing, sweet, sound and cash. The science, to actually goes on to raise a quarter of a million dollars for his project and appear on dragons Jen, the original version of shark tank vehicle story, is also story of someone who spent eight dollars on starting a project that leads to a client contract, a retainer. In fact of six thousand dollars a month shut, get return on investment there. I think that person is happy that they spent. Eight dollars on starting that project, how they tell you that soon, as well as another reciting story, another funding success and maybe another insect story like actually probably not
for once a month maximum guy, make six figures more than a hundred thousand dollars a year selling cricket protein powder, even if you don't like crickets, which not a huge manner than myself is not amazing. Besides so rob truly is limitless. I wasn't before I went off for the week. I want to say thank you first and foremost to you. The listener, you're. The reason make the show you're the reason I wrote the sight of a book, entire mission this year is to help you start your income generating project. So thank you for being part of this process you for supporting the show. Thank you for supporting the sponsors. Thank you as ratings and reviews on apple pie. Castors definitely help a time and thanks especially for on your friends about the show in the book, not just you but anybody you know whom you decide hustle. We have grown this kind entirely organically, because of you. So thanks much more to come We also give a couple shouts to our production team that team, led by a sea thou. It also features Adele your Ruben to buy my assistant, wouldn't clinic my cat.
You'll is curious about cricket protein powder but since I turned down those free samples, she's gonna have to live without it. For now speaking, it's of school, is not sponsored by Crick Nutrition, but I would love to write ads for them. The last reference I will make two that hopping episode comes in the form of the best rejected idle of the weak, sorry for the dead crickets and your smoothie. It really is nutritious so does the score is part of the onward project led by Gretchen ribbon. Guess what Gretchen book is. Out this week is called the four tenants yes, I have promoted at myself now so either Much of reading an advance copy it is like lots of things on our project, both enjoyable and helpful, reassure you that that, starting on Tuesday represent. I mention inspiration is good, but action is better. I want you to tell action, I want to tell your story here here. You're doing what it means to you, and have a site also wrote, has improved your life. That is all What it's all about investment in yourself, each data so it goes on line at six hour. One a m eastern time- and I hope you'll join me next week
go about precise hospital.
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