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WEEKLY RECAP: Do You Have to Be Passionate About What You Sell?

In our forty-fourth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A and updates from the road!Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Greetings, friends and listeners. I'd like to welcome you back to side US school or perhaps welcome you if you're totally new, lineaments critic about this is our weekly recap episode three. Sixteen weak number, forty five of the year, if you're, just joining every day during the week I tell a different true story of someone who creates a second Where's of income What's an additional source of income goes, it might be their third or fourth or more. The show is guess on busy people who don't have a ton of time and trouble worker job probably have two other responsibilities as well. Don't does want to be an entrepreneur but believe in the principle of investing in themselves. They went out our security, more options, more choices for themselves and cry aside, hustle is a great way to do that, some trying to teach them. Storytelling. I hope you learn something every day on the show. That's my goal over here, world. I was in Pittsburgh over the past week, I'm going to Minneapolis next week. It's been
I'll find you meet lots of listeners on this tour just about every night. People come in saying that they been listening since January wine, which I think is amazing, hearing lots of ways of side ourselves that have started during the year because of the show and of course, lots of other p. We are still in the idea stage. That's also totally fine. I don't want you to take action just be inspired, but I also stand sometimes it's a process. Sometimes you got somebody that's going on in your life. So am I where's that the show will still be here for you whenever you're, ready and, of course, keep listening enjoy it now speaking it on the right. The other night, I heard a great question from someone: they were talking spaces clay about reselling retained debris. The different site hustles down into categories both on the show and in the hustle buck. She's got service, Businesses product based businesses, manufacturing education, the arts this category of reselling, which is essentially like buying an item and then reselling it for a higher price episode we had on Monday about the lollipop merchant of northern Queens and Australia, Lucy
not episode is essentially buying low in selling high she's doing it. Lollipops at her high school, but it really is the same principle, no matter what you're doing and person was wondering I do. I have to be passionate about whatever it is that I'm buying and selling, but this was such my question because I do often talk about being motivated to do so. Being cited about something looking for at your side, hustle, because it's not a good thing. If you, Let us learn something that you dread. Are you just? Don't and to do it, but you do actually thought you have to like. We all have like that in life that we have to do. You probably have some stuff like that new job. Even if you like your job, suffer the most, I do think you want to make sure you create something that you can look forward to and anticipate and the excited about now. That's the industry of the category of reselling is a bit different and that category, where you're buying stuff and then reselling it lots of different ways to do that? There's a bunch of nourish you're, going out to thrash option yard cells things there and restoring them on Ebay or gum tree or Craigslist or other platforms, other p
By doing it completely online, where they find a way to buy items on line than have those items drop ship to people. There's a model called for filled by Amazon, where Amazon, dot com actually ship your items for you harbor it that you're doing it off in time people who are really good at this are people who are drawn to this kind of sight, hustle it doesn't really matter with the products are necessarily. There is more excited Bout, the buying and selling and the figuring things out and like guinea, deal on something and then recycling that for a higher price, that process itself is exciting in fulfilling so way back when I got started like twenty years ago in this whole little world, I would buy and sell things on Ebay, One of the first LE businesses I had was buying and selling coffee house importer. Coffee and in resolving it throughout the United States and Canada, and I liked coffee then, just as I do now, but when sound like amazingly passionate about it, and certainly not when I was nineteen or twenty, it was just something: I could learn about and then profit from similarly, I sought a bunch of other stuff I sold Lego sets for
because I found this way to buy lego sets for less than what people are. For them online, I know there's a whole category of it. Fans of Lego. I think Lego, is pretty cool but it's not my hobby. It's not something that I personally impassioned about if you're interested in buying and recycling stuff like it helps to know something about the topic so very often maybe something that your passionate about, but also the toy cool. If it's some other weird industry. What are my friends famously, This whole business of cat furniture, Miss particular friend, wasn't even a cat person. He had just found a way to create a cat furniture empire in day he looked forward to building that business a little bit and between his day job. So you think it's always. Define like what's best for you, there's lots of different things. You could do in life lots of different site, ideas, are going to have specific. Into the show over time or if you go to the site also book once I thank him for yourself, like ideas are not going to be a problem, but like a lot of things, there's more than one way to accomplish this process in motion
Mr Fine, what works for you, by before going further, owing to check him with another listener and called him to leave a message and just reminder you can do that too. If you have a question or comment just the hustle hotline eight for four. Find hustle at eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three obviously play at least one message during the recap, sometimes there's during the week as well, so as to met. Listen see what's going on as this is given time from New York. Again, I have a question this time, I'm wondering if you can kind of plain how someone might and the subscription programme. I think a lot of people might have a fear that they start something with subscription. All that you mentioned many times on the shelves. It seems like, like a commitment like a long term, forever commitment what, if the site awesome
a word or guitar doing it or some other reason you want stuff you lookin for ever and ever The question is what about fear base, but I it also realistic. So you could address that the autumn. Thank you Stephen thanks so much for listening and for the great question yachting there could be, kinds of reasons to end a subscription service. Just like you said, if it's working or if you're, tired of anyone do something different, and I think it just goes back to ever commitment you made to people who signed up, that's not like a lifelong commitment, its normally like you're gonna pay once a month and you the service each month and you can cancel at any time and I can probably can only other into and that's it now, you might want to get your process of winding down. You might want to stop it right away, could be good to us. The lever may be give people a three month. Can people something that they haven't paid for, but I think for the most part, with it decryption service. Once you stop taking people's money, they can't we have an x. Station that you're gonna keep giving them the service
not just on a side note, it seems are talking about this in terms of starting a new project, because you mentioned, like fear bay what, if it doesn't work out of my life into this commitment, might be good enough is to give yourself a little bit of an on ramp. So you can kind of announced subscription service and give yourself. You know a thirty day. Sixty days whatever before you have to be. Delivering the content or whatever the service is, and during that time you can work on accruing six Libraries are members, so it's not just like launch tomorrow and you get one customer and yet to spend all your time providing a service for one customer, methought, there's gonna be like a hundred or something this aside. No, but, as you probably know, subscription business is a great way to go. Recurring. Revenue is wonderful. If you have a model that would lend itself well to that unless you have a really good reason not to do it, I'm not sure, You want to avoid it. Support for this podcast comes from progressive. What would you with an extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket now. You're student loan treat yourself to those use you benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who
which and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance gets. Quote online a progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards, in saving by new customer service who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen, right so looking back on this week, I just want to pull out a couple. Highlights not gonna tell you about happy so it I would encourage you to go back and listen to them. You can do that in Apple podcast. Directly on the side of school dot com site. All those archives are completely free, There's also, once a month extended episode, you can read about those on site Scott DOT, Slash extended, but specific, this week. I mentioned Episode three ten thirteen years Australian, who creates a schoolyard lollipop fortune? I thought we'd have interesting comments on that, and I was right. My good friend Gretchen, urban also publish that episode in her happier project feed. So if you ve come over from Gretchen shall welcome side
Moscow is part of the onward project that Gretchen founded and then episode as well about a former construction inspector who earns two thousand dollars helping students pass exams, he's actually are and more than two thousand dollars. That's just what this year's income is going to be at the top. The show he's talking about reselling. This episode, this story is very much about teaching about take a scale that you have in transferring knowledge. In this case it a teacher himself who had gotten burned out and entered a new careers, a construction inspector and then noticed that the special industry puts a lot of emphasis on certifications, examinations for their certifications and so he used? his teaching skills, as well as his new construction inspector skills, to create a series of courses that would help other people entering the profession This is exactly the kind of project that I like to focus on inside us all school, because this guy's building an asset for himself, for he has built an asset means continuing to, but the asset is already there. He did is by using his skills and focusing on helping other people
finding tat intersection between like what he was good at and what other people wanted. So I encourage you to listen to that one. If you have not already in our, with whom we also talked a fair amount about creating points of difference. In his case, he was ain't you competitors or other people who taught these kinds of courses. He said, Nobody was on Youtube, so he started doing some tutorials on Youtube. He would actually send his customers a copy of building plans in the mail, even though his course was clay. Bertrand online me said nobody I was doing on either to basically paid attention to why wasn't being done well or what nobody thought of, but the funding taught model of that kind of project, creating a course in saying it is pretty basic. It's all about the implementation and the position. Like you have an idea, but how do you turn it into a good course and get it out to people and then how do you communicate with the people who need it that reassures them overcome their objections and gets them excited about purchasing the course anyway. There's We could say about that when, but this is the recap later in the week we
jeered. Someone who works in marketing and earn thirty thousand dollars a year on the side as a dj, but that was a great little duck the position reminded the guy in Dubai, who is an accountant by day a managerial account for a large corporation, but he has a site, hustle, producing poetry, workshops and actually gets paid for it, which is notable itself of course, the role of poetry. How, and also when dimension episode of three twelve, which was the excellent artist, who becomes a Youtube superstar with fifty million views this winter. Some argue that construction inspector story, because he's using something that he knows in this case it was drawing and he's transferring at night, Two people online down here, no she's not doing a course he's putting all these tutorials up for free on Youtube. Because so many people are watching them he's actually getting paid a lot through the advertising money. Just like I said earlier with the other situation, there's more than one way to do things. The whole, though, is to fine, what's best, for you look had a next week. I've got another exciting set of stories for you, including me. I ve girl scout who earns her side US badge,
As you know, there is a side us abandon the girl scouts, but we just made but she earned it and not only She earns party five hundred dollars a month in her side. Us all might be valuable than the cycle badge is also a stir. We have a student who finds a way to help people affordably rent their adventures. How do you read an adventure. Well I'll tell you about it in the story. The students goal is to create European Bee for adventures, and there's an office worker who sells custom design mugs earning an extra five hundred dollars a month without a tuna work, and she started with literally zero dollars and start up costs to. Of course, that's pretty good heart beat zero dollars now those things out. I just want to say thank you to everybody who is a part of this community you guys are amazing you the reason I make the show thanks as well to our production team that team led by eighty Valdez also features ribbon, who, I believe is gonna, be working on some other projects going forward
thanks to a day and all that she's done over the past few months we got. New person joining soon homage of her next week. Back in, Organ show notes are by my assistant when eucharistic and of course I can't forget, the official show CAT Libby Gill about was in charge of responding to negative comments. How we get many of them. If you have one she's, the person to address those too If you are enjoying the show, I'm always grateful for those who take a moment to give us a quick little rating or review and apple pie casts that's and the most or something you can do is help spread. The word help you outside us or school. You tell them online. You can send them aside us all school dot com if you use the Tax on diesel school are probably see it somewhere in social media, but also greater tell your friends every talking about stuff and ask them to you. Have aside hustle. Have you heard about this? This is not just a working harder. It's not about getting a part time jobs, it's about making some. Coffee yourself. That also makes money I can tell you how to do it. I always oppressed listeners. You help us with that and in it
episode. I always say that inspiration is good, but action is better. My hope is that you action on what you hear and learn. I look forward to hearing you're doing that. Perhaps I'll see you on tour somewhere, I'm still out and about to ASL School calm slashed. Who are you can see where I'm going the impression I hope, to see you tomorrow and everyday next week with more stories. Actionable ideas Those episodes go online at six o one, a M eastern time. Every day, I'm critical about prison Sl School.
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