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WEEKLY RECAP: Engagement Rings, Balloon Art, and Immigration


In our twenty-second weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A! 

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Hey hey! what's up, this is critical about welcome, beside us or school? This is the weekly recap. We have just finish weak number, twenty, two, we are going strong and I'm going to Washington DC this week. Doing aside, us workshop on Thursday night, which I will it is now sold out or very close to being sought out. But I ask have one in Atlanta on Saturday morning. The does still have a few spots, otherwise, I've been mostly home in Portland Oregon. We have our beautiful weather, it does rain alot. Here this means when the sun comes out the entire set it's really excited, so I have been wrong along the waterfront just about every day, while thinking about what make the shop now. Last week I asked for your side, hustle failure stories. I got a lot of interesting this: is all next week I'll be playing those What is I've certainly had a lot of projects. I've started and haven't worked out for me. I always thinking, If I try something it doesn't work out, I got one thing: might technically be a failure, but for me I'm
Focused on the long term, but I hope that things will connect to and what am I to do next and if something and work I'll. Try something else in to me. The real failure comes when people give up and stop trying not give up on any particular project, because I think it's good to give up on projects but give up on their mission of their vision. You there's a quote from Churchill. Probably paraphrase there. But it's something like success is going from failure to failure with no law and M so think about that over the next year, as you hear somebody stories from listeners and I'll have him comments as well down the weekly recap. We have listener questions. I looked back at some of the episodes of the weak and look ahead too weak number twenty three
let's jump right into those questions high crab efficient, I'm calling from california- and I just purchased my first domain and I'm still super confused about how the whole process works. I can see from my Google domain that I purchased that I can link up through them to web hosting using square space, or I think blogger is another choice and I am looking to make a blog, but I dont know that that is all I want to make. There may be an opportunity for maybe a store or some other things that I might want to do later on. But if you want to start with a blog, so I dont want to make the wrong initial choice in choosing what say blogger when I may later on need other kinds of services and things- and I am also very interested in word press than the things even talking about reverting back, and I have no idea how many of these things work together
or why I'm even supposed to be doing here, so I would love any employed. I can get to just get the ball rolling. I bought the domain. I'm excited about the project now. Why? Thank you? They shouted thanks. So much for the question. So first things. First, when you MR that domain, that is yours to do with as you want. It is separate from Are you do to host your website? So, yes, you can take it to square space. You can take it to word presto, come or you can get your own hosting account from a different company and assign your domain to them. This is not a permit decision you changed your mind a year from now or two years from now. As long as you can, and you to renew that domain, which is usually ten dollars a year you can change, what you do with it now. Let me send you as well to a detailed page on the website that has a lot more information is side. A school dot com, slash, build a website and build a website is three words: hyphenated
so beside us will score dotcom, slash, build dash a dash website, and I will link it up in today's show notes as well. Regulations on your domain, and I wish you the best. With your ass off, I press, but it was rather I'm calling from the UK site after school to show me how to look for hustle ideas, which is truly a new skill that I'm getting better at every day I knew decide. Hustle many business minded friends around and I find that when I talk to other people about some of the site hustles I'm working on, I receive a lot of negative or not positive energy. What are some tips to stay motivated when people around you don't feel the same enthusiasm you did picture teach me how to combine inspiration with actual Hamilton hey Robbie? Thank you, I'm so glad you're learning the power of observation being able to spotters ideas. That is, in fact a true endlessly valuable skill, no matter what you do next so good for you, about the negativity man. This kind of applies things in life. I think not just side hustling but when
You pursue some kind of dream of your own, something you do for yourself, especially but a bit different or unconventional its unusual to encounter this resistance or scepticism from people, especially those who don't embrace doing something different, a kind of honest sat path as to what to do about it. I think a couple things. Sometimes it's Can you keep your ideas to yourself, especially in the early stage? We're just gonna figure things out. If you don't want that of energy, maybe dont, show those ideas with those people. I just mean you we wait until you're a bit further along with the idea and so them how the inclination to be negative, or so oh, that's, never gonna work or, whatever you can say, actually already started. So it's almost like you have proof of concept, release your showing them it. You made some progress because in the long run, a lot of people do change their minds, especially when they encounter positive results. However, I also think friends, don't believe in your ideas and their negative about them, what you need to new friends, you need people in your life supportive and affirming willing to give constructive feedback, of course, but constructive. That is very different from negative energy, so good
everything ready and I look forward to hearing how you apply the power of observation to all these new ideas. Support for this Pont cast comes from progressive, say, money on your car insurance is easy, with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred ninety six dollars for customers who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy, with pride save, including discounts just for starting a quota, mine or owning multiple vehicles, get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen discounts very and are not available in all states and situations. Now, when I look back at the stories of the past week, we had quite a range a balloon artist to a speech, language pathologist,
and I d manager and more, but there are three things I want to touch Briefly, why then, was epoch, number one fifty which course a milestone, but more and more than being a milestone for the show? This was a story of a software engineer who turns and engagement ring, hunt into aside hustle. That story isn't it Elliot model, meaning that the person featured makes money when he refers other people to a website and they make a purchase on his Kay he developed this diamond resource for this directory, a creative kind of search engine and we just go to that website and then click through he gets paid. No, I don't. Usually Predictions, but with this when I did go out on a and say that, even though its relatively low income right now, I think it has tremendous potential side hold myself accountable to that protection- and you can't a few months ago by and I dont give you an update, feel free to write in, and I will check back with this guy. I believe that guy's name was Tony. So Tony, if your listening, I'm feelin, oppressed here. So I really hope you grow the site hustle it such a smart idea. Now, speaking of smart ideas and affiliate models, we skip to the end of the week the story
other guy, who creates an online book registry, ass kind of an alternative to tradition. Get registries or two events when people just bring a random gift or bring a card, and I think that's also pretty interesting if we just compare the two guy from yesterday story with the book registry and just a couple of months he's made five hundred dollars on affiliate commissions for books. Books are pretty low price point comparative diamonds, so who's. The diamond affiliate. That's. Why think if he can increase traffic to his website and get the right kind of targeted visitors. He's gonna, do really well at last. I want to mention the story from episode, one fifty one about the couple who moves to Canada. Immigration to Canada actually and then right aid very timely buck aimed at chickens and others who are hoping to move to Canada as well. Answering your questions, showing whose eligible who's, not if you are eligible what need to do what are the next steps? What did you careful not to do it cetera. I was topic in general whenever there is a really abrupt changes. Society may
transition like a shift in press in short ministration, especially such an unexpected one. The status quo is disrupted, there are people who are winners are people who are losers, while people feel isolated, a resistance begin to form, is honest, shared language and vocabulary on people from either side, perhaps allow or concerns about security and privacy. So the reason I mention this is when we talk about the power of observation in the listener question earlier, whenever there this time of major transition or change use. The power observation to ask if you spot in the opportunities this might also. We're thinking about. If your info, in social, good projects, social entrepreneurship, etc. I, during a time of change how can you make the world a better place, and how can you do it for me for profit model I believe, very much in charity work, but as part of sawdust school. I also believe, and economic empowerment, which is the main priority of the shop when I thought that episode was a great illustration of that principle. Times of change, create opportunities for interesting projects,
looking ahead to next week. I've got a bunch of fund stories. I've been other fish of an artist you're a ceramic first, it was actually ex ante office manager by day and then transformed into a ceramics at night had to learn that its sir, S not serenest are actually both are correct, but ceramic is preferred. That's stories in a couple days? The story that's coming up to Morrow, I am really excited about. This- is an incredible Success story like we're gonna talk about your stories on next week, but it's kind of funny, because the first went to Morrow We juxtaposed against an increase success story of an army veteran who makes more than six. Thousand dollars in a single year with a new hustler. Just starts, and this is not ordinary. This is not usual I'll. Tell you the whole thing to morrow. He did a little bit lucky, but also positioned himself to be lucky and he added We're done anything like this before he had never made anywhere close to that amount of money, but because he made a couple of key decisions, it was then able to profit from this project in an extreme fashion,
So I'm looking for to sharing that with you, the artist feature and, of course, a different story, every day as well and before we close things up the week. I want to say a big thank you to a few people who work on a show and also you're the listener cycles who is recorded on location at world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. It isn't packaging, balloon, art and ship to Brooklyn New York to be produced at the patently studios, production team is led by a sea Valdez. It also new rockstar producer of Julia Ribbon Show notes host wrangling or by Whitney Koranic my cat legal, about his complaint, but the lack of animal features recently You ve been a long time since we ve talked about life, crickets or Bruno's, Barkin, biscuits or somebody with a worm, composting blog or really anything like that. So can you help me out? If you know a good animal side, also story, please let me know fun factor the we What are the two seasons in Canada winter? in July. You might need to know before you emigrate. We sicel school, are part of the armored project carried by bustling author Gretchen ribbon
she's. Also the host of the award winning show happier and a dear friend of mine. You can check it out at the onward project, research happier and Apple podcast wherever he listened about, casts now speak that this is a free listener. Supported show we just have ones super episode. We try to keep it light and fun once thing you can do to help. If you wanna be awesome, is leave me in writing or review and apple pod, which used to be known as Itunes Org to do where about guests were: have more than seven hundred ratings are reviews on apple pie, gas so far and some of them are even good. I know it shocking one Recent reviews mentioned the increased number of puns. They said to show it. Twenty per cent better because of it I said well, thank you. That's awesome! For anyone who this differently. I don't mean to punish you, I'm just trying to be punished. In delivering a helpful resource to you every day. The commentary is a fundamental part of the show. Last Definitely, not least I want to thank you the listener. You are the reason I make the show every single day and it
every episode. I always said inspiration is good, but action is even better. I to take action. I want you to work on your idea this week. I would love to hear. How it goes. Maybe I was on a road. Maybe I'll see you online worth nothing in your headphones: it is truly an honor episodes. Upload six are one. I m eastern time every single day and critical this site is so small.
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